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  1. Yay, let's celebrate storming an almost empty prison and freeing four forgers, an Irish "lunatic" who on alternate days thought he was either God or Julius Caesar, a failed assassin held from 30 years before and one aristocrat, imprisoned for "perverted sexual practices". How very French.
  2. Not exactly to do with tv licences, but heard this on the radio then found this online - The BBC set aside £12 million to help settle the historical tax bills of presenters – even though its own auditor called the payments 'irregular'. The corporation's annual report revealed the sum had been taken out of the licence fee to pay much of the money the presenters owe the taxman to draw a line under a long battle with HM Revenue & Customs.The amount is controversial at a time when the BBC is stripping free TV licences from 3.75 million people over 75. The £12 million would pay 77,000 licence fees, at £154.50 each. HERE
  3. The chairman of the GMP Police Federation sends Theresa a nice retirement message - GMP Federation Chairman Stu Berry said: “I feel that I cannot varnish my words following Theresa May’s decision to leave office. During her time as Home Secretary she decimated the Police Service to near breaking point and significantly reduced the service we provide to the public. "Theresa May's Legacy is when she became Home Secretary in 2010 there were 143,734 police officers in England and Wales. As she exits as PM there are now 122,395. 21,339 fewer. There are also 15,894 fewer members of police staff. “Her accusations of ‘crying wolf’ were indicative of a person that could not and would not listen to voice of reason from within the Police Federation and Chief Constables throughout England and Wales. “Her legacy is one of misery for thousands of people. This country a less safer place due to her ideology as serious crime statistics soar in every major town and city in this country. Our members and the Public we serve will continue to suffer the consequences of her dogma for decades to come. “The emotion that she exhibited today were tears for her own self-made demise. It is a shame that she did not have similar empathy for countless victims of crime that could have been avoided. Police officers will shed no tears at her departure.”
  4. “It’s like you’re running a marathon, at pace, while surviving about 20 or 40 small car crashes.” Russell Crowe describes rugby league to an American audience. “For me, it’s the hardest sport in the world. It takes dedication, discipline and mental strength. You accept constant physical punishment. You push your body right to the limit. It’s something that I’ve always been inspired by. It’s too tough for me. Deep down, I would love to be a rugby league player.” Tour de France winner, Sir Bradley Wiggins “It’s the first time I’ve been cold for seven years. I was never cold playing Rugby League.” Jonathan Davies describes his return to Rugby Union.
  5. Not a big Jim Carrey fan, but first time I saw this I nearly fell off my chair with laughing so much.
  6. Just been and voted. Asked the lady in the polling station "Quiet day?" She said "Hardly anyone has voted compared to the last local election. It's like people are trying to send a message, or just fed up."
  7. Some great suggestions there, WT. I hope this kind of thing was considered in the rebrand.
  8. Keighley 18 - 24 Town, 12 mins left. Come on lads, you can do it.
  9. Leaflet from the Tory's, Leaflet from the Lib Dems, nothing from Labour. No knocks on the door from anyone. Both the Tory and Lib Dems leaflet say almost exactly the same things. The Lib Dem lad has been a councillor for years and seems to get things done whilst the Tory lady is a first timer with no track record. As this is a local election, think it will have to be the Lib Dems.
  10. First week of the new Southern Conference League saw the following results - Hammersmith Hills Hoists 54 - 0 North Herts Crusaders Wests Warriors 30 - 6 Eastern Rhinos Hemel Stags 6 - 30 London Chargers South London Silverbacks 24 - 16 Brixton Bulls Cardiff Blue Dragons 14 - 48 Torfaen Tigers Couple of eye brow raisers in there, didn't think North Herts would concede so many points and thought Hemel might have done better. Looking forward to the coming weeks.
  11. Heard a snippet on the local news over the weekend that said that Britain is now the top investment destination for foreign investors in the world. You would think that this would be broadcast a bit more, feelgood factor and all that, but could only find the odd reference, one of which is below - According to the Associated Press website - 'Brexit may be causing all sorts of uncertainty in Britain but it doesn’t seem to be putting off foreign investors. In a survey on corporate deal-making published Monday, consulting and accounting firm EY says Britain is the top investment destination in the world— overtaking the United States, which has held the top spot since 2014.' https://apnews.com/c879be500904499a97f751ff40916c31?fbclid=IwAR0qXsHgpWQZQ9FtcgSFKy0wtENt0AtBP8A2Yb4rk22eNZX4V2S2UuUJ4Oc Is this a case of rats jumping onboard a sinking ship, or a case of good news being stifled?
  12. Local news just announced that is will cost the UK £900 Million to take part in the Euro elections. The Metro have put it at £100 million. https://metro.co.uk/2019/04/11/britain-will-spend-100000000-europe-elections-brexit-9165816/
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