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  1. Whoa Nelly ... the story is unfolding that SL clubs will be divvying up the 12th share of central funding if Wolfpack win the playoffs and get accepted: that's an additional £185,000 per SL team ($2 million / 11 clubs). More than enough for each SL club to pay for their own airfare and accommodation to Toronto. That's assuming Super League isn't clever enough to swing its own air sponsorship deal for the benefit of all teams. You can't have it both ways. You can't stiff Wolfpack for a share of central funding that any other SL team would be entitled to receive, asking them to forfeit $2 million, AND demand that Wolfpack pay fares and accommodation for visiting teams.
  2. Because this is the definitive case study of how a "serious organisation comprised of some well-funded clubs led by smart, successful businessmen" conducts itself. Less than three weeks before the playoff final, and they appear to have absolutely no clue what they are doing.
  3. The peculiar behaviour of certain Swinton fans, who'd prefer that their club die rather than take a blindingly obvious step forward, suddenly seems very revealing.
  4. Also covers their a***s if they have to fend off yammering from the anti-Wolfpack brigade should Wolfpack be admitted to SL. "Look at us! We did our due diligence!" I can only guess what massive amount of cash they are trying to milk Wolfpack for.
  5. Wolfpack also bring nothing to grassroots rugby league in the UK.
  6. TWP originally applied to join Super League. They were told, you have to start in League 1 and work your way up and you will get no central funding while you do this. Super League and the RFL have known from the start that Argyle's ambition was to play in Super League. If Wolfpack have "steamrollered the small clubs", that's down to the RFL and Super League for the entry conditions they imposed on Toronto. If Wolfpack win the playoffs and aren't admitted to SL, the bad publicity lands squarely on the shoulders of SL. So much utter nonsense in two paragraphs.
  7. No doubt this has occurred to management. Hopefully Elstone at al have also clocked this. I'd hazard a guess conversations are underway. New airline sponsorship would presumably be part and parcel of the negotiations. *Goes to drown self in a vat of industrial-strength negativity*
  8. That the Air Transat deal is ending, yes, it's public and not a new announcement. As I said upthread, and can't be bothered to retype, Air Transat is in the process of being acquired by Air Canada - a much larger airline. More aircraft, more capacity, business class seats for Gareth Widdop. A new travel deal has to be negotiated anyway, but the scope will also depend on whether or not Wolfpack get promoted/admitted to Super League and a projection of away fan visits. It's possible AC will leave AT alone at first, to run their own operations, but who knows in the longer term. Other airlines service the Toronto-Manchester route but most include a stop-over.
  9. Nothing to see here. Could be said about any three-year-old business, in any field, at any time ever. This forum features many self-defeating circular arguments. Wolfpack will be better able to land big bucks when/if they win the playoffs and join Super League. If Elstone et al have any business and marketing strategy, they will understand that. Keeping Wolfpack out of Super League because they haven't yet cured cancer would show a very timid organization lacking any vision or plan. Within a couple of seasons, there could be two or three North American teams building momentum for bigger and better sponsorship and tv deals. Or it could all fail, in which case you can say, we told you so, and the sport can revert to type.
  10. Yes, Parky has mentioned Mr Leneghan in passing. Super League failing to identify criteria in the intervening 15 months is evidence of an organization that makes it up as it goes along. Elstone was supposed to be the new man at the helm with gobs of experience, but it's not showing. I agree, at this late stage of the season with playoffs about to start, nothing of value will be said until after the winner is known. SL will want to avoid looking incompetent and Wolfpack won't want to show their financial hand or publicize any deals or concessions they might bring to the table. As a Wolfpack fan, I'm concerned that SL will again try to milk the Wolfpack for a ridiculous amount of money instead of promoting the game and landing new sponsorships.
  11. If TWP win the playoffs and are accepted into SL, why can't SL arrange travel sponsorship instead of leaving the burden with the Wolfpack? If individual clubs demand bigger seats and fancy hotel rooms, put in place an arrangement covering all SL teams so they all get the same facilities. Lord knows how much time Wolfpack management have spent dealing with every complaint and niggle from visiting clubs over the last 3 seasons - all the way down to whingeing about packed lunches and the kind of sausage they were served for breakfast.
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