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  1. waht people have to rember is tornonto are a team fron the other side of the world and not an english team an there players need time to ajust to a forein place and ground they arent used to
  2. toronto didnt even excist till like 3 years ago so surley thats better than clubs who have been going ages like dewsbury they had to start with nothing no players and have got just about in super league already
  3. told you all last week that no one can get near them they absolutely battered deswbury today and hardly had to brake sweat to beat them there that good to say they are playing teams in the same league you woudnt thnik so
  4. there easily good enough for super league theres some old super league teams in there league and they just batter them all and surley they would beat london huddersfield and solford with the way they beat most teams easily there players are way beeter than the champonship players already
  5. sory guys am dislexic and spelling is a real problem for me struggld all my live with it
  6. evertime i watch toronto they are way two good for the other teams its like a super league team playing championship teams everyweek i reckon there going up as no one gets near them as there two good for this league they just batter eveyone no one else is anywhere near as good as them that is great for a team who werent even in the league 4 years ago to beocom so good so quickly you have to love watching there games as there so good
  7. i mean the hudds fan who was in the paper as the guy who plays it he was way older than 12 so cant have been him
  8. i call bull the lad who had his pik playing it was a lot older than 12
  9. fantastic well done worrington banning the cow bell hope other clubs do it too its anoying
  10. 1400 isnt that bad for london consideiring their would have been no away fans their
  11. sorry about the writing but am dislexic and had learnin problems at school but is it not bad that a professionnal club calls itself the cowbell army cos a guy hits one at some of there games.
  12. a guy bangs a cowbell at a game that annoys everyone including there own fans and everyone on sky and now the actual club are calling themselves the cowbell army are they seriuos or what this is gonna get laughed at by football fans and other sports why cant they just ban the guy rather than trying to get attention from it im embrassed to read that.
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