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  1. I don’t really want the season to go on a week longer than it already is. This season is already a season spanning 254 days (a shade under 70% of a calendar year) or 36 weeks, and it’s too long and adding in a walkover of an International friendly (because that’s what it is, let’s not kid ourselves otherwise) just isn’t a good idea. The whole International calendar goes back, somewhat, to a structure discussion due to the number of games Super League sides play and the number of games they say they need to be deemed profitable.
  2. There’s so much wrong with this post. Maybe the next one will go better for you.
  3. So, if we were to post a thread about, let’s say, how well the advertising of home games is at York City Knights, would that be deemed as “advertising disguised as an Internet forum thread” too?
  4. If he’s in Somerset, like his name suggests, he’s hours from London and potentially has no link to the city or club and if he wants to see multiple games in a weekend, the max you’re getting in London is two. When you also factor in the cost, it’s more economical to stay up north and get three, maybe four games in.
  5. I mean, this thread has taken a weird, legal turn.
  6. Will miss his calls for a drop goal when teams are winning by multiples that wouldn’t make a difference (10,14,16 etc).
  7. One of them crazy people you see in a big city shouting about the end of the world on a megaphone, isn’t he?
  8. Always nice to beat them and more so on Good Friday after about eight or nine years of either being miles off them or having injuries to key players. Form alone would suggest an away win, however Wigan have some returnees and Sean O’Loughlin goes from being barely able to move to becoming Superman on Good Friday. Potentially ten points clear of 6th should we win and other results go our way.
  9. I wouldn’t watch England v France if they played in my back garden.
  10. England reserves v Jamaica at an 18k ground in London would be lucky to get 2,500.
  11. Rugby League isn’t perfect but I wouldn’t want the game to turn into some Basketball style game where scores end ridiculously high by reducing numbers and creating more space.
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