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  1. As someone who worked in professional communication for more years than I can count on all fingers and toes, my reaction to this posting is that the 'duties' are operational rather than strategic. Any senior communicator expects to work with the board, implement marketing, work with media, and so on. You could do all these things and still fall flat on your face. Nowhere does this posting speak about desired outcomes-- if I were applying, I'd want to know what SL has in mind for results, e.g., doubling attendance within five years, or doubling sponsorship within five years, or whatever the brains trust has in mind for the organization. This is written to appeal to someone who is just stepping up from mid-level management, and won't appeal to those with whacking great levels of communication & marketing expertise in another field.
  2. Loup

    Wolfie Sacked !

    Philly Phanatic = best mascot ever https://www.mlb.com/video/phillie-phanatics-great-moments/c-618065883
  3. Loup

    York Game

    Chatted with Liam at the match. He's having surgery again in the next week or so, not expecting to play until they return to Lamport. May/June.
  4. Loup

    Away games viewing

    I'll shoot them an email. Both have loads of tvs. (Look out for me ... I'll be at the York City Knights game on Sunday with the UK Wolfpack faithful!!)
  5. Loup

    Away games viewing

    Easy. Both Craft Brasserie and Big Rock Brewing (Liberty Commons) open at 10 a.m. for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. Both on Atlantic Avenue. Both those pubs serve better beer than 3 Brewers too.
  6. It was also available through @TheGameCaller on YouTube live.
  7. Loup


    City owns the stadium and the food concessions, so it's been limited to burgers and hot dogs until now. We've been asking for meat pies but don't know if that's changing for 2019. As noted, head for the Pie Commission at 887 Dundas St W, about 1 km walk. East stand is where visiting fans usually go, but you have the sun in your eyes if it's a sunny day. West stand costs $5 more but easier on the eyes. Bring sunhats and sun block especially for the kids. Many pubs within staggering distance: 3 Brewers, Craft Brasserie with a world o'craft beer on tap, Liberty Commons/Big Rock Brewery, the Local.
  8. Lamport start times used to be 4 p.m. ET on Saturdays. A key reason for pulling back to 1 p.m. is because a number of the visiting teams want to fly out Saturday night to get home via Manchester, not Glasgow (on Sunday). A 2 p.m. start wouldn't be cutting it too fine but any later might put travel at risk.
  9. Loup

    Coronation Street

    He took all 112 of them along. That was the day of Salford's record attendance.
  10. Oh he won't be the only one with his magnifying readers out, fervently counting the cardboard cutouts and declaring that everyone gets in free.
  11. So Championship clubs can now use the certainty of at least two games this season on Sky to sell local advertising and entice new sponsors on board. See how it works?