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  1. They'll also be some Master's action Friday night featuring the Mighty St Albans Centurions. Come give us awld geets some encouragement!
  2. Dear RL HiveMind, Does anyone have an audio file of the 6 again buzzer used by some teams and/or able to suggest something suitable?
  3. We at the Coventry Bears are looking to expand our media team for the coming season. If you've got experience of managing social media, copywriting or producing Marketing Communications we'd love to hear from you. Full details below. https://www.coventrybears.com/blog/bears-seek-media-volunteers
  4. That's right from a Brentford point, Once the main planning consent was received for Lionel Road, an alteration went through about a year later to enable Rugby to be played. There was a fair amount of skeptisim from the Brentford fanbase, particularly around the pitch. Will be interesting to see how that relationship develops once fans can get in and if games are moved for Sky and the knock on impacts.
  5. Well, at least this news wasn't leaked I guess...
  6. Interesting, the RL Varsity match has been there before. Helped launch a certain PA announcer onto the stage...
  7. I loved this. Got half way through and saved the rest for the next time I need cheering up. Reminded me of the Twelfth Man.
  8. He gets very touchy about people saying it looks nothing like him. I mean, it looks like a jacket he might own...
  9. The Roehampton Gate Car Park in Richmond Park would be the meeting point between all three (Richmond, Roslyn Park and Plough Lane).
  10. That’s correct. Pitshanger Panthers were training and playing at Trailfinders thanks to the Broncos. That’s no longer possible and between that, few volunteers and difficulties with finance (we couldn’t even open a bank account due to the pandemic) we’ve no option but to cease playing. I’ll let you guess the total number of phone calls and emails I’ve had from anyone from the Broncos since the Wimbledon proposal was announced.
  11. I'm not often accused of being silent
  12. That's a valid point, but primarily exposes the weakness of the communications and stakeholder engagement throughout this period. Not that I expected much, but still.
  13. And in the process thrown away 18m worth of hard fought junior development. It still baffles and to an extent angers me.
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