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  1. Just posted. " Toronto Wolfpack can confirm that following this weekend’s game the Club has stood Jack Bussey down from the team camp. He will be returning to the UK with immediate effect.‬"
  2. Even after losing a squeaker on a very hot day, the Toulouse team walked round the stadium and greeted fans. Des plus brillant exploits.
  3. Loup

    David Argyle on PTS

  4. Thinking back to those glorious Blue Jays games on Canada Day weekend when the Montreal Expos came to town ... when we still had Expos in Montreal. Such fun. Really hope we can give our French guests the same warm welcome at Lamport.
  5. "Me again! I thought of something else! Salford's last-minute hire ... his name is Jackson Hastings, you've probably never heard of him, but he's quite well known in rugby league ... well whatever ... anyway in the last minutes of the game, Hastings took out the Toronto player who helped Salford stay up in Super League last time this happened .... Gaz O'Brien ... kicked the winning two points for Salford and they called him a hero, today they kicked him in the head ... don't you think that's just super ironic!"
  6. Loup

    Salford sep 8

    3Brasseurs is open for Wolfpack v Salford on Saturday
  7. Loup


    CBC. Because I don't have cable.
  8. School starts again on Tuesday Sept 4 so this is 'back to school weekend'. Everyone under 16 gets free admission to the Wolfpack game on Saturday. Just getting ahead of the inevitable comments.
  9. Baseball games on travel days and some weekend games sometimes start at 1 p.m. , otherwise it's 4 p.m. on weekends.
  10. Wolfpack fan. Loved seeing the Dragons win. Benefits hard to quantify today, but this will be brilliant for the game in the long term.
  11. Exactly this. Getting into Super League has to be the first goal. Potential investors wanting to launch new clubs in North America or anywhere else outside the UK for that matter are watching from the sidelines. If Wolfpack earn it on the field but then are refused entry, or gain entry only to have roadblocks strewn in their way, no one with a lick of sense will put money into new expansion teams. Same goes for player development: a team in the top tier has way more clout and appeal to attract youngsters and convert gridiron players to the game.
  12. Can anyone explain Yves Chaumien's comment about "mangeurs de pains au chocolat"? It's clearly a dig, but what does the phrase mean?