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  1. 14 teams play 26 games. top 7 make the playoffs. 1st place gets a bye. 2 v 7, 3 v 6, and 4 v 5.
  2. Ok ban him for his personal opinion. If anyone is Pro choice and supports abortion then they should be banned from rugby league too. Rugby league does not need baby killers in the game.
  3. Do the UAE owners of Manchester City hurt the image of the Premier League?
  4. My app is not working. I try to open it and it just closes. it brings up a message that says..... Our League keeps stopping, then you can click on app info, close app, and send feedback. i tried deleting it and installing it again but it didnt work.
  5. I like the bonus try zone. the score is not always even numbers.
  6. I like forty20 when Richard isn't there or he doesn't talk.
  7. yea playing 3-4 times a week all over the US and Canada is not physically or mentally demanding.
  8. Because they have a NRL team now. Change the name and colors. brand new team.
  9. Yes every show should have an asian, black, gay/lesbian, and a person in a wheelchair.
  10. Do swiss teams have trouble signing players for soccer?
  11. American here. I did not know anything about rugby. In 2016, I was looking for a rugby game on Steam because 6 Nations just started. I bought Rugby League Live 3. I had no idea that union and league were different. I thought rugby was just union & there were just different leagues. I was confused why South Africa was so bad in the game. I looked up Rugby on Wikipedia & found out the difference. I have been following the NRL & Super League ever since. I like League a lot better, but I do still follow Super Rugby & International games for Union.
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