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  1. Yep the RFL are still investigating the Fev v Bradford game. They have video footage of the chanting.
  2. Thanks for the responses, like said it depends if Connor wants to go FT, Bulls are currently negotiating to build our FT contingent of players for 2020.
  3. Just wondering if anyone has heard regarding Connor Robinson signing a new deal? Rumours coming from the Bulls is that we have offered him a deal for next season
  4. The RFL did a survey after this years Summer Bash via the Ourleague app. The top two were Blackpool(56%) Headingley(13%) all the other options were under 10%. If they listen to the fans it will be at Blackpool next year.
  5. I have reported it to the club yesterday after I had a private message from them on Facebook. Like you said maybe they couldn't be bothered dealing with it or it's a training issue which can be easily resolved.
  6. The chant about Bradford last week wasn't nice to hear. I thought we had got past racist chanting in RL. Shame the steward at the end of the game didnt know who to report it too also.
  7. Foggin-Johnston has actually been one of our better players recently. As for Webster 4 of our 7 defeats have come when he hasn't played. He is a good leader for our young team. They was a lot of off the field stuff with Dane which wasnt made public.
  8. The Bulls signings for 2019 were Jake Webster,Jy Hitchcox, Rhys Evans,Connor Farrell,Matty Wildie,David Foggin-Johnston, Colton Roche, Jon Magrin Wouldn't you say the majority of the above are good signings? Experienced Championship players too.
  9. If a player is recalled the loan ends.if York wanted to sign him again, it would need to be a new loan deal.
  10. If they have sold 30k its currently a drop of 34,319 compared to 2018. Even if another 10k attended still a massive drop of around 24k. Very poor decision to go Liverpool.
  11. Magic weekend attendance in Newcastle on the Saturday last year was 38,881. Based on the above image you have a maximum of 30000 seats available, Warrington have sold just over a 1000 tickets, Castleford over 900, so if all 12 teams took a 1000 fans your not far aware from the figure of 13000.
  12. I wouldn't worry this poster joined a week ago and hasn't had anything positive to post about Bradford, has even suggested financial issues with no actual evidence.
  13. League weekly are reporting 2 Workington players allegedly avoided drug testers at the Leeds game, they are under investigation as to whether this was deliberate or accidental.
  14. Dane Chisholm made 2 debuts for Bradford A 64-18 win against Whitehaven where he was everywhere and class. Also a 20-19 Summer Bash defeat to Hull KR. They were his best games for Bradford, its playing at the same standard Dane has issues with. We didnt see the Chisholm from last night enough.
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