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  1. Oliver Clothesoff

    Villenueve Leopards

    Does Villeneuve want to join the British game then? This is news to me, I’ve not seen anything reported. I’ve seen New York and Boston mentioned, Dublin, another Canadian team and of course Red Star Belgrade but nothing about any French team expressing an interest.
  2. Oliver Clothesoff

    Logical internationals next year

    I think there would be a huge gulf between an England side and a Jamaican one, even the Knights too.
  3. Oliver Clothesoff

    Logical internationals next year

    Would like to see Jamaica play a game in London. There’s a large Afro-Caribbean population there and with Skolars having two or three of the National side involved in their club would be a good place to base themselves.
  4. Oliver Clothesoff


    What does this have to do with Super League? It sounds as though Keighley Cougars have been led by some less than scrupulous people, something that has nothing to do with Super League. The RFL should, if they’re not already doing so, be completing due diligence on potential new owners of its member clubs.
  5. Oliver Clothesoff

    Jamaica v USA live now

    Pardon my ignorance but can USA still qualify for the World Cup?
  6. Oliver Clothesoff

    Love and the Exiles!

    Super League teams play thirty plus games a year, it’s little wonder that we can’t manage to shoehorn in an International week too. We’ll never get a decent balance between domestic and International Rugby League when the game is led by the club’s owners and it’s so club centric.
  7. Oliver Clothesoff

    2019 kits

    Saints’ has some history to it, it’s supposed to be based on the Mal Meninga away kit. Don’t mistake us with the awful kit Wire have been given.
  8. Oliver Clothesoff

    2019 kits

    What’s with the colours? Is there a reason why Wakefield have suddenly incorporated lime green into their away shirts?
  9. Oliver Clothesoff

    Love and the Exiles!

    Like all things in UK Rugby League, it was given about three years to work before it was consigned in the history books with licensing, Celtic Crusaders and PSG. That’s not nearly enough time for an event to become a meaningful game. Would I bring back something else from the dead for 2019 and beyond? No, we’ve already got a few things in there that are being brought back and I’d rather we played proper nations in an International game.
  10. Oliver Clothesoff

    Anyone else excited about the Jamaica game?

    Hope they make it and it gives Jermaine Coleman a platform to show his talents and as some reward for the hard yards he’s put in with Skolars.
  11. Oliver Clothesoff

    2019 kits

    Superb. Amongst the best I’ve seen this year. Totally ruins the blue V, but not an awful shirt.
  12. Oliver Clothesoff

    2019 kits

    I get that teams have designs and certain features that are linked to their club (Saints with the V, Wigan with the hoops, Leeds with the band across the body) and it’s hard to produce shirts year-on-year that are different but why Widnes have gone to almost complete black is staggering. Do they even have any history of a near-all black Home shirt?
  13. What do you expect them to say exactly? I’m not sure what else people expected in all honesty. He’s chairman of Leigh Centurions, a relatively well-known Rugby League Team (if you’re a Rugby League fan), and he’s been caught by police, it must be a slow news day but it’s not a massive surprise this has made the news.
  14. Oliver Clothesoff

    2019 kits

    Highly doubt it. People seem to be more out off by the design of the shirt, the quality of the material used and the actual material used rather than a shirt having five sponsors on it.
  15. Oliver Clothesoff

    2019 kits

    Clubs then lose valuable sponsorship money if they tone it down and no Super League clubs can really afford to do that.