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  1. Cas - 2013 Catalans - 2017 Hull - 2014 Hull KR - 2019 Leeds - 2019 London - 2018 Salford - 2015 Saints - 2017 Wakefield - 2016 Warrington - 2018 Wigan - 2019. ———— Without going too deeply into this, it’s approx just under 2.5 years the average tenure of a Super League coach based on the above, so whether Australian or not, they’re not destined to be around for long. Unsurprisingly, the longest serving coaches are English.
  2. This is a Saints side that struggle in big games, people need to remember that. We’ve lost six semi-finals since winning the Grand Final in 2014 and the only one we have won is against a lower league side. This is by no means a given on Saturday.
  3. Post mortem revealed asphyxiation as the cause of death.
  4. Very few with people like you in the world claiming to know the outcomes before they’ve happened.
  5. Do we? Who’s going to be first try scorer and Lance Todd? I feel a visit to the bookies coming on...
  6. The idea (a competition for the lower league sides, culminating in a Wembley appearance for the finalists) was a good one, it’s just been poorly executed, IMO, with not all teams taking part (understandable given the midweek games), timing of games in midweek and the coverage it has received where finding match results has been like finding a needle in a haystack. The Northern Rail Cup was a very good watch for the neutral’s and I seem to remember Batley’s underdog victory over Leigh, the Leigh win in the dying seconds when they shaped for a drop goal and chucked it wide and I remember Cas being involved in a tight game in a Final too. This competition should be a “resurrection” of that competition and needs to be executed a little better the second time around. I’d like to see group stages in this with all UK based sides competing in future, like we used to have in the Northern Rail Cup, so teams get a more competitive set of games than usual in pre-season and so teams have a set amount of guaranteed home games in this competition before reverting to a straight knockout competition. I know it’s premature but ya anything been said about a competition next year?
  7. Is someone trying to quantify “successful” by saying it’s because of no P&R? Some people really waste the Internet.
  8. That’s not the only reason why any league should be expanded. Who knows but we’ve beaten the accumulative figure from last year with weeks to spare and had the biggest attendance in Super League history this year, it’s not been a failure of a year at all and obsessing over crowds is futile.
  9. There were an additional two sides in Super League in 2012, compared with now. Is that a fair comparison? Catalans v Wigan at Barcelona broke the individual attendance record for Super League in May this year.
  10. 1,166,425 watched Super League games in 2018, 1,291,760 have watched Super League games this year and we’re a few rounds from the season ending. That’s an increase of 10.75%. We’ve also broken the attendance record for Super League this year.
  11. I hope not. He was dealt a poor hand at Saints and made it work quite well, though did play some less than entertaining rugby in the process, which was somewhat linked. I think it’s a case of been there, done that in this instance.
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