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  1. And yet you realise that Salford are the home team? As per the operation rules (B3 14) they decide when the game is played, so I doubt there was much the Rochdale staff could do. As a positive Friday night under the lights, a decent ticket price and 7 days rest before the Swinton game. I’ll be going!
  2. Barrow fans invited in to the Dale bar on arrival. Enter stadium first it’s on your right. .
  3. I know Sky have been down to the club this week and films of the heritage room and Rochdale Fiji link. Should be a good pre show!
  4. I like Ben I think he would do a great job for us. I heard Carl tried to sign him, but he wanted more than Hornets could afford. Like the thinking behind Lee Durrant’s appointment, I hope this is to help attract and scout local players. I think we only have Seta and Brandon Wood. Maybe a few Mayfield players will do well om Saturday and Hornets pick up 1 or 2. I’m still positive about the season and nice to see positive things happening
  5. Think that the new group are trying to get fans to sign up for a supporters away coach and commit to at least 6 games in advance. This is a great step towards increasing away fan support and funds. Flyer should be official club pub and help raise some funds
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