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  1. Mr drake used to put the timezones in the title, but has stopped for some reason! Look at all the confusion your causing john! Lol
  2. This is a good take on it. I personally don't see a home grown sub service hitting those numbers (maybe one day) As the man of compromise I am, I would hope we could hit a middle ground with a sub service and TV deal, where broadcast games are blacked out from the sub service, and maybe put up as replays later. I think that's the best of both worlds (imagine our current broadcast schedule with the addition of the other games available on-line)
  3. Sounds great, I'm curious how CRU would react to that though!
  4. Sometimes I feel like all that's important for Montrealers is that they can play against Toronto. I did know that! but could be bothered to figure out the spelling so I went with peak lol
  5. Youth engagement is needed across the RFL Not nessecarily kids, young adults too. Man if a team could get a sponsor like Fortnite it would do wonders for their appeal. (Angry Birds sponsor Everton so its not impossible)
  6. Wigan posted 13461 as the attendance last night on twitter, also commenting that there were 4300 away fans!
  7. Widness were relegated seems cause and effect to me.
  8. I think you'll find with promotion Toronto will become a very attractive team for players. I don't think they will have any problems finding the replacements they'll need/want. My only fear is that what everyone on here says about Rowley turns out to be true, and we dont perform well. I like him but there's alot of hate for him!
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