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  1. Markos

    England need a game.

    I would consider an England vs England Knights game. Have the best in each position playing against one another. Both sets of players would be scrapping for the starting position when the Test matches come around so should create a competitive game. would also give the knights set up some exposure and you could splinter them off to play the home nations in the winter when the full squad play a test series vs NZ, Australia etc.
  2. You should have just thrown your stick down, skated over, pulled his shirt over his head and... enough of the Canada jokes. Apologies for your experiences, this kind of behaviour repulses and embarrasses me. Whether people agree with the TWP expansion, targeting the fans is not acceptable. On the thread topic generally, I'm all for expansion. But i'd like to think of expansion to be expansion. What I mean by that is, I think many years down the line we should be using expansion teams to set up competitive French and North American leagues. All for SL being the catalyst for that in the northern hemisphere.
  3. Markos

    will catalans get a wcc match next year?

    I think there needs to be consequence to winning the cup beyond the day itself. I absolutely love the idea of the cup winners getting a WCC and generally turning the WCC into a sort of Champions League of RL, I just think you can't rely on the NRL contingent for repeatability. On that basis, the Charity shield idea floated earlier seems like the best idea. If it wasn't such a massive gap, it would be a belter for the "main event" of the magic weekend.
  4. Markos

    Myths debunked

    TV rights fees, attendances, media coverage, advertising rates, sponsorship. All these things go hand in hand. But I'd suggest attendance is most likely the horse that leads those carts so to speak. Driving strong attendances with vociferous crowds creates a good TV product, stronger chance of better TV rights deals, better ad rates, and so on. Can it succeed in other configurations? (E.g. Low attendances but somehow a good TV and sponsorship deal) Yes. Are they likely to happen anytime soon? Probably not.
  5. Markos

    Myths debunked

    Do the millions of E-sports fans pay for their live streams?
  6. Markos

    Myths debunked

    Its no good comparing RL to Football when it comes to TV deals. Football teams in the PL will break even and better on the TV deal alone. Rugby League teams won't do the same over here, therefore at least for the moment, crowd figures are important.
  7. My concern the challenge cup part would be two fold; one it would potentially lead to huge mismatches and two unless you rigged the draw you couldn’t guarantee more home fixtures for anyone. Resurrecting a lower league comp works well for those clubs I think, as it remains competitive and could be done in regional groups. That would just leave the super league clubs around 4 home games shy of what they have now.
  8. I'd scrap it even though I think it actually has achieved what it set out to, and has made the championship more exciting for neutrals. The reason I fall on the side of scrapping it is more to do with me having to repeatedly explain the concept to casual fans who I work with, which can't be doing us any favours in attracting these fans over permanently, and also that it feels a bit gimmicky. i like 2 leagues of 12. 2 up, 2 down, could have a playoff from 2-5 in the championship for the second promotion place. Top five play offs in Super league. i concede this leaves a few fixtures to find as an issue to get more than 11 home fixtures.
  9. Markos

    who will replace joel moon?

    Callum McLelland?
  10. I'm not talking about marketing the challenge cup or even really about attracting more fans to the final, I'm purely talking about raising her awareness of the two clubs in London to Londoners, and basing that around the time where a really high profile game is going to be played in that city. It doesn't even have to be in the stadium or on the day. I really don't see what about that has to be "truely horrific"
  11. I wonder if the RFL couldn’t use this to promote RL in London more and have a Broncos vs Skolars “event” before the final as an annual tradition? I say event rather than match as the two likely won’t often be competitive in a match. Could be a series of challenges. Would incentivise both clubs to promote tickets, promote both clubs and give fans a bit more for their money?
  12. Markos

    West Wales Raiders

    I don’t mean any disrespect to WWR but surely now this is doing more harm than good in terms of getting young Welsh lads playing the game? If they are doing community work to raise the profile of the game then credit to them, but I can’t help but think this effort would be more productive if there was a more successful lower tier team than a league 1 team getting hammered every week.
  13. Markos

    Hall of Fame

    I don't know why this isn't a bigger deal - seeing if they couldn't kill two birds with one stone, why couldn't it could be built into the Challenge cup weekend? to try and give that weekend some of its magic back. Put it on BBC2 or the iplayer on the Friday night, with a ceremony and speeches, special awards for contributors that never played the game. One in each position i.e. 1 fullback, 1 winger, 1 centre etc. Put a 20 min highlight package in the build up to the game
  14. A full blown mid-season WCC a la 1997, seeded on previous seasons league position. Top 8 SL vs Top 8 NRL, 4 lowest ranked NRL teams come to Europe, 4 lowest SL teams go to Australia. Top 2 in each seed into semis and final later in the year. 3 fixtures each Friday - Wednesday - Saturday. Call it the magic week in both hemispheres? ..Yes I know we'd get mullered but I'd like to see it anyways
  15. A good utility player who is a solid 8/10 every week if not better. Has the odd match winning effort in him too, and probably underrated on the whole. i was surprised he was only mid twenties, he's one of those players who feels like he's been knocking about for ages. Good business for Cas