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  1. I don’t think anyone is suggesting the problems the Challenge Cup has is purely related to the seedlings. Most can decipher that there are much deeper problems, however, trying to break a culture that has become pretty commonplace in RL and also Football with their FA Cup, isn’t going to found on an Internet forum. The format does ultimately play a part, perhaps not the main part, not that I’m saying Wigan playing Hunslet at home instead of Warrington is going to pull a bigger crowd but having a third game between the two by May is overkill and likely to put people off, knowing it’s likely to be televised and it’s an added cost on top of a season ticket and any of the other RL events there are to watch that people may decide to go to. The problems with the Challenge Cup do not just lie within the Rugby League environment but socio-economic, as well, and without taking the thread completely off topic, people spend money elsewhere on a variety of necessities and desires.
  2. My biggest gripe with the Challenge Cup as a fan of a Super League club is probably its format. Win two games and we’re in a semi-final. While that comes across as arrogant, it’s not meant like that and I just feel you don’t have to do too much as a Super League side to get to a semi, which is why you usually see two or three of Leeds, Saints, Wigan, Warrington and Hull FC in the semi’s over the past five or six years. I also get a tad bored of the format because we’re likely to play the same sides as we play in the league, in the cup, as well as the play-off’s which is a factor in how we’ve ended up with Wigan and Warrington playing eight or nine times across all competitions. It will never happen but I’d like the format to change and the final 32 teams (12 SL and 20 lower league/amateur sides) left in the competition to be picked from a hat and if Saints pull Warrington in Round One and Wigan pull out Coventry, so be it. I’d quite like from a personal point of view anyway, to be in with a realistic chance of being pulled out against somebody we don’t face regularly.
  3. Oh okay, you must be correct. The standard is poor, IMO. The inconsistencies and strange decision making is a massive contributor to this, as is the over reliance by some on the video referee to make a decision.
  4. 250+ views and 20 replies on here alone. Now factor in social media platforms of Facebook and Twitter plus then people who write into RL World. They’ve done their job. They’ve created content that is so subjective that people are reacting to it and generating hits on websites, replies on social media and potentially sales in newsagents and train stations of the physical copy of the magazine. Whether Ryan Bailey ranked 1st or 237th in a poll, there is no actual barometer to measure “best” by, so RLW have done this well.
  5. Yes, it is. The standard of Super League refereeing is very poor. I think it’s partly down to the rules and how vague and ambiguous many are and the fact we change the rules more times than we change sponsors of the competition.
  6. Do we really need On The Road Games? I’m yet to see a positive for such an idea. I get Leeds flowering up a game as “The Big One” and taking it to Elland Road once a year, that makes sense. I could understand London doing similar but what I can’t understand is why we’d move Wakefield v Hull from Belle Vue to Wrexham for no other reason than its a development area. It provides no income for either club and inconveniences fans.
  7. Our refereeing standard is pretty poor, which I think, fuels some of the abuse. I’m not blaming them completely because sporting fans in general are blinkered fools. Sport fans must have great eyesight because they manage to see a forward pass from 200 metres away from behind the sticks.
  8. Everything is about the Super League era though. Every stat used by Sky, every article of this nature etc are SL era only. After a while it’s tiresome.
  9. Some lunatic did similar before Portsmouth played Sunderland and the idiot got arrested. I hope the same happens here.
  10. You’d celebrate your team being promoted to Super League. Goodnight.
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