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  1. Good performance, just cut out the daft penalties. Having said that with a different ref maybe quite a few of them penalties wouldn't have been given!!
  2. Lost me there mate!
  3. Are some of the teams in this division just better than we believed they were? Is it not possible that they have improved somewhat?
  4. Happy players = good results. Good knock well done team. Get home, rest, train hard & go again.
  5. Good news just what west cumcrian rugby league wants.
  6. Just want to see the lads turn up, play like we know they can, put this last week behind them, nothing they do now will influence the past, BUT their attitudes & actions may influence the way forward. It's a game of Rugby play for the team & enjoy it lads. By the way a win would be nice!!
  7. Just imagine how good it would be to have regular crowds/atmosphere like that again every home match.!
  8. As an aside, was it not good to see a good crowd today with good banter. Enjoying a game of rugby in west Cumbria. Just shows if the right games are played in this area people will come to watch. So if you want to rugby to flourish and grow close to home. Back your team, be it Town or Haven? by turning up on game day. bring the kids, start them young & get them interested. It can also benefit the local Amateur scene as well
  9. That's what happens when you play with local pride & passion. It can't all be on the coach, if big time players fail to turn up. Simply put the side that wanted it won the game.
  10. Keep out of the Yellows & also the Reds, you get nothing in this game with 2 in the bin!!
  11. 18-0 down, come back & win against a fancied side.lets take it, move on to next week, boots back on, go again. Utt.
  12. Mines not sorted yet. But i have been told the matter is being looked into.
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