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  1. What narrow-minded thinking. More opportunity, more clubs to aim for = more youngsters staying in the game and making a living.
  2. Yes, but ... The point is that in 2016, Toronto had virtually no one interested in rugby of either code, and very little awareness of the professional game. It's not that Wolfpack were coming into a known sport like baseball, basketball, hockey, soccerball or any version of gridiron. It's that they have been able to build a fanbase from nothing in just their fourth year in a sport that was brand new to the catchment area. It's marketing and game day experience.
  3. An incredibly dismissive opinion. You are trying to make the case that going to a game and having a good time and enjoying the beer tent sideshow is a bad thing. Better to stand rooted to the spot unable even to go walkabout for a pee while being washed over with waves of emotion and spiritual connection to the sport? No matter which side of the ocean, sports is in the entertainment business. Every beer purchased, every shirt bought, every pie/hot dog consumed, brings in the same money, whether the buyer is pure in sports heart or simply a casual on an afternoon jolly. So Toronto can magic up 8K or 9K fans from nothing while Salford brings in less than half that amount. Nothing at all wrong with being a spiritual fan, but there is no extra going into the cash register for your purity. Perhaps creating a day-out environment that will appeal to people who don't know a 40-20 kick from a 40/20 workout would be worth a try? Your brother and sister-in-law's inability to enjoy in the game of baseball is an example of the kind of RL fan you are decrying ... transient, not engrossed in the game, only there for a day out. But baseball teams play more than 80 home games in the six-month season, so very few fans go to all 80 games and when they do, it's three to four hours long. So they don't spend all 180+ minutes staring at the diamond. And yes they arrive late and wander round and fill the kids with popcorn. And buy shirts. And stuff for the kids. And souvenirs. And drop a bunch of cash and have a really good time. And if you take the time to become engrossed in the play and strategy of baseball, it is a thing of beauty. And finally - it is NEVER acceptable to NA fans when team owners move teams. NEVER. Canada has lost its second MLB team, second NBA team, and several NHL teams in the last 20 years or so. Each move was a huge loss to local fans, some of whom still wear the original shirts.
  4. Maybe they should hand out free tickets. That's how you get people with zero knowledge of the sport along for a good day out. So next time, a few of them come back and if you're lucky, they bring their mates. Time after that, they start following the game and understanding the play. I've brought complete non-fans who'd never seen a game of rugby of either code to Lamport to watch the Wolfpack. I promise them a great day out and lots of beer. Over a couple of seasons, four have converted to season ticket holders and about six more come out fairly regularly. Toronto has gone from zero fans to a steady 7000-8000 in three years, with 10000 at the last MPG. Most had no clue about rugby league back in 2017. Wolfpack had 50+ at Castleford. Last game of the 2019 season @Bradford, there were 200. You diminish your argument with silly digs.
  5. Saying it's a minority sport is just admitting defeat. Find ways to bring in some curious people and create new fans.
  6. So let's say I have three brothers, Tommy, Ronny and Johnny. Tommy asks Mam for more pocket money than his brothers. She makes her decision by holding a vote. "Who thinks Tommy should get more pocket money than the rest of you?" Result: 25% vote yes, 75% vote no. Which is why you should never put management decisions up to a popular vote. The amount of chin-whisker-stroking this daft poll result is getting ...
  7. It's the money, mate. Filching the central funding, demanding a bond of half a million quid to participate in the Challenge cup, making Wolfpack pay for SL clubs' travel & accommodation ... the playing field slopes upward for Toronto at an angle worse than Batley's pitch. If, at the end of this season, Wolfpack get relegated, then the SL clubs will lose the one-twelfth portion of the central funding and all the free publicity that Wolfpack are bringing to the game. So very short-sighted, so lacking in even the most basic inkling of strategy.
  8. That's not how sports work in North America. You start from the top down, create a winning team, and use it to grow interest among the up & coming generations. In time, you get top level players. (See also Toronto FC, Toronto Raptors.)
  9. Players love it here. They bring their families over in summer. We had a tribe of 11 Aussie/NZ kids running round most of last summer. Two of the Wolfpack have Canadian fiancées. A few players who didn't like it that much, or whose wives called them home, left after the League 1 season.
  10. According to Aaron Bower on Twitter this morning, Wolfpack first raised the salary cap dispensation issue before the MPG last year. That it's only recently been made public doesn't mean that's when the club first twigged it would be an issue. More likely, going public is exposing the Wolfpack's frustration that SL has once again dithered and diddled and failed to provide any coherent answer. SL had no problem taking Wolfpack's share of central funding AND sticking them with travel and accommodation costs for 2020. Happy to take the international publicity for the game but can't bring themselves to make any move that would assist Wolfpack proactively.
  11. We were talking about Saturday into Manchester and Sunday into Glasgow, last season, as the reason why TWP home game times got pulled up from 4 p.m. to 1 p.m. so away teams could travel home on the Saturday night flight. You said that AT only fly into Manchester (and Glasgow) on Mondays. I was amplifying your knowledge of AT's seasonal schedule to Manchester. AT fly to Gatwick daily. Failing that, Kayakman runs a shuttle service across the Atlantic.
  12. Transat schedule between Toronto and Manchester: Winter schedule (now), two flights a week. Starting March 30, three flights a week including Saturday YYZ to MAN Starting May 4, four flights a week including Saturday Starting June 1, five flights a week including Saturday
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