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  1. My point is he’s a serial offender in fraudulent activity. I’m pretty sure it will be too much temptation and the town council certainly hasn’t the security, time or money to keep an eye on him for 4 years. I suppose we’ll have to watch this space because like you said he hasn’t got the moral fibre to resign.
  2. My point is far from irrelevant. He is a convicted fraudster, and Leopards don’t change their spots. Hes got access to public money and it’s wrong.
  3. He was there to observe. That was from the horses mouth.
  4. Yes I have asked his view. And he regularly gives it in the pack horse at seaton. He’s against the stadium and any development along the derwent.
  5. Councillor horsley (and also his fellow seaton councillor joe sandwith ) are so far up councillor jenkinsons backside they share the same passport photo. His presence there was to report back to jenkinson. They are against a new stadium. Ive a feeling we will end up with some office buildings and a stand that backs onto it. Probably with 3 open ends. Hopefully I’m wrong. anyone who has read the business case would see that it stacked up long term, however in his drive to discredit anything that the previous regime had planned councillor jenkinson will almost certainly try to get it knocked back.
  6. Regardless of political persuasion, would you trust this man with public money?
  7. What makes this worse is he spread lies about the stadium project and had people know what his background was would they have fallen for his lies? I very much doubt it. A good councillor has lost his seat because of this man on the back of this too. surely there should be full disclosure before and during an election??
  8. This man cost mark fryer his council job and more than likely as a consequence cost the area a new stadium https://www.newsandstar.co.uk/news/17671391.im-a-changed-man-new-deputy-mayor-of-workington-david-king-talks-about-his-fraudster-past/
  9. Rango


    How many times have we been short of fit players lately? It’s absolutely shocking for a semi pro team. You can’t defend it because it’s happening far too many times. Nowhere near enough players.
  10. Rango


    It’s big money for players looking for a final pay day. Would be much better signing up younger ambitious players. The board are dazzled by the name.
  11. Rango


    But true
  12. Rango


    Time for the board of directors to show some ambition and direction. The recruiting has been shocking to say the least and on some occasions this season there will have been more directors and staff on the players coach than actual players! This needs decisive action by the chairman mr Les Smallwood and if he isn’t up to it then there’s plenty of other directors that could be chairman. Apparently there is money for players, so lets spend it.
  13. I’ll say one thing for jenkinson, he’s got skin thicker than a whales Unfortunately for him he’s got a body the same size too! He only scrapped in as a councillor because the long standing labour councillor for seaton retired this year, letting him and his 500 votes retain his seat.
  14. Hit the nail on the head there.
  15. Make no mistake that today’s election result is a bad day not only for workington Town and workington Reds but the whole area. The conservative councillors have no ambition for the area and favour a continuation of austerity. As some have previously said the conservatives have no plan b for the stadium. Well they don’t need one because they aren’t going to build one. The independent councillors, well what can you say! They will probably be able to get a fence mended but that’s about it. All the extra sellafield staff who would have spent money in the town centre, safeguarding jobs are gone. Badly needed new GP services are gone. Reds juniors, sorry make do and mend. And I’m dreading the day when I have to look my kids and grandkids in the eye and tell them the reason why we have no decent sports facilities in this area. Will the last one out please turn the lights off .
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