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  1. oh wow a handful of wigan fans sat with the handful of hudds fans hardly loads considering they are in the semis and going for old trafford didnt even open a stand for them so werent that many
  2. really ? bet there werent even a 1000 there if so where were they cos they werent in any of the stands shown on tv and there were no wigan fans there and hudds dont have 4000 fans
  3. Its about time huddersfield were relegated for toronto or toulose or someone they bring nothing to the game last night was an embarrsment to the sport 4 almost empty stands raining all night and no noise except that awful tin can getting banged why havent the giants or the rugby league band it yet ? wigan could have won by a huge margin if they had all there players playing and actually tried harder they didnt need to against huddersfield who were never gonna get close to them but hey am sure the 500 or so who were there listening to the tin can getting smashed were delighted to see a close scoreline wish sky would stop showing hudds games tho its doing the game no good why cant they make them play somewhere smaller when the games are on tv
  4. Arthur Crown

    SL Club Attendances 2018

    5700 at huddersfield 😂😂 what a joke they must all be away fans as whenever ive seen them theres been about 90percent of the ground empty apart from the away stand
  5. hudds is where the game started so they should be getting more than places like salford and widnes who dont even play anyware near there fans and hudds coud only dream of gettin 5000
  6. so a hudds fans think leedses crowds should be criticized cos there ###### and thousands didnt turn up bit like hudds every game of ever year do you think leeds get 2000 to a home game too then
  7. bet there were more leeds fans in the toilets than will be at the hudds game why would i criticise them when thosands turn up to watch them hudds have about 600 fans and most of there crowds are made up of away fans and free tickets
  8. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 is it a cup final then no way will hudds v le catlans get above 3000 and even less chance if that anoying tin can banger is their
  9. be about 3000 people watchnig 2 ###### teams and a tin can getting banged this kind of game ia whats wrong with super league
  10. Arthur Crown

    Your England picks to play New Zealand in Denver

    shaul charnley percival conor grace myler richardson thompson clark taylor holmes bateman sam burgess subs leeming mckeekin clough graham
  11. hope cas hammer them and shut that stupid tin can up notice it wasnt in catalan hopefully hes either realised how annoying he is or its been taken of him
  12. if wire want to be a top side again they should be beating teams like wakefield who are decent but will never win a trophy wire can and should
  13. Arthur Crown

    Huddersfield's tin can/cowbell

    passion?? 50 of them and a bloke banging a tin can to annoy people aye ok then
  14. Arthur Crown

    Huddersfield's tin can/cowbell

    you dont fill away ends like some fans maybe if you got rid of that silly noise more of your fans would come to games its probably that thats keeping them away why do you bang a can anyway whats the point ?
  15. Arthur Crown

    Huddersfield's tin can/cowbell

    sorry 80 mins and the couple of hundred will be stewards not giants fans they dont have any i take it youe the guy with the tin can annoying the rest of the rugby fans in the country seen as your defending it and no one else is