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  1. One of the saddest posts I've ever seen. Getting into a squabble about whose low crowds aren't lower than other low crowds.
  2. Canada has at present a very low incidence. You're more likely to be hit by an SUV driver than to get Coronavirus. Reported cases have mostly been associated with travel from Iran and Italy. But our biggest fear looking ahead is transmission from people entering Canada from the US. For now, there's no panic and people are going about their lives although perhaps fewer people are eating out. Governments, health ministries, hospitals, public health officials are all busy making contingency plans. Haven't heard of official shutdowns although some events may have independently cancelled. Our St. Patrick's Day parade is still scheduled. But the cancellation of the NBA season will likely have a knock-on effect and the NHL is now thinking deep thoughts.
  3. It's a conspiracy, I tells ya. Wolfpack have their first good game this season and the north of England electrons go off duty.
  4. I can view it on my phone but can't stream on my PC. And the RFL live score has it the wrong way round - grrr.
  5. Bit of both. Ottawa, technically, is in Ontario but it's right on the Quebec border. Many people who work in Ottawa, which is of course the capital of Canada, actually live in Quebec. Quebec law mandates French as the official business language and by law must be prominent in public signage and so on. All Canadian federal departments and organizations are bilingual (including banks and national airlines, for example). Even though Ottawa isn't in Quebec, it's a government town and it's typical to use a lot of French for all those reasons.
  6. 3500 fans in a 24000 capacity stadium - our crowd counting brethren are gonna have a MUCH harder time with the Aces than they do with the Wolfpack. Off to Specsavers, you know who you are!
  7. None at all, but I'm sure you'll come up with one.
  8. It will be a warm one between fans and will involve many road trips. Very much looking forward to this and great credit to Eric Perez for pulling this off.
  9. Wolfpack players mostly used the King St tram to get to & from Lamport.
  10. Yes I do get all of that, believe me, I do. And so do Wolfpack fans in general. No one minded Wolfpack paying for League 1 and Champ clubs and everyone who visited Lamport will tell you they were made very welcome. So Wolfpack AGREE again to pay for all travel and accomm costs for 2020 - you'd think some of you would say thank you, that's great, we're so pleased our clubs don't have to incur those costs, we really appreciate this arrangement. But no, there is criticism of anyone who says, wait a minute, why is Wolfpack paying, which is a completely valid question, and then we have the spectacular nonsense of people pre-emptively moaning about the Holiday Inn as being not suitable enough for our fine English lads in advance of the season in Toronto even starting up. No one is criticizing people for not having much money. What I find hard to stomach is that every positive thing Wolfpack tries to offer is subject to such negativity and backchat.
  11. Serious question. Do SL teams pay for their own travel, accommodation, transfers and meals when they play Catalans?
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