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  1. Loup

    Canada RL on Toronto Wolfpack

    Yes, that was Bob Jowett. It was a fan event to meet & greet with players and the team's commercial & media directors. He didn't ask any pointed questions publicly, although David Argyle was also at the event, so who knows what was said privately. Jowett's comments about Asian food were actually directed at places like Batley and Keighley, where there are large Muslim communities. Jowett suggested that there is a big untapped market of possible fans in some heartland towns, but that the clubs would have to consider serving suitable food choices, i.e., other than pork sausages and pies.
  2. Loup

    Canada RL on Toronto Wolfpack

    I stand corrected! A great signing and I can't wait to see him at Lamport.
  3. Loup

    Canada RL on Toronto Wolfpack

    How dare the Wolfpack take our heartland English Wiggles! Haven't they grown any grassroots Wiggles In Canada?
  4. Loup

    Canada RL on Toronto Wolfpack

    David Argyle allegedly "walked by a tent" in the beer garden and this has set off Jowett and subsequently, Canadian Rugby Union's newest fan, Parky? Argyle is all over Lamport Stadium during a game. He travels by the tents in the beer garden multiple times all game long, doesn't stop to buy a beer at each one. Mountain, meet molehill.
  5. Loup

    What now for Toronto?

    ... watching the away team celebrate on your home ground .... ugh.
  6. Indeed, we went to the pub for a few hours after the game and 9-10 players joined us, despite the heartbreaking result it was still worth cheering a strong season with a club that's become a much more solid organization during this year in the Championship. To recap, Wolfpack ran away with the Championship, went 5-2 in the qualifiers, beat two Super League teams, and was definitely the most qualified for SL among the Championship clubs - until yesterday. We lost it on the field on the day that mattered. That's sport. And I'd bet that every Wolfpack fan or club member will congratulate London Broncos and wish them success in Super League. They've been great to host, three times this season, and won on the day. As a season ticket holder, this year has been a terrific experience. We've had great fun, enjoyed the game, drunk the beer, brought our friends, made new ones, got to know the players, welcomed many teams, had growing pains, loved the awareness that the club are getting across the city, heard the whinging, and dealt with more hostility than was ever warranted. Of course, we'd have loved the win yesterday and the promotion for 2019, who wouldn't, but I haven't heard any fan complain about another year in the Championship. So without a hint of sarcasm, we will indeed welcome back Batley (bring Danny Maun!), and York, and Dewsbury, and all the rest of the clubs. We'd hoped a silver lining from the defeat and the three disallowed tries (FYI, no one is disputing them) would give us a respite from the brown envelope/they'll bend the rules to rush Wolfpack into SL/they exceed the salary cap/the refs turn a blind eye/conspiracy theories but today I see a brand new one poking its ugly head out of the cesspit- that Wolfpack players threw the game to protect their jobs. Isn't that what Widnes also supposedly did when they played Wolfpack two weeks ago? Gah, it's getting so difficult these days to keep the conspiracy theories straight. Time to take off the tinfoil, fellers.
  7. Thanks for the tip. I am one of those familiar with those aeroplane-type flying machines.
  8. a) It's five hours b) Cite your sources for one day per time zone
  9. Yeh but would the Martian government let them have visas?
  10. Not sure if you're being a wee bit disingenuous here, Harry, but as a TWP fan I can tell you that our own fan pages are full of hostile, raving, rude, silly, and deliberately insulting comments and conspiracy theories. Every time there's a TWP game on Sky, the haters emerge in droves from under their rocks and spew a fresh round of tripe. Trust me, none of this is within a million miles of "constructive criticism" or "mild reservations about expansion" or "having a bit of banter".
  11. Loup

    Million pound game

    Yes. The TTC runs their Sunday service on Oct 7 and on Thanksgiving Monday (Oct 8), which is the work holiday.
  12. Loup


    Season ticket holders get two tickets, one for ourselves and one to bring a friend/relative. If Wolfpack follow their usual hospitality procedure, Broncos fans will get a free night out at David Argyle's bar Katana on Bay. He's offered it to all the away fans all season.
  13. He'll definitely have to point out (several times) that Eric Perez wasn't in the pub.