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  1. Oliver Clothesoff

    Who would buy that?!

    Not many in the red v.
  2. Oliver Clothesoff

    A jibe to the RFL and the Catalans debacle

    I despair with the “journalists” involved in our game.
  3. The second tier of Spanish Football now has games streamed on YouTube for free in 155 countries that don’t have an existing tv deal with that league. I can’t seem to find any information on a financial deal for it but I found it interesting.
  4. Oliver Clothesoff

    Who would buy that?!

    Tommy Lee. Totally random, strange and unique to a Rugby League field. He never belonged on one.
  5. Oliver Clothesoff

    Challenge Cup

    It’s going to be interesting to see what happens with the double header in 2020 when the Final moves to July. Presumably, the Semi’s will be in the end of May/start of June and May has been the month of the Magic Weekend for a long time, so it’ll be interesting to see how that fits into the calendar.
  6. Oliver Clothesoff

    Who is your 2nd team?

    Don’t have one but then again, there’s only really a couple of teams that I really don’t like and I don’t want to see win a game of tiddlywinks.
  7. We’ve now got an extra twenty-odd games live on Sky, many of which on a Sunday afternoon when there’s little on during the summer months and games on a Saturday evening, when there’s a bit of a lull in terms of life sport, so it’s a positive.
  8. Oliver Clothesoff

    Coronation Street

    IIRC, he had a team picture of Wakefield from around 1999/2000 on his mantelpiece in the pub.
  9. Oliver Clothesoff

    SQUAD DEPTH Can Your Club Compete?

    Coote, Makinson, Naiqama, Percival, Grace, Lomax, Richardson, Walmsley, Roby, Thompson, Taia, Peyroux, Paulo. LMS, Douglas, Amor, Knowles, Fages, Swift, Lees, Ashworth, Aaron Smith, Bentley, Costello, Batchelor and Welsby to call upon should we need to. Quite happy with our squad, though from the original XIII, we may see Fages in it at 7 rather than Richardson, which I’m not too sure on.
  10. Oliver Clothesoff

    Team Warnings

    Was hoping we’d see the end of the team warnings, in all honesty, they’re rarely then met with a yellow card and by the sounds of it, there should have been a flurry of cards at Wakefield’s game last night, too.
  11. Oliver Clothesoff

    “New Yorkshire cup”

    Don’t see why they can’t expand to twelve teams and create three competitions in one. Have Batley, Bradford, Dewsbury, Featherstone, Halifax, Sheffield, York, Doncaster, Hunslet, Keighley and two amateur sides in it, split into four groups of three. Each side plays two group games then the four winners of each group plays-off for the Yorkshire Cup, those that finish second play-off for the Yorkshire Bowl and those that finish third play-off for the Yorkshire Plate. That way all teams will play a minimum of three games, some four and all have something to play for.
  12. Oliver Clothesoff

    Challenge Cup

    Not sure I’d take the Semi’s back to Bolton just yet. It was quite close to a sell-out with Warrington, Leeds, Saints and Catalans taking part and one of those sides’ fans not travelling in great number. I just wonder if we were to get four well supported clubs there this year, whether there would be a scramble for tickets.
  13. Oliver Clothesoff

    “New Yorkshire cup”

    This debate? Again? Who cares what it was, those that took part seemed to like it and so did the fans by the attendances. The aim for next year should be a sponsor and seeing if any new entrants want to take part.
  14. It’s impossible to say whether some clubs would have gone bust if we opted for a different structure twenty-odd years ago. What you could discuss is whether the game has progressed since 1996 or whether it’s in fact, regressed. Attendances are down, we’ve seen countless sides go bust, we’ve tried and failed to add certain sides to the game, we have only six of the current Super League made up of those who started the first season and one of those have only just come back into the league after nearly disappearing completely.