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  1. Laughable. He’s got absolutely no ambition. Cuts to services is all we’re going to get from now on in. He’s Allerdale councils answer to Boris. Now that is a scary prospect.
  2. Nobody appears to be in charge at the council anymore. They have all gone to ground
  3. Do people think that the previous council would honestly pursue a bigger stadium without the knowledge of the full backing of sellafield and the nhs? These are negotiations going back over 2 years. Cast iron agreements are arranged once final planning is agreed. The stadium passed planning but clowncillor jenkinsons personal hatred of mark fryer has cost the entire area and it’s future generations facilities fit for purpose. Sad times.
  4. Why on earth would those kids want to play and train on modern fit for purpose pitches. And use those disgusting modern day changing rooms too! I genuinely feel sorry for those hard working coaches and volunteers of all the kids teams who have to make do and mend when other areas are blessed with up to date facilities.
  5. He’s even had his wife sticking up for him on social media because people are slagging him off. She seems to forget he’s based his career on it.
  6. The bloke is a Luddite through and through.
  7. Would rather watch paint dry myself but each to their own
  8. I’m afraid calamity jenkinson will never go through with anything resembling the labour council plan. His hatred of the above has sadly cost the area and generations of participants and spectators of sport decent facilities. Hopefully we get some answers soon, however I think he’s too busy trying to hide from the bins debacle at the moment.
  9. Correct unicorn. As the old saying goes “if you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig”
  10. Calamity jenkinson will see to it that the absolute minimum is spent. I’d imagine his idea of sporting facilities and people who play or follow sport are two totally different things. He’s absolutely zero interest in either Town or the Reds. Unfortunately his overbearing influence means that those who now sit on the clowncil follow him like sheep. Hence why nobody is having their recycling bin emptied (his idea to cancel). I think that both sports clubs will probably end up going it alone trying to make do and mend.
  11. It’s been a good couple of months for this sorry excuse for a council. First they destroy the stadium project and now they aren’t going to empty our bins for a couple of months. Jenkinson, stoddart and co are way out of their depth. How long before the lights go off?!
  12. https://www.timesandstar.co.uk/news/17752289.allerdale-council-recycling-collections-suspended-amid-fcc-environment-bin-contract-chaos/
  13. I’m sure that he is the Tory leader in allerdale pal, having ousted the previous incumbent days after the election. This way he could choose who he wanted in key positions in the council knowing Labour would not strike a deal with the independent councillors. Thus he has a big support in key decisions such as stadium developments.......
  14. I find this strange as well. The clubs weren’t happy with the decision but remained largely silent.
  15. Well she’ll probably get squashed up against something with a backside the size of a space hopper! Hes back from under his rock spouting on social media tonight. Giving his polar opposite view of the facts.
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