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  1. 6-6 now watching on my laptop & picture is ok
  2. How many championship and league 1 clubs would actually want to be promoted to SL?
  3. rzesiej13

    2021 RLWC Qualifying Results

    Will the Greece ukraine game be on youtube or anything like that?
  4. rzesiej13

    forty twenty live

    Not on proper sport anymore? Last tackle podcast done?
  5. rzesiej13

    New league structure revealed

    Why have promotion when most of the teams don"t want to be promoted?
  6. rzesiej13

    Brooklyn v Axemen on FB at midnight

    Thanks for posting. I had to turn off the sound. Commentary is making me cringe.
  7. rzesiej13

    2021 RLWC Qualifying Results

    So Czech Republic is out now, right? -12 point difference.
  8. When are the Americas 2021 world cup qualifiers?
  9. rzesiej13

    Marwan's fixture proposal

    14 teams. Play each team twice to have 26 games. Top 6 make playoffs.
  10. Enga Mioks had 25 points after round 15 then 24 points after losing in round 16? The picture for round 16 looks like they had a big crowd. Do they play each team twice?
  11. rzesiej13

    Super League Takeover

    Mpg between teams 6 and 7?