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  1. Londonfan

    ‘League 1 South’

    People need to be accountable and Head Coach and players would be a good start. Sorry I messed the one victory against a northern team in keighley which has been said by fans the worst keighley team in the clubs history. The club has gone backwards and fans want answers.
  2. Londonfan

    ‘League 1 South’

    20 years as a pro club and Skolars are still down towards the bottom of league one behind Coventry Bears. Skolars have big budget and a use of duel reg players from Broncos and still can’t beat any of the northern teams and only wins came against West Wales, Hemel and Coventry. Surely questions have to be asked of the coach, the players and the people running the club. Fans want answers!! Hector what is your answer to such a disgraceful season
  3. In my opinion Kim Williams the new West Wales Coach has the hardest job in rugby league. How does he get the best out of the worst rugby league team in the history of the semi pro/ pro game. Is it 7 losses by more than 100 in a season and can’t get 13 players to a home game!!
  4. West wales need to withdraw from the league they are an embarrassment to our sport and the league. 12 players available to play at home. The new full time coach need to bring half an NRL team with him to stop the heavy losses. Skolars once again need to look in the mirror as they were atrocious too. What a bad season we’ve had with some players that are an embarrassment to the club but and embarrassment to themselves.
  5. I thought Hemel were the better team the first 15 minutes so as a Skolars fan it’s lucky Hemel didn’t have any subs ans played 65 mins with 12 men otherwise I think we would’ve been beaten.
  6. Maybe a new general manager will take the club in the right direction. All Cannot not be well at a club/organisation when the general manager changes every year. Is that because Hector is hard to get along with and difficult to work for or do they realise the club is a lost cause.
  7. Worst Friday night lights I’ve ever experienced. The standard of rugby league was poor and lucky keighley were playing half their reserve team and playing a stand-off that looked like a prop otherwise we wouldve lost. The club is going backwards on and off the field. I am very disillusioned with the club and at 55 years of age I could probably do better than several of their players who seem like they are on the field a few minutes before they look like they need a rest.
  8. Full time coach coming in next season. They might start getting beat by less than 100 once he is in post 😂😂😂😂
  9. It will be over 100 and with York chasing a good points difference to keep up with Bradford there won’t be any slacking during the game. 14 players for a home game it’s makes a mockery of our sport
  10. I would put this to the club being poorly run and having no idea what it takes to run a semi pro rugby league team. I’ve heard that their players from the all Golds last season are being paid substantial amounts of money which seems a waste when results aren’t improving. Who is bankrolling the club
  11. Agree Hogman and I don’t understand how they have signed an Aussie coach for 3 seasons on a full time contract. They have to be the worst league 1 team ever to have played at this level and that’s a worry
  12. I bought my tickets from Skolars last season and they were the worst seats in the stadium. I was very disappointed in the seat allocation. I’ll be buying my tickets through the RFL website this time
  13. Skolars have had many tonkings over the years but never been beat by 100 ans always to my knowledge has 17 players and and 18th man. Having 13 players for a home game is unacceptable. I heard Andrew Thorne talk about 5 players unavailable due to work commitments 😳. The new full time coach coming in next season will need to be a magician to get a win next season.
  14. How’s can west wales only have 13 players for a home game!! That’s disgraceful and incidents like this make our sport a laughing stock not to mention all west wales results. They should be thrown out the competition. It’s also been mentioned there was no doctor organised by west wales and Hunslet has to step in and organise the doctor at the last minute. I was at the Skolars game today and we were poor again. Fortunately Newcastle were very poor the first 30 mins otherwise it could have been 60 or 70 points