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  1. Bristol and Bath are the same, right?
  2. RoverBear

    Above & beyond the call of duty...

    I'm not a fan of RL world in general, however I think this is a fantastic idea! I remember a few years back Eorl tweeted that a Hudds player had 'an accident' as they'd been working so hard in pre-season. I hope Matt remains intact!
  3. RoverBear

    The future of League One

    Yes, you become governed by the RFL's Operational Rules for that level of competition. They are quite extensive and come in a booklet distributed to all teams in January.
  4. RoverBear

    Gaz Hock

    Warrington are announcing something in 5 mins...
  5. RoverBear

    Job is too big for Rimmer?

    On the challenge cup, has anything been announce at all about round structure, number of teams etc? Given the previous method was linked to the league structure etc?
  6. RoverBear

    Job is too big for Rimmer?

    Someone shouted 'Ralph Out'. He thought they were joking...
  7. Has any club, other than the instigator's, come out and said 'we're going for this' ?
  8. RoverBear

    Old Trafford Public Address

    I don't think they even read out the teams within 45 mins of kick off. Or at least if they did, I didn't hear it!
  9. RoverBear

    London in Superleague

    Brentford are set to move in 2020 so a last hurrah at Griffin Park could be fun. I think Brentford may well be open to the idea of a couple of games. Extra revenue would help their financial fairplay standing. Their Marketing setup is pretty decent these days so could help promote the fixture(s). Would work from the Broncos pov as it's the next borough down, as well as the heritage association which would grab in a few who've not been since. However, this would change if they got promoted to the Premier League.
  10. RoverBear

    ‘League 1 South’

    Has anyone thought this might just be Lionel talking ######?
  11. RoverBear

    RFL EGM this friday

    Is it? Is it wicked?
  12. To be honest. Skolars could look to make themselves a bit more welcoming as a club. I visited earlier in the year and the attitude of the staff on the gate, and in the bar left a lot to be desired.
  13. RoverBear

    West Wales Raiders

    To flip it round, could WWR turn it into a positive to market the game? I.e. You'll see more tries here than anywhere else, You pay Xpence per try here! Make it fun, attract people just to see what it's about.
  14. What was the gate for the Milwall Wigan Vs. Catalan? I'd suspect that was bigger.