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  1. The London 9's is on the Sunday if you fancy pudding after Friday Night Lights as starter then the final as main course.
  2. I worked it out to be approximately 2,500 miles last year. Included leaving the house at 6am for one game, battling through snow to get onto a train and then as I sat down the game is called off...
  3. So here goes me. Grew up in SW London/Surrey from a (very) Welsh family, my Great Granddad having played Union for Wales. Naturally I was given a rugby ball around the time I could walk and played union from minis to U16s. Fell out of playing when I went to a 6th form college where to play for the college you had to join their ‘Academy’ and give up an A Level. I didn’t want to do this so fell into playing Hockey for fun instead. Went to Uni in Hull and a friend who was a Rovers fan took me along one Sunday. Added to being in St John Ambulance which meant I’d regularly be On Duty at either Hull club, often being on the stretcher team at the KC. It was great for my education in the game to be at such close quarters. Moved back south, kept following KR from afar (including a few trips to Magic Weekend including a freezing Murryfield) and got involved at the Sussex Merlins when I lived in Brighton. A friend who was an RFL development officer at the time knew I’d done a bit of radio presenting and asked if I could do some games for them. A couple of years later I saw the news about Oxford RL being formed and became their PA announcer for all of their existence, including going to Toronto's first ever home game. I’ve also played a bit (badly) and ran the London and South East rep squad for 2 seasons. I also had a London Broncos season ticket while they were at the Stoop however it became too hard once they moved up to Barnet and it would have taken around 2.5hrs door to door from where I was at the time. Now I’m happily at the Coventry Bears as the announcer there, so if you’ve ever seen us you’ll know me as Mr ‘Come on Bears’. I’m also a regular co-host on fans podcast the super league pod which is great fun and has put me in touch with all manner of fans from pretty much every club. I live in Swindon for work so an average matchday sees me travel a 120 mile round trip. With rail replacement works a journey of 3hrs+ each way isn't uncommon. It’s often frustrating following RL in the South, I’ve introduced a few friends to internationals in particular over the years and they’ve often asked ‘When’s the next game’ as soon as we’ve walked out. 9/10 I’ve not been able to tell them. The games administrators definitely need to think more of the wider picture and get out of Leeds more if they ever truly want a national game. A lot of the time I'm not really convinced they do.
  4. Would have liked to have gone to this, but sadly putting it on at the same time as the Bears trip to Skolars a few miles away means I'll be in (grim up) North London. Broncos by 4!
  5. Evidently yes. You could even make a mini-event of it and do some sort of reward for those who made it to both.
  6. I see the Broncos and Skolars clash again Saturday week, Broncos against Wire and Skolars vs Coventry.
  7. I agree with much of the sentiment in this post. I think there are several basic things the club could do to improve it's organisation (with the help of the RFL/SL)- such as not playing games on the same day as the Skolars! There has been at least two occasions where they've been playing at the exact same time. The one that particularly grated with me was the Greece Vs Norway international at New River. I spend a lot of time in London but can't go regularly due to work/other commitments, so it's very frustrating when the sport clashes with itself. Also, clashing with the amateur game doesn't help anyone either.
  8. Is a hashtag enough? Should people be writing to their MPs to ask the Government to raise this with their Greek counterparts?
  9. This is the last play. Long... kicks it wide to Iro. Iro to Hall. Hall is trapped. Back it goes to Hoppe. Over the shoulder to Hall. There is Jonkers. Here is Long, and Long fancies it. Long fancies it. It's wide to West. It's wide to West. Dwayne West. Inside to Joynt. Joynt. JOYNT. JOYNT! OH! OH! FANTASTIC! Thanks for everything Eddie. I've never met you. I don't even like saints. But that gets me everytime. Enjoy yourself.
  10. Not sure that's the slight you meant it to be. Lots of good players were sent to play at Oxford on D/R- Daniel Hindmarsh played a number of games as well as Tom Holmes from Cas.
  11. I'm so glad the Sun ran this article, I was waiting with baited breath as to what Lionel Hurst thought.
  12. You are incorrect. At least one party with professional RL experience is based in Ireland and behind this.
  13. A plucky but handsome Ground Announcer tweeted him to ask if he fancied a trip to the Bears. He liked the tweet so we know he's seen it at least!
  14. One of the other problems with Skolars current branding is the logo. As someone who isn't English, having the English flag in their badge is slightly offputting.
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