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  1. I like the bonus try zone. the score is not always even numbers.
  2. I like forty20 when Richard isn't there or he doesn't talk.
  3. yea playing 3-4 times a week all over the US and Canada is not physically or mentally demanding.
  4. Because they have a NRL team now. Change the name and colors. brand new team.
  5. Yes every show should have an asian, black, gay/lesbian, and a person in a wheelchair.
  6. Do swiss teams have trouble signing players for soccer?
  7. American here. I did not know anything about rugby. In 2016, I was looking for a rugby game on Steam because 6 Nations just started. I bought Rugby League Live 3. I had no idea that union and league were different. I thought rugby was just union & there were just different leagues. I was confused why South Africa was so bad in the game. I looked up Rugby on Wikipedia & found out the difference. I have been following the NRL & Super League ever since. I like League a lot better, but I do still follow Super Rugby & International games for Union.
  8. Good job manchester lions
  9. 6 teams in a group is to many. Should have 4 teams in each group. Last place is relegated and top is promoted. They could have a playoff if they dont want automatic relegation/promotion.
  10. Round 1 - May 25th 2019 South Florida Copperheads 14-42 Jacksonville Axemen https://www.jaxaxe.com/axemen-win-in-season-opener-over-copperheads/ Lakeland Renegades 16-30 Tampa Mayhem
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