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  1. Gareth Walker reporting a new show to come out. Thirty episodes.
  2. Has Eden’s off the field stuff cleared up?
  3. Are there many 7’s tournaments out there then?
  4. Surely Fonua will be Hull’s top scorer?
  5. He’s a bit daft if he wasn’t sure where he was playing each week.
  6. Christmas Miracles exist. Felt a bit for him in a way because he’d say one thing trying to explain the rules and what the likely decision should be with the video referee and then the incompetent clowns currently refereeing our sport would give something completely opposite.
  7. Where’s French going to play for Wigan in 2020? Ben Barba has been the only non-winger to win top try scorer for years. I’m interested to see how Wigan’s backs will line up for 2020 before I commit to any bets for top try scorer and even then, it’s not a market I usually delve into.
  8. I think you’re right. From a Saints perspective, Josh Simm playing reserve rugby probably isn’t that beneficial to him, having spent much of the year on DR at Leigh (and playing well, I believe), whereas for Lewis Dodd, the reserves are likely going to be the next step in his development.
  9. Don’t DR players train with their parent clubs during the week anyway and then attend the training of the club they’re being sent to at the weekend?
  10. To play devils advocate on you, Super League players can get all of that professionalism at their contracted clubs whilst training and playing a couple of times a week for a Championship side.
  11. That new one is almost identical to this from 2015/16.
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