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  1. The Bulls first team don't have any other bans. The others are all academy players
  2. Chalmers had no choice but to play at Odsal when he took over as was 2 years left on 5 year lease agreed with RFL, they made this part of the rules for forming a new club in Bradford, Chalmers did his research but either way had no choice. Hence why he has refused to sign a new lease deal even when pushed by RFL, this is 1st time we can leave.
  3. Its not a fixed cost for Odsal. The rent is 72k a year. The rest is on Bill's for the ground and maintenance, for example they had to do a repair job on the toilets in the main stand that wasn't cheap and unexpected costs.
  4. People seem to be saying Chalmers is doing this to get a rent reduction, even if that was successful the yearly upkeep of Odsal is 300k+,
  5. Well its certainly helped the Bulls out. 13 academy players in current squad, the majority play on a regular basis, instead of using all available funds for 1st team we divert some of the funds to the academy and Bullbuilder fundraise. The sale of Wilson for 100k shows it's worth the money invested too.
  6. Its based on clubs funding a category 1 academy. If you do this you got selected.
  7. I aren't writing York off, I think its tough for all teams and 2 teams are going to miss out after a decent battle over the next 2 months. Exciting times for the championship.
  8. These are the remaining fixtures for the teams all still within a shout of the top 5. Leigh Barrow Batley(H) Swinton(H) Rochdale Widnes(H) York(H) Toronto Featherstone Toronto Rochdale(H) Dewsbury Swinton(H) York Batley Toulouse(H) York Batley Bradford(H) Barrow Toronto Featherstone(H) Leigh Halifax Sheffield Toulouse Widnes(H) Halifax Barrow(H) Bradford Swinton Toulouse Rochdale Sheffield(H) Halifax Widnes Batley(H) Dewsbury(H) Featherstone Bradford Swinton(H) York Toronto(H) Barrow Dewsbury Sheffield(H) Rochdale Teams still to play each other from top 7. Leigh have 2 Featherstone have 3 York have 4 Sheffield have 2 Toulouse have 2 Bradford have 3. I think the Bulls fan on RLFANS is basing it on the fact York play more from the top 7 than anyone else and only have 2 home games left. Going to be an interesting couple of weeks.
  9. How can anyone defend this or see this as a positive?, the early part of the week when other coaches will be looking back at the weekends game and what to fix up/improve on, Carr will be working at the Rhinos.
  10. https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/sport/sportbulls/17739612.bradford-bulls-confirm-players-paid-on-time-after-chisholm-claim/
  11. Grix for Halifax did the same also, it was poor scheduling to have the game 3 days after the Challenge Cup QF which a lot of energy was invested by both teams. They need to make the 1895 cup games only on a weekend for it to be a success.
  12. I see the Leigh fans are getting over confident again like in 2015 and 2018.
  13. League Weekly said Leigh, interesting one.
  14. Correct, didn't want to go back Aus. He was set to sign for Bradford until Wigan came calling.
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