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  1. From the wilds of West Lancashire maybe - BBC website - Forget Hollywood - the world's first Western was shot in the countryside of Lancashire, new research has suggested. Artist Jamie Holman made the link to Lancashire in a study of records by the British Film Institute . Mr Holman said the information, which showed a filming location close to Blackburn, was "hiding in plain sight". Kidnapping By Indians was filmed in 1899, four years before 'The Great Train Robbery' from the USA, which until now was widely seen as the genre's first film.
  2. 1. The Searchers 2. Rio Grande 3. The Outlaw Josey Wales 4. The Wild Bunch 5. Blazing Saddles 6. Stagecoach My choices are a bit John Wayne/John Ford heavy, but hey, they made great Westerns.
  3. The Cleveland Guitar Pirates. Tonka, that is how I will always think of them now ...
  4. Not so much a rant as a ' not sure where to put this' moment From my newsfeed - 1. BBC Radio 1 will play an edited version of Christmas favourite 'Fairytale Of New York' in a bid to avoid offending listeners. The Pogues' gritty festive hit with Kirsty MacColl is a Christmas staple, though in recent years it has been the focus of debate over its lyrics. The song includes the words "######" and "slut". This year, Radio 1 will play an alternative version of the track, with the record label providing different lyrics sung by MacColl. It is understood Radio 1 bosses were wary of offending listeners with derogatory terms for gender and sexuality. 2. The BBC has sparked a huge debate after it had replaced the word "fishermen" with "fisherpeople" in a bid to use gender-neutral terms when discussing job descriptions. It came to light when Katya Adler, the broadcaster’s Europe editor, used the term “fisherpeople” while talking about post-Brexit fishing rights in the UK. Her mention of the word set off a huge debate on social media, with some users branding it “stupid” and “ridiculous”. PC gone mad or perfectly acceptable ?
  5. Saw the doctor today. Took my pants down and showed him a big boil on my bottom. He had a quick look and said it did need treatment, but could I make an appointment as the fish aisle in Tesco's wasn't the best place for an examination.
  6. I usually moan like a good 'un if I see house decorations/shop displays going up too early, but in our local paper there was a piece about a group of mums from different schools who have all decided to put Christmas decorations on the outside of their houses at the start of October so as to cheer up kiddies on their way to and from school and to give passers by a bit of a cheer up, and hopefully get a few more people to do it as well.
  7. Anyone of a certain age remember Quatermass And The Pit, BBC, shown probably in the late 50's, early 60's when I was a little lad. At the time, very spooky and frightening - From Wikipedia - Workmen discover a pre-human skull while building in the fictional Hobbs Lane (formerly Hob's Lane, Hob being an antiquated name for the Devil) in Knightsbridge, London. Dr Matthew Roney, a paleontologist examines the remains and reconstructs a dwarf-like humanoid with a large brain volume, which he believes to be a primitive man. As further excavation is undertaken, something that looks like a missile is unearthed; further work by Roney's group is halted because the military believe it to be an unexploded Second World War bomb. Roney calls in his friend Professor Bernard Quatermass, of the British Rocket Group to prevent the military from disturbing what he believes to be an archaeological find. Quatermass and Colonel Breen become intrigued by the site. As more of the artefact is uncovered additional fossils are found, which Roney dates to five million years, suggesting that the object is at least that old. The interior is empty, and a symbol of six intersecting circles, which Roney identifies as the occult pentacle, is etched on a wall that appears to conceal an inner chamber. The shell of the object is so hard that even a borazon boron nitride drill makes no impression, and when the attempt is made, vibrations cause severe distress in people around the object. Quatermass interviews local residents and discovers ghosts and poltergeists have been common in the area for decades. A hysterical soldier is carried out of the object, claiming to have seen a dwarf-like apparition walk through the wall of the artifact, a description that matches a 1927 newspaper account of a ghost...... and so it begins.
  8. Love this channel, always check to see whats's on. Some very good films and documentaries. I watched a film last week, sorry can't remember its name, but is was made in 1930's/1940's and the 'stars' were obviously all from that there London, but as it was set in Yorkshire the accents were hilarious, it was exactly like when Harry Enfield took the mickey of films where posh people try to talk northern. Am currently watching Enemy At The Door. The series was originally shown between 1978 and 1980 and dealt with the German occupation of Guernsey during WW2. A good series of the kind we used to do so well (and you keep expecting the SS officer (Simon Cadell) to suddenly shout Hi De Hi.
  9. The Comey Rule, Sky Atlantic. Jeff Daniels and Brendan Gleeson star as former FBI Director James Comey and President Trump in this 2 part series that tells the story of two powerful men, whose strikingly different personalities, ethics and loyalties put them on a collision course. Part one follows the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails and their impact on the election. Part two is an account of first months of the Trump presidency. Thoroughly enjoyed this, believe it is based on Comeys book, so gives his side of the story of the last US election and what went on.
  10. Always thought St Ippolyts should be in Greece, not Hertfordshire, and Wankhed could be universal, not a small village in India.
  11. Must be some sort of TGG telepathy going on here, as I thought these same thoughts when I heard about 'the revamp'.
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