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  1. 1400 isnt that bad for london consideiring their would have been no away fans their
  2. sorry about the writing but am dislexic and had learnin problems at school but is it not bad that a professionnal club calls itself the cowbell army cos a guy hits one at some of there games.
  3. a guy bangs a cowbell at a game that annoys everyone including there own fans and everyone on sky and now the actual club are calling themselves the cowbell army are they seriuos or what this is gonna get laughed at by football fans and other sports why cant they just ban the guy rather than trying to get attention from it im embrassed to read that.
  4. the rlf should be all they can to get bradford back in before any of the foreign clubs cos they were winning trophies long before the others were even made and that counts for a lot more bradford are a big name and its a crime the rlf havent got them back in super league yet
  5. hes huddsfld fan a mate of mine knows him good ref aparantly
  6. how can people say it helps the atmosphere as you can never hear anyone singin its like there just playing to themselves
  7. rahter have 1 cowbell than that noise its not as if they are playing ledds songs either its just any random tune that other clubs sing with no one actually joinin in and singing
  8. are they a serious band or like a joke thing for a laugh as they sound awful and the trumpet player is out of tune and no one joins in with the singing.is it just some people been daft cos surely they cant be proper players when they sound so bad do the leeds fans like them ? might just have been me never noticing before but all the songs they play sound teribble on the telly as their all out of tune
  9. oh wow a handful of wigan fans sat with the handful of hudds fans hardly loads considering they are in the semis and going for old trafford didnt even open a stand for them so werent that many
  10. really ? bet there werent even a 1000 there if so where were they cos they werent in any of the stands shown on tv and there were no wigan fans there and hudds dont have 4000 fans
  11. Its about time huddersfield were relegated for toronto or toulose or someone they bring nothing to the game last night was an embarrsment to the sport 4 almost empty stands raining all night and no noise except that awful tin can getting banged why havent the giants or the rugby league band it yet ? wigan could have won by a huge margin if they had all there players playing and actually tried harder they didnt need to against huddersfield who were never gonna get close to them but hey am sure the 500 or so who were there listening to the tin can getting smashed were delighted to see a close scoreline wish sky would stop showing hudds games tho its doing the game no good why cant they make them play somewhere smaller when the games are on tv
  12. 5700 at huddersfield ?? what a joke they must all be away fans as whenever ive seen them theres been about 90percent of the ground empty apart from the away stand
  13. hudds is where the game started so they should be getting more than places like salford and widnes who dont even play anyware near there fans and hudds coud only dream of gettin 5000
  14. so a hudds fans think leedses crowds should be criticized cos there ###### and thousands didnt turn up bit like hudds every game of ever year do you think leeds get 2000 to a home game too then
  15. bet there were more leeds fans in the toilets than will be at the hudds game why would i criticise them when thosands turn up to watch them hudds have about 600 fans and most of there crowds are made up of away fans and free tickets
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