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  1. I think he was 'Simac' before Lounge Room Lizard. Never met Simon, but his posts always led me to believe that he was a real nice lad. RIP Simon.
  2. Luton, just done a quick google and, over last few years it's been voted Worst place to live Worst Town in UK Worst place to visit in UK Worst place for anything (2016) Winner of UK crappiest town
  3. Happened a few days ago but just seen this. Apparently Robert The Bruce was a racist too.
  4. Not had deep thoughts about buildings, but, although not one of these fine international world famous buildings, I was always impressed with this office block in St Albans, the Ziggurat. Built out of reflective glass, slightly angled, so that whichever direction you look at it, you would see the sky and the clouds. Unfortunately it was bought by developers last year, turned into flats, all the glass was removed now and covered in red brick. But it did look nice.
  5. Didn't binge watch , but watched one episode every evening. Absolutely brilliant series, no wonder it was called 'Tv for dads'. Couldn't fault the acting or the story, it grabbed you and held you for 60 minutes. Watched the last episode last night, and later on I found myself trying to work out who was dead, who was alive and who we thought was dead but could still be alive. Please let there be a series 3.
  6. Each to his own, but I only watch rugby league. No other sport has any interest for me, no idea why, just don't get any enjoyment out of watching other sports. However, due to the tidal wave of coverage that we get for football via tv, newspapers and the interweb, I seem to know which football teams play in which colours, where they play, their managers and lots of their players even though I never sought out any information about them. You can't get away from it.
  7. Das Boot, series one was brilliant. Hope series 2 is just as good. I have never ever binged watched a series before, but I just might with this one. Explanation from Wikipedia - Das Boot is a German television series produced for Sky 1 and is a sequel to Das Boot (1981). Like the original film, the series is based on Lothar-Gunther Bucheim's 1973 book Das Boot, but with additions from Buchheim's 1995 sequel Die Festung. As the original film's plot ends in December 1941, the series' setting takes place nine months later, in 1942. The story line is split into two narratives, one based on land around the French Resistance, the other set around German U Boat 612 and its crew.
  8. Thank you for correcting me, I should have typed 'Those West Cumbrians won't notice, except for Paul Charlton.' (My childhood hero.) Broke my heart when he went down south to that there Salford.
  9. I suppose if you squint, into the sun, at a certain angle, they could look simil ... no, you win, I think the sculpture had a plinth, a spare gorillas head, stuck them together and thought 'Those West Cumbrians won't notice.'
  10. 'It's a statue that has puzzled many people over the years, but Workington’s so-called “monkey lion” now has an explanation. An information plaque has had to be placed next to the sculpture, on the corner of Vulcan’s Lane and Oxford Street, to explain what it is.' 'It was erected by Workington Town Council in 2002 to mark the Queen’s Golden Jubilee. The sculpture, by Shawn Williamson, is actually based on a holy relic called the Mandylion of Edessa, which appears to show a miraculous image and likeness of Christ’s face.' If you have to put a plaque up to explain what it is, I think it's got to go.
  11. Poor quality but great advert (They don't make em like this anymore).
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