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  1. Loup


    The poster appears to have been one of the more outspoken regulars from RLFans Forum who had popped over here for a short visit. He/she/it made a similarly libellous post, which was quickly removed, on RLFans Forum.
  2. Yep. That certain person started a post over on the RLFans Forum to whine about the unfairness of life. Post seems to have come down already.
  3. Loup


    Full two hours of Tackle Talk. Featuring the staff, David Argyle, Bob Hunter, and four players (Lussick, O'Brien, Worthington and Mullally). https://www.pscp.tv/w/1OdJrvDrbnyJX?t=5s&fbclid=IwAR1DwtZ2GfjE0kFLnPedKwZ5njsjRDUcnj-5m274lOqaSXmWMMOmJE95wYs
  4. Loup


    Chairman. CEO will come later. I wonder if he'll be at tonight's Tackle Talks?
  5. TWP are currently in year 3 of the plan, that is, year 3 of fielding a side.
  6. TWP play Rochdale on 17 August. Doesn't change your argument, but correcting for the sake of accuracy. Wolfpack's old legs did pretty well today v York.
  7. I lived in England in the 70s.
  8. Whether they are Canadians, expats, Brits, turncoat Bradford fans, or curious aliens from another galaxy matters not. As long as they spend money on tickets, merch, beer and food, then it's all good. So many nits to pick, sometimes this feels like a colony of chimps.
  9. Looking forward to welcoming York City Knights fans to Lamport Stadium. I had a great time at Bootham Crescent for the season opener and can't wait for the clash of the titans on Saturday. Some tips: Kickoff is 1 p.m. local time. Stadium opens around 11:30 a.m. If you want to bring in water to drink, it must be in an unopened, sealed bottle and you have to enter by the northeast gate (corner closest to King Street and Jefferson Avenue). There are five or more great bars very close by for before & afters and the Beer Garden stays open for two hours after the game ends. Craft Brasserie on Atlantic Ave - brewpub with 120 craft beers on tap, best of the bunch for food Big Rock/LIberty Commons on Jefferson Ave - good vibe, nice outdoor patio 3 Brewers on Hanna Ave - officially the Wolfpack pub. A selection of 5 or 6 of their own beers, nice patio. Brazen Head on LIberty Ave Local Liberty Village on Liberty Ave Beer Garden, inside Lamport Stadium: about 8-10 beer and cider vendors each home game. You buy tokens for $8.50 for any drink (14 oz) or you can buy cans (16 oz) from the beer guys in the stands for $9.50 (or a beer token plus $1). Food inside the stadium is limited to burgers and hot dogs. Sorry no pies. You can get to Lamport on the 504 King Street tram (streetcar), get off at Jefferson Ave. Or the 509 streetcar from Union Station heading for the Exhibition. From there it's a 5-6 minute walk through the underpass (under the railway line) and up the street north and west to Lamport. Weather is looking great so far, sunny without being too hot, but bring a hat and sunblock. Safe travels and see you there!
  10. She's both. She's a Canadian married to a Brit and they live in Leeds. They will be in Toronto later this month for their annual family visit. She makes a commendable effort to raise awareness and interest in the Wolfpack in the UK and keeps in touch with a growing fan base. Most are locals, some support TWP as their second team. They paid for their tickets. Getting 198 supporters out is a huge achievement given all the knocks the Wolfpack get about away crowds. Nevertheless, I'm sure someone will claim there were only 197.
  11. Miloudi took a pasting today. But it's the first time I've seen what he's capable of as a player. Holy heck. Can't wait to see him in action at Lamport.
  12. As we speak, more than 120 Wolfpack fans are converging at Odsal for today's match.
  13. Oh I'm totally expecting to be moaned off the forum.
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