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  1. It would take a lot to make skolars are decent league 1 club
  2. I’m a season ticket holder and ha e supported the team for a long time so think I’m qualified to say ‘we’ even though most of the time I’m embarrassed by some of the performances
  3. We have been poor on the field for the past 2 seasons and we looked no better on Friday
  4. Skolars won’t be around much longer. Hector is fed up with pumping money into a club that is going backwards. You would think in 20 years of playing semi pro rugby league the club wouldve moved forwards but finishing 3rd last is a discgrace especially only finishing aboveboard two teams that were dire
  5. This event was decent a few years ago now it’s poor. Lack of quality in skolars squad and lack of a crowd and atmosphere too. We are going backwards as a club and have signed second rate Aussies. Even being a feeder team for the Wolfpack isn’t going to help us climb up the table
  6. Londonfan

    West Wales points deduction

    What a joke of a club and the rfl are a joke too. A 4 points deduction from last seasons points 😳. That’s not really a punishment that will put them off playing unregistered players again.
  7. Londonfan

    Hemel pull out of League 1

    Swansea Jack has just said one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. West Wales have made progress on the field!! They were beaten 6 times by 100+ points how is that progress. They have signed no names which doesn’t mean much although might mean they can put a 17 man squad out every week which will be an improvement. I don’t think signing a 19 year old halfback from Western Australia would be considered a marquee signing!!
  8. Londonfan

    What's happening at the Skolars?

    I think we will struggle to finish in front of Coventry and West Wales. I dread to think we could be in line for the wooden spoon.
  9. Londonfan

    Hemel pull out of League 1

    It was nothing to do with the merger with Hull Sharks this was well after the merger/takeover it was due to most of their players and coach living in Hull I was told
  10. Londonfan

    Hemel pull out of League 1

    I know Hemel’s training base was based in Dewsbury and Sheffield to attract players. Probably the same reason Crusaders train in Widnes and Toronto base themselves in Manchester half the season which is further away then Hemel to Sheffield. I can even recall Newcastle thunder training in Hull most of the the week too. At Skolars we have always had a good training base in Wood Green and it’s been returbished recently which is a positive. We have had many northern based players in our squad over the years and they either just play for us on a weekend without training or get the train down for training once a week. That’s what is fans have been told about certain players
  11. Londonfan

    Hemel pull out of League 1

    What What can be positive when the players show no passion and pride for the shirt these past 2 seasons. We only finished above west wales and Hemel what is positive about that. We probably spent 3 times as much money as the clubs we finished above and probably 3 times as much money as Coventry who finished above us on the table. It’s a worry when broncos players refuse to even come to us on duel reg and go to other clubs
  12. Londonfan

    Hemel pull out of League 1

    A lot of the Skolars players are lucky they live in London so they can play semi pro rugby league as if most of them lived up north they would not be signed by semi pro teams as they aren’t good enough. I hope we recruit some quality players but the squad is too old, slow and struggle at this level.
  13. Londonfan

    Hemel pull out of League 1

    I’m worried now as my team Skolars could be wooden spoon contenders with all the good west wales signings.
  14. Londonfan

    Hemel pull out of League 1

    I remember watching Hemel beat Rochdale Hornets at Pennine Way in front of over 400 spectators 🙁
  15. Londonfan

    Hemel pull out of League 1

    I enjoyed the London derby when we would play Hemel. Skolars ans Hemel always had a great rivalry and some great derby game in front of some very good crowds in the early days. Hemel still have homegrown players such as Dan Sarginson, Jamie Acton and Kieran Dixon playing the game at the highest level