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  1. It’s a worry when crusaders only win this season was against my team Skolars!! Another bad day at the office for us. When do we play west wales again at that will be our only otter win this season
  2. At Skolars we had 4 duel reg players from super league clubs and many players that have played a lot of championship. How can people think it’s accepatable to be have a draw at home to a team thrown together at the last minute. Disappointing to say the least.
  3. Skolars were poor and questions one again need to be asked of the team and coach. We had 4 duel reg that are full time at super league clubs. Several more with plenty of championship experience ie macani, Caro and Bryant and still couldn’t beat a team thrown together at the last minute even though we were at home and they were missing their best forward Jamie Thackeray
  4. I said this last season we are going backwards on and off the field and people wanted to criticise my comments.
  5. Skolars terrible again at home against a team that hasn’t won a game!! No creativity, no enthusiasm. We scored 3 tries one from the length of the field breakaway try and 2 tries from our big lazy props falling over the line. I really don’t lnow where we go from here
  6. I can’t take it much longer watching Skolars. We’ve had plenty of duel reg from Broncos and Wigan in the past and it hasn’t made any difference to our results
  7. I have said on this forum for 2 years we are not fit and lazy and this was another true reflection today. I said last we were poor and struggled to beat west wales who won’t win a game all season and then today we get hammered by a team that hasn’t won a game . My fellow Skolars fans wanted to question my comments during the week ?
  8. Boafo looked good and is a strong ball carrier. Hindmarsh good through a lot of work and both did well for us
  9. I’ve been a season ticket holder for the past ten seasons so I’m entitled to my opinion.
  10. I agree the scores were far worse your first two games last season but the opposition was far better than you have met this season. Coach Colman should worry about coaching his team during the week and let them think for themselves when playing not spend the game on the pitch coaching them. He has done it for years and whatever he is doing isn’t really working. I thought our new signings were terrible
  11. West wales wont win a game all season. Today we were poor and they were worse
  12. We are hopeless. We struggled to beat west wales who in my opinion won’t win a game this season. We had several duel reg players join the squad this week and without them we would’ve been beaten. Lack of creativity is a worry and with 4/5 of our players with superleague experience I expect better. Another season of poor results where we will be lucky to finish 3rd from bottom below west wales and keighly. Now for the lng drive back from west wales to north London
  13. It would take a lot to make skolars are decent league 1 club
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