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  1. Coming in late on this one. I think stick to Wembley and try to get that right. See how the shift in date affects numbers, a stronger marketing campaign, strive for better buy in coverage wise from the BBC, cheap tickets and travel packages on offer early on and an event feel so even if your club doesn't make it you still want to go. I'm not necessarily a RL expansionist (is that a word?) but for those who are looking to use the CC final as a vehicle for growing the game beyond the M62, London are just back in SL, surely now is the time to double down on Wembley? If the RFL and the London Broncos knocked their heads together it could benefit both to get a sizeable crowd.
  2. What is the best team you have played in? if the answer to the above is Hull KR 2018 why do you feel compelled to lie? Who is the best player you have played against? who is the best coach you have played under?
  3. I don't support a super league team, I still watch it every week. There are plenty of games to watch. The issue surely for those RL fans not tuning in every week is more to do with (a) the quality of the games on TV (b) current TV deals being prohibitive or (c) poor marketing or advertisement. Maybe there are more, but my point is I don't see the idea you are proposing solving anything or pulling in masses more fans.
  4. I’m possibly in the minority here but I think we should just be focusing on getting the club game right before launching into a new version of a rep game. Getting club rugby to a higher standard would still positively impact on the international game if that’s what the aim is
  5. I post regularly on the BBC. It tends to be my first port of call for a general sports overview. Beyond that, football aside, its shocking. I swear, news is posted on this site a good week or so prior to it making the BBC site. Also with the RL HYS articles, whilst I'm not into posting for likes, when trolls and inane comments get more thumbs up that intelligent posts it tells me everything I need to know. There's little intelligent debate, just one off nonsense a lot of the time. Im all for making our presence felt on the wider reaching places, but as a RL fan I get more from reading and occasional posting here than the BBC
  6. Markos

    Rugby League World Cup Goes Missing...

    What was it doing at Odsal? ..jokes.. I'm only bitter because I'm a Town fan
  7. Markos

    Who Do We Select?

    My team wouldn't be too far away from today, but two to come in for me would be Sam Burgess and Widdop in in place of two of the bench. Probably in place of Clark and Milner. I think you have the versatility in the halves (and 9 and FB) that you could start with and two of the three from Widdop, Williams and Tomkins and have a hell of a player to bring on when legs get heavy. Connor would absolutely stay in at centre, I think he's been unreal. Some of his one touch passes were pure class and I think he has that grit, a bit like Bateman, that we need at that level. I think Whitehead has been a bit of an unsung hero for years too.
  8. Markos

    England need a game.

    I would consider an England vs England Knights game. Have the best in each position playing against one another. Both sets of players would be scrapping for the starting position when the Test matches come around so should create a competitive game. would also give the knights set up some exposure and you could splinter them off to play the home nations in the winter when the full squad play a test series vs NZ, Australia etc.
  9. You should have just thrown your stick down, skated over, pulled his shirt over his head and... enough of the Canada jokes. Apologies for your experiences, this kind of behaviour repulses and embarrasses me. Whether people agree with the TWP expansion, targeting the fans is not acceptable. On the thread topic generally, I'm all for expansion. But i'd like to think of expansion to be expansion. What I mean by that is, I think many years down the line we should be using expansion teams to set up competitive French and North American leagues. All for SL being the catalyst for that in the northern hemisphere.
  10. Markos

    will catalans get a wcc match next year?

    I think there needs to be consequence to winning the cup beyond the day itself. I absolutely love the idea of the cup winners getting a WCC and generally turning the WCC into a sort of Champions League of RL, I just think you can't rely on the NRL contingent for repeatability. On that basis, the Charity shield idea floated earlier seems like the best idea. If it wasn't such a massive gap, it would be a belter for the "main event" of the magic weekend.
  11. Markos

    Myths debunked

    TV rights fees, attendances, media coverage, advertising rates, sponsorship. All these things go hand in hand. But I'd suggest attendance is most likely the horse that leads those carts so to speak. Driving strong attendances with vociferous crowds creates a good TV product, stronger chance of better TV rights deals, better ad rates, and so on. Can it succeed in other configurations? (E.g. Low attendances but somehow a good TV and sponsorship deal) Yes. Are they likely to happen anytime soon? Probably not.
  12. Markos

    Myths debunked

    Do the millions of E-sports fans pay for their live streams?
  13. Markos

    Myths debunked

    Its no good comparing RL to Football when it comes to TV deals. Football teams in the PL will break even and better on the TV deal alone. Rugby League teams won't do the same over here, therefore at least for the moment, crowd figures are important.
  14. My concern the challenge cup part would be two fold; one it would potentially lead to huge mismatches and two unless you rigged the draw you couldn’t guarantee more home fixtures for anyone. Resurrecting a lower league comp works well for those clubs I think, as it remains competitive and could be done in regional groups. That would just leave the super league clubs around 4 home games shy of what they have now.
  15. I'd scrap it even though I think it actually has achieved what it set out to, and has made the championship more exciting for neutrals. The reason I fall on the side of scrapping it is more to do with me having to repeatedly explain the concept to casual fans who I work with, which can't be doing us any favours in attracting these fans over permanently, and also that it feels a bit gimmicky. i like 2 leagues of 12. 2 up, 2 down, could have a playoff from 2-5 in the championship for the second promotion place. Top five play offs in Super league. i concede this leaves a few fixtures to find as an issue to get more than 11 home fixtures.