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  1. Great start by St Albans Centurions, winning bragging rights over the 'local rivals' Hemel Stags A. Although we said no spectators, I did notice that, because we have a public footpath running through one side of the ground, an awful lot of people who were out for a walk, families, dog walkers etc were stopping and watching the game. One lad I spoke to, out with his wife and two little girls said he didn't realise how much he missed walking with his family and stopping to watch the rugby, football or cricket as he passed by.
  2. SATURDAY 15th MAY North Wales Crusaders v Hunslet KO 14:30 West Wales Raiders v Coventry Bears KO 15:00 SUNDAY 16th MAY 2021 Barrow Raiders v Keighley Cougars KO 15:00 Doncaster v Rochdale Hornets KO 15:00 Workington Town v London Skolars KO 14:00
  3. When I was a lad Sheeps Head Broth was popular in West Cumberland - Get the butcher to split the sheep's head into halves, wash these clean, and put them into a boiling-pot of water and leave to boil, skim it well, really well, add carrots, turnips, onions, leeks etc, season with pepper and salt. Some added rice as well. You could eat this hot as a broth or next day eat the cold meat off the head. I was told the English used to skin the head but the Scots only used to burn the hair off before cooking. The eyes, of course were left in.
  4. Workington Town, new take on a classic strip.
  5. The hot cross bun originated in England, and should be called the St Albans bun. 'It is said that the St Alban Bun, the precursor to the famous Hot Cross Bun, originates in St Albans where Brother Thomas Rocliffe, a 14th Century Monk at St Albans Abbey, developed an original recipe. From 1361, Brother Thomas would distribute these buns to feed the poor on Good Friday. The abbey bakers, who still bake the buns today, stay faithful to the original 14th century recipe with only a slight addition of some extra fruit. The buns are distinctive in their appearance due to their lack of a piped c
  6. Originally called "Cumberland miners' pasties", they were half-savoury, half-sweet, and according to some food historians, predate the Cornish version - and also taste better. Made to an ancient recipe used by the wives of miners in Borrowdale, one end is filled with mince, vegetables and potatoes and the other with stewed apples or plums for the pudding.
  7. Don't watch or follow football much (although you can't get away from it) but can someone confirm if it is proposed to have a completely separate, stand alone superleague, ie only those teams play each other in their own league, or will these teams try to stay in their own national leagues and play in the superleague in midweek/spare weekends etc. I ask because I have heard both suggestions made on tv news programs. Also just mentioned on tv that Man Utd and Juventus shares are rocketing on their respective stock exchanges.
  8. Quote - 'The playmaker, 29, was on £350,00-a-week but that figure is understood to have risen to £400,000-a-week, consolidating his status as City's highest earner on £20.8m-a-year. De Bruyne, said: “I could not be happier." I bet he couldn't
  9. There was a documentary on Mike Oldfield on one of the Sky channels not too long ago and I am sure they said the song has been attributed to several 'real life' incidents, but in fact it was just a made up song about a young girl shocked at the shooting, at night time, of her boyfriend.
  10. Talking about the Lake District, Ordnance Survey currently marks the summit of one of the Northern Fells as ‘Saddleback or Blencathra’. ( you can take your pick) It used to be called Saddleback, but the author Alfred Wainwright popularised the use of the old Cumbrian name, Blencathra, and no one has actually made a decision what to officially call it. It also has six summits. Edit - Just remembered an article that appeared in our local paper a couple of years ago about place names and how they change. There used to be an area on the outskirts of St Albans called Seven Horseshoes. It got
  11. A question from the 'ordinary' version of Tipping Point last week, "Which European city is surrounded by an orbital motorway called the Berliner Ring," Answer "Germany". Now I haven't been on a televised quiz show, so don't know if your brain melts when it's your turn to answer, but there seems to be a lot of contestants that have little or no general knowledge and 'chance it' on these shows. Don't know if they are brave or just greedy bu99ers.
  12. Currently watching 'The Great' on Sky. It's a comedic drama about the rise of Catherine the Great ( the gorgeous Elle Fanning ) from court outsider to the longest-reigning female ruler in Russia's history. The series is fictionalized and portrays Catherine in her youth and her marriage to Tzar Peter, played as a depraved, dangerous and total loony by the excellent Nicholas Hoult. Trailer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zEdwcXWmg4
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