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  1. Niagara Falls is fantastic especially the Hornblower/Maid of the Mist boat ride.
  2. Miloudi has a one-year extension. Hope we get to see him play more in 2020, he's a joy to watch.
  3. Not sure that being a Muslim player matters that much in Toronto. We have a lot of sports fans who turn out to watch Americans, though. Having said that, the Toronto Raptors (NBA) and Nike recently launched a team-branded athletic-compatible hijab, as a way to support girls and young women who want to play basketball. (Women's basketball is a big sport in North America.) This cuts out the squawking from those who have tried to stop Muslim girls playing sports because they might strangle on their hijabs, or whatever similar nonsense has been concocted. Nike shoes, Nike hijabs. Smart marketing with an overlay of social goodwill. Wolfpack's Hakim Miloudi is Muslim. He has a lot of fans in Toronto, mostly because of his crazy on-field moves and off-field dancing. At a Wolfpack fan event last year, Canada RL Association president Bob Jowett mused about how north of England clubs could attract more Muslim fans - and pointed out that offering food choices beyond pork sausages might be a place to start. I also wonder if some Muslims are turned off by the beer culture.
  4. Now would be a good time to go into the cloth cap making business. Seems there's a sudden surge in demand.
  5. Wolfpack's Aussie/NZ players brought their wives and families over for most of last summer. Between Sims, McCrone, Stanley and Leutele, they had a tribe of 13 kids all hanging out and seemingly having a great time. Hakim Miloudi is also Muslim, says he loves it here. Williams might be different of course, but I'm sure he's asked the right questions.
  6. It's like Christmas morning in my house. 2020 fixtures released and the signing of SBW confirmed. Sonny Bill is the top sports news story in Toronto this morning. In only three years, Wolfpack now rates as a serious member of Toronto's top pro sports teams. David Argyle could have bought himself a yacht, and got no financial return on it except his own pleasure. Instead, he started a rugby league team.
  7. It's about an impact far wider than Canada (although we are undoubtedly going to benefit from all the things you list). It's about growing a global brand. More sponsorship and tv interest, more merch, more international attention and media coverage, and possibly even higher attendance along the M62. SBW is getting paid to be a global ambassador - much more than just his on-field talents.
  8. Got my Magic Weekend ticket. Coming over from Canada as a not-so-elusive away fan. First time to Newcastle. Will be cheering in the Wolfpack UK fan section along with any other sasquatches.
  9. It's not just about his playing skills on the field. Surely you can see that? If the deal goes through, SBW will shine a big spotlight on Wolfpack that will draw attention round the rugby world. It will interest other players, fans, and rugby union people. It is another serious statement of intent from a three-year-old team that will help bring bigger sponsors and potentially tv deals into the game. Even if it doesn't go through, it's got a lot of people talking.
  10. If a player has committed criminal offences that could, in the opinion of Canadian immigration, be likely to cause danger. injury or damage to the life, health and property of Canadian people and organizations, then yes, that player doesn't get on the plane. Let's not pretend that the clubs don't know who their baddies are. Having said that, I can't think there are too many past offences that would be deemed strongly likely to reoccur during a supervised four-day visit to a foreign country. Are you thinking of anyone in particular?
  11. I get that Wolfpack fans will have to go through the entire process of unpacking every tiny little whinge eleventy gajillion more times now that TWP is joining Super League, but this topic has been addressed many many many to the power of infinity times. Visiting players without any crim records get an ETA, takes three minutes online, costs a few shillings in old money. Visiting players with crim records have to apply for a visa which is essentially an exemption, and is provided if the immigration officer is reassured that the offence in question is unlikely to be repeated during the length and purpose of the visit. ******For the past two years and continuing, Wolfpack has engaged Parsai Immigration Services, a Canadian company with expertise in Canadian immigration, to assist all clubs with their visits to Canada.****** C'mon fellers, try harder. There must be some new moans out there.
  12. Toronto's departing gift to the Championship may be the continuation of tv coverage next season, according to Ralph Rimmer. https://www.totalrl.com/rfl-speaks-to-sky-about-championship-coverage/?fbclid=IwAR1vY6tpE3JA24sDcWCuitV7gryKR0g61vmqua8iVUxR5GB-zwp5t2X3IwU
  13. Bob Hunter on Sportsnet tv yesterday. Big segment, great questions, more amazing local coverage. https://www.sportsnet.ca/590/prime-time-sports/wolfpack-chairman-bob-hunter-talks-super-league-winning-million-pound-game/
  14. The May 8-10 weekend or the May 23-25 weekend?
  15. Wait till Parky reads Hetherington's positive Wolfpack comments. https://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/leeds-rhinos-chief-gary-hetherington-welcomes-toronto-wolfpack-to-top-flight-1-10038444
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