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  1. Rango

    New Stadium for Workington

    Seems to me that councilor jenkinson is vehemently against any future development of workington. If we were unfortunate to have his Luddite attitude at the helm of the council then we’d be stuck with the old St. John’s precinct and the old knackered moorclose sports center. I for one applaud Allerdale council for trying to drag us into the 21st century and give us facilities that the rest of the country seem to benefit from. It will hopefully give both teams and the wider community something to be proud of. Lets not forget that the savage austerity cuts that the Tory government has bestowed on our local councils are the reason we have to look at borrowing so much, a party that councilor jenkinson purportedly represents. Maybe if he put his energy into looking at ways of finding funding streams to build a stadium instead of one sided views on why we possibly shouldn’t????
  2. Rango

    Town V Skolars predictions

    Was under the impression that super league was adding 2 more?
  3. Hearing rumours in town today from a reds supporter that a new stadium is looking likely on the site of the old greyhound track and borough park. Although he said that a conservative councilor from seaton is trying to stir it a bit with reds shareholders. Anyone else heard anything?
  4. Rango

    Town V Skolars predictions

    I would take the top 10 from our league and add it to the championship. Everyone would play each other home and away. Plenty of good quality fixtures that way.
  5. Rango

    Bradford Predictions

    Very very proud.
  6. Rango

    Town towels

    If he was German he’d be down much earlier than kick off 😉
  7. Rango

    Falling gates in Rugby League

    Unfortunately rugby league is slowly but surely dying from top to bottom. Those that run it focus far too much on super league and not the rest of the clubs both semi pro and amateur. They would do well to remember that a pyramid is only as strong as its base. I think over the years Town have tried really hard with very limited resources to get people to watch a game at DP but when you look around it’s the same old supporters(and older they are most definitely getting). With all the other distractions nowadays I can’t see much changing unless there’s a willingness from those that run RL to help promote it. At present I honestly don’t think we would get a 4 figure crowd if they said it was free entry.
  8. Rango

    Sundays predictions

    In fairness to whitehaven they can’t sign anyone unless on amateur or win/loss pay because theyve got financial restrictions.
  9. Rango

    Sundays predictions

    Just what the lads who were there told me. Declared attendances seem to be a bit of lottery tbh
  10. Rango

    Sundays predictions

    Just the 2 points is all that matters and hopefully a better performance. Whitehaven didn’t pull up any trees at the weekend either by all accounts so they’ll be looking for an improvement too. They reckon it was the smallest crowd they had seen at the wreck for years also.
  11. Rango

    Town v jam part 2

    Someone told me Latu stood out in junior rugby. Probably because he was 21 and everyone else was 15😉
  12. Rango

    Promoting and communication

    Yeah it’s pathetic tbh. BBC or ITV it makes no odds. Maybe if we got together a band of Hawick common riders, some kelso farmers, a handful tweed knitwear manufacturers and a berwick salmon fishing team to Derwent Park on a match day, we might get 30 seconds mention.
  13. Rango

    Professional rugby in Cumbria

    Absolutely marra.
  14. Rango

    Promoting and communication

    A tad forward aye! But made up for the madcap officiating display against us in the first half!
  15. Rango

    Professional rugby in Cumbria

    In all seriousness what Geordie is saying is true. If you spend more money than you’ve got then you’re asking for trouble. It doesn’t take a genius to work that out, yet countless successful businessman who have been part of local and national rugby league clubs have failed to adhere to basic principles of business. Hence the mess of rugby league clubs in general apart from the odd few.