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  1. Unlikely. Wolfpack is having a very strong season so far, with a good chance of making SL. Argyle was getting closer to achieving one of the club's main ambitions, absolutely no reason otherwise for him to back away. Making SL is a key milestone in leveraging the Wolfpack's sponsorship and brand. This has been a thread full of excellent comments and debate. A great read. All I'd add, is to speculate that Argyle's other main intention is to build the Wolfpack into a global brand. By stepping down, he avoids tarnishing the brand in the near term and allows the project to proceed. My hope is that he continues as a strong force in the backroom. That's just my own view, of course. Having met David on multiple occasions as a fan, I've always found him open and friendly. He seems to enjoy hosting away fans and players as much as Wolfpack fans and is well known for his generosity. Since his resignation, he's been replying personally to fans who've written to him. This entire episode on both sides, and the outcome, has been a huge blow to Wolfpack fans. But I doubt it's turned anyone away. We're heading to the away viewing party this afternoon and no doubt this will be on everyone's lips. Hoping for a good clean game.
  2. No, just no. Argyle lives and works in downtown Toronto. Half the people who live in Toronto were born outside of Canada. It's considered the most diverse city in the world based on the countries of origin of its residents. Whatever motivated Argyle to make that silly and hurtful comment had nothing to do with insularity. Also, Canada isn't the USA.
  3. Betfred adverts are prominent in Toronto's Lamport Stadium. Wolfpack paid for this season's Wolfpack games to be shown on Sky tv. Therefore Toronto games help to promote Betfred to UK telly watchers.
  4. CBD products are already on the market in the UK. Check out your local Holland and Barrett.
  5. There was a decent beer garden and a big merch tent. Smaller crowd wasn't as loud as the Wolfpack game on Saturday, but still a lot of cheering. Only the east stand was open, which focused the crowd. Slightly different mix - plenty of families, but the crowd was more male than a Wolfpack crowd, which is at least 40% female.
  6. Everyone entering Lamport is checked in by stewards using electronic ticket scanners. Once you're in the stadium, you can go to the two stands or to the beer garden, walk around the concourse areas or toddle off to the portapotties. Local government fire & safety regulations allow 9600 inside the stadium, but local government regulations do not demand that you sit on your duff at all times and turn your eyes to the game on the field.
  7. Thank you for your random, half-hearted, and inaccurate attempt to reduce a crowd of 9000+ down to "3K and that's being generous". Lamport Stadium stewards use these nifty little electronic scanners to log every ticket on paper on on a phone at entry into the ground. I'm more inclined to believe their tally than this unscientific piece of self-justification. Plus, fans who were at the game (e.g., me) know that you are wrong. Accusations of "bare-faced lying" about crowd size typically start with the first home (Lamport) game of the season. Wolfpack play at home again this Saturday, after which game your topic will be "lines on the pitch". Please be among those to start complaining, I look forward to your future contributions.
  8. Me too. Saturday for Wolfpack, Sunday for Arrows. Paying for both tickets. In May, Arrows play four games in a row at Lamport to end their season while Wolfpack play May 4 then aren't at home again until mid-June. All rugby is good rugby.
  9. Beginning of last season, Wolfpack needed a stadium because Lamport was still being renovated. They asked BMO Field what it would cost to rent for one game. The asking price was $250,000.
  10. Was at Lamport from 90 minutes before kickoff. Place was packed, once all the fans arrived. They don't all arrive for the start (the earlier photo of the start is showing the east side, not full) but as the game went on, the west stand was full and the east stand almost full. THE GROUND CAPACITY OF 9600 IS THE MAX ALLOWED BY FIRE REGULATIONS, NOT THE AMOUNT YOU'D SEE IF EVERYONE WAS CRAMMED SHOULDER TO SHOULDER ON THE BENCH SEATS. Rinse & repeat a million times. There are upwards of 500 or 600 in the beer garden at any one time and they are IN THE STADIUM and so count towards the fire regs. Can we please enjoy a few home games at Lamport without the Nattering Nellies among you disputing every single attendance number? Heavens to Betsy, go find something else to moan about.
  11. Not as cringe-y as it appears at first glance. Jefferson, our wolf mascot from last season, has been stolen. Gordo is the replacement. He cost a mere $200 to outfit, Poundland-style. Since being introduced on Thursday, Wolfpack have garnered a front-page story in the Toronto Star (readership >300,000) and two radio spots, including a very funny interview on CBC's Friday afternoon drive-home program Here and Now. In a city where many people haven't yet heard of the Wolfpack, this is as clever a piece of marketing as you'll ever see. Huge media buy that cost pennies.
  12. Loup


    Nick is flying to Toronto today as a late addition to the team.
  13. Delighted to see Brickhouse Cider, Collective Arts and Northern Maverick in the beer garden this year. Looks like BrewDog are out. https://www.torontowolfpack.com/toronto-wolfpack-beer-garden-returns/
  14. Northern Maverick (a newish brewpub) is joining the beer garden this year. They are planning to sell pies, altho they may not be there every week as the beer garden slots are rotated. Their chef rustled up some beef brisket pies at the recent away viewing party ... they were excellent.
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