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  1. RoverBear

    West Wales Raiders

    To flip it round, could WWR turn it into a positive to market the game? I.e. You'll see more tries here than anywhere else, You pay Xpence per try here! Make it fun, attract people just to see what it's about.
  2. What was the gate for the Milwall Wigan Vs. Catalan? I'd suspect that was bigger.
  3. RoverBear

    Keighley attendance

    403 were there, but 4003 will claim to have been!
  4. RoverBear

    It's Ralph

    Hehehe Rimmer. Hehehehe. P.S We're Doomed, we're doomed.
  5. It was Pompey yeah, their fans would always crowd together at away games so they didn't have to sit near him!
  6. I both hate and like it. The club should get several hundred of them, give them out at the next game and make it a thing they're known for!
  7. Northampton Demons Leicester
  8. Hi everyone, With the Bristol news, it struck me that quite a volume of teams have gone to the wall/ stopped fielding first grade sides in the last couple of years. I can't remember all of them so- Bristol Sonics Sussex Merlins Surrey Sharks Coventry Dragons Gloucester Warriors* Golborne Parkside, Bamber Bridge, Bank Quay Bulls, Bold Miners, Fitton Hill Blackpool Stanley Cambridge Please add to the thread, I fear it could be lengthy
  9. RoverBear

    Harry jepson 2018

    If this does turn out to be the case, I think it will be a massive shame. The Rep format worked well, and a lot of effort went in to make sure as many clubs as possible were involved. There had even been talk of the Rep sides touring to more far flung places. We'd learnt a lot on the staff and had already talked about some changes for this years competition to try and get more buy in from across the game. I'm also aware of other regions that wanted in. It's so classically Rugby League that we develop a new format and don't give it the time to properly develop and bed in!
  10. RoverBear

    As good as it gets? on Amazon Prime

    I'm not a rhinos fan by any means but there was a point that had me welling up. This is a fantastic film telling a great story, hopefully it can get some traction outside of the RL world- massive congratulations to all behind this.
  11. RoverBear

    Whose Jersey?

    One of the Thunders either in their Newcastle or Gateshead incarnations.
  12. RoverBear

    Best fullback of his generation?

    He's no Greg Eden.
  13. RoverBear

    Harry jepson 2017

    With no funding from the RFL or another source, how exactly would you like us to do that? We asked each player to buy a polo shirt for £20 and indicated it would cost approx £50-70 in travel costs from London if using public transport. Given we had three away fixtures. We negotiated the kit for free from a sponsor, begged stole and borrowed other kit and managed to get the physio for free to keep the costs as low as possible. Please also remember we only had a limited time to sort this out, so couldn't get any further sponsorship in place.
  14. RoverBear

    Harry jepson 2017

    Actually you're quite wide of the mark with this allegation. This was a fair and thorough process. All clubs in the LSE Leagues (Merit and Premier) were invited to submit names to be on the staff. The staff was then chosen by the RFL, with no club having more than two representatives. All clubs (via their chair/league contact) were then invited to submit player nominations. These players were then invited to two trial days at the end of the season. The staff then held a conference call to determine who would be selected, based on the availability provided by the players, on their performance in the trial days and the league Grand Finals. The squad changed for each game, with many players getting a run, including several from the merit league. Frankly, I'm not sure what more we could have done to make this as open as possible.