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  1. Australia, NZ, Tonga, PNG and it seems Fiji are on the up, too. There is enough credible opposition, it’s getting all of them on the same songsheet and others up to a credible level.
  2. Not in a bad mood at all, as if I’d let Rugby League bother me. I just find the premise of this poor when: a) there’s no “winning” to this. You pay £25 and if you attend all three England games, you have still lost £10. Now, granted, that’s not a lot at all, barely a couple of pence a day, but with no real reward barring a couple of bits of tatt that end up at the bottom of a drawer, it seems a bit pointless. b) The whole supply and demand thing. There’s little demand to England games, in fact, in recent years, England tickets have featured on discount websites. If there was a higher demand, like there is with England Football, England Cricket, Darts, NFL and Baseball (all sports I’ve “joined” free membership schemes in order to get a jump up the queue due to demand) then it would make some sense to join. c) England don’t play enough games. They have averaged approx. 3 games a year over the past decade. If England played the number of games RU, Football, Cricket played, it would make more sense. Granted, you feel as though you’re helping in a small way to fund the game and/or help The RFL but personally, I struggle to see enough pros to make me join this club whilst the game is in its current state. Again, understandable that you may hold some hope that your money will go towards changing that.
  3. Actually scrap that, if this is an annual subscription thing, there’s very little chance you can actually have this as a genuine benefit, due to the recurring charge. You might “break even” or save £5-10 in a World Cup year if England progress to a final but in non-RLWC years, you’re throwing money down the drain due to England typically playing an average of 3 games a year.
  4. So, you have then and you’ll need to attend at least three England games in the World Cup to “make money”.
  5. So, you’ve paid £25 to pay an extra £10 for England v Australia tickets then. I agree that it would be a good idea if the demand outweighed the supply of tickets for England Rugby League games. There isn’t and so, I think it’s pointless.
  6. I stopped, I won’t lie. There’s only so much negativity you can handle in one go. I don’t want the whole “positive RL” guff that Harrison and that contradictory Bradford fan force down your throat but the TotalRL podcast had to go too.
  7. Nothing mentioned yet. I hope it’s at a time when there’s heavy traffic on social media, if it is to be shown only on social media.
  8. I’ve heard you on podcasts, if that is an eternal optimist speaking, I’m glad I’m not one.
  9. True, I suppose no times were given so there’s still a possibility. I would hope that it would be televised, especially if the BBC/any other free to air channel are to screen games, just to start creating a buzz.
  10. Over 5m “likes” for the Royals on Facebook but of course, how many are active users and how many are going to be active when it’s drawn is another discussion. I really wanted the draw to have been on Prime time TV.
  11. Attempted this with the FA Cup. It’s easy in the qualifying stages as attendances typically ranged from 10-1000, I think it was about round five that I gave up as there were no games local and the nearest one required a paid membership.
  12. Maloney? Probably a lot. Brother in law is from Cambridgeshire and played RU for 25 years. His mates all mentioned Rugby League/TWP/SBW at a wedding in December. How many will choose to tune in/attend a game is another matter.
  13. Yeah. Seen them at Harlequins RL since then, too.
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