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  1. An the daft bloody woman took a selfie and posted it as well - CLICK HERE for article (and photo).
  2. Above one from 2003. I also remember going to a couple of Cumberland games when they played in black and white stripes.
  3. One of the best historical dramas I have seen. She certainly could weave a story.
  4. "Here they come, Rudge, Martin and Baker" This was a saying in West Cumberland when I was a lad that referred to any three people walking together that you saw. My dad used it a lot if they saw three mates or family members together. I asked my dad what it meant and he said he hadn't a clue, but his dad and grandad said it, so he did as well. Many years later, when reading a book on the hangmen of England I came across a chapter that struck home. Benjamin Rudge, John Martin and James Baker were three thugs from that there London, who, after murdering a policeman in Essex fled up to Cumberland and robbed Netherby Hall. In the following days they shot and wounded a further three policemen and murdered a fourth, all in Cumberland. They were eventually caught after a chase on a train and were beaten by railway workers who helped the police arrest them. When convicted and sentenced to hang, a mob tried to break them out of Carlisle prison to lynch them. The three were hanged together at Carlisle in a very rare triple hanging. This was in 1885.
  5. Spoke to my neighbour who is an 'arboreal consultant' (tree surgeon) just to see if he knew anything about them. He says nematodes is the modern way, but the old fashioned way was to water the lawn thoroughly in the evening and cover with old carpets, polythene sheets etc. This will bring most of the grubs to the surface. Then get up at dawn (sorry), remove the cover and allow the dawn chorus to deal with them.
  6. Very interesting to see where some of the smaller clubs are, well done SydR.
  7. There are two types of photo. One is from the internet and one is from your own computer (photos that you have taken,) If you see a photo on the internet and you want to put it on here, just right click on the photo, click on 'copy image' and then right click on this page and click on 'paste' and the photo should appear. It used to be easy to post one of your own pics on here, but something had changed recently and made it harder. You used to click on 'reply to this topic', then click on choose files ... That would open up your own photo albums, you used to just click on whichever photo you wanted, then click on 'open' and it would appear on the page. For the last several weeks when I have tried to upload one of my own pics I have got the message - this file was larger than the maximum file size permitted of 7.021 kb, and was skipped. Maybe one of the moderators or the all knowing Mr Drake(when he gets back off his hols) can advise you how to do it, then you can tell me.
  8. Have you have ever wondered why the tax year in Britain starts on the unlikely date of 6th April, rather than 1st January?The official start of the year on the Julian calendar used to be Lady Day (25th March), and this was also the official start of the tax year. However the introduction of the new calendar and the loss of the eleven days in 1752 meant this date was changed to 5th April in 1753, to avoid losing 11 days of tax revenue. Another change was made to the date in 1800, as this would have been a leap year in the Julian calendar but not in the new Gregorian calendar. So again the tax year was extended and the date changed to 6th April where it remains to this day.
  9. Is it what your wife does to shirts after washing them?
  10. Was channel hopping last night when I came across Adolf Hitler, the pope, Osama bin Laden and Margaret Thatcher in chariots pulled by dinosaurs chasing the hero's. The film was called Iron Sky - The Coming Race. Watched it for about ten minutes until the hero's jumped into a flying saucer and flew off - far too surreal for me to start watching mid movie. Anyone seen it or was I just having a bad dream.
  11. Tomahawk Steak, mushrooms, onion rings and chips. Appple pie. or proper Sunday Roast, trifle. or Fish and chips and several (large) gherkins.
  12. One of the British commanders at Minden was the Marquess of Granby. He is probably best known today for being popularly supposed to have more pubs named after him than any other person - due, it is said, to his practice of setting up old soldiers of his regiment as publicans when they were too old to serve any longer, so they renamed their pubs after him.
  13. Something similar happened to a friend of mine. After nearly 30 years of working for this company, he was diagnosed with a back condition which meant he could no longer go out and drive long distances and do his job. The company were very good and put him into the office. He was good at this and was receiving good comments about his work ethic. One of the supervisors took a dislike to him (as he was probably better at the supervisors job than he was) and began to pass comments, nothing nasty, just smarmy remarks, little jibes and put downs etc. It was starting to get him down after a few months. I suggested that he gets a note book and each time the supervisor made a remark or did something that made him feel uncomfortable he jotted it down with the time and date and who was present, and at least he would have some ammunition if things escalated. A couple of weeks later, my mate was talking to another office colleague, telling him what he was doing when he turned round and saw the supervisor standing in the doorway, he had heard all he had said. He looked ashen, turned and walked away. From that day on, the supervisor never spoke to him, other than to do with work, which is exactly what my mate wanted.
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