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  1. TboneFromTO

    Canadian Rugby Schism

    When I played U16 (maybe u18 can't remember) I know Oakville had a RL "team". Ok maybe the term team isn't accurate, the trained rarely (were all on the men's team) and only ever played against a similar side from Burlington.
  2. TboneFromTO

    Wolfpack vs Rhinos

    Well the rhinos fans are buying tickets! Not many left. No seat pairs left in the stadium!
  3. TboneFromTO

    Qualifiers: Squeaky Bum Time!

    They look safe now. It was 6 a piece at halftime when I made that post, oh well!
  4. TboneFromTO

    Qualifiers: Squeaky Bum Time!

    Sooooo could KR finish 6th if the stars align? Could Toronto finish second? If Toronto thrash Leeds enough could we see London or Toulouse move to 3rd? Could we possibly see Leeds in the mpg and lose?! Man things are getting heavy. (I know that these are very left field things that could happen, and probably won't, but wouldnt it be something) This is all of course if fax wins
  5. Still 0-6 with half time looming, fax still in this one!
  6. I think that's where this whole air Transat sponsorship comes in, if the away fans keep coming to Toronto and they can put on a extra few flights that's good for them I'd hope we would not see a shortage of flights
  7. TboneFromTO

    MPG lineup Toronto v London

    Topic should read Hull KR Vs London (or Toulouse) in the MPG! That's what's going to happen! The Wolfpack's on fire! (But again, my preference is toronto 3rd or 5th, I'd like to travel to the mpg!)
  8. Ooohhh this is interesting indeed! I'm going to go with neither, it is an opportunity to RL to show it's stuff, with the qualifiers shaping up they way they are it will definitely look appealing to our new American overloards. Good if we realize this is an opportunity Bad if self interest interferes (most likely)
  9. My only problem is that most UK people should spend more then a week in southern Ontario !!
  10. TboneFromTO

    Eric Perez

    Celtic would be atleast england-ish! Parky seems to have a bit ukip in him. Just kidding parky, politics don't matter in here
  11. TboneFromTO

    Qualifiers: Squeaky Bum Time!

    Dream big - why not both!!!
  12. TboneFromTO

    Qualifiers: Squeaky Bum Time!

    With Toronto set to win at Leeds I'm sooo excited (yes I'm bias)
  13. With Salford losing to London and widness down against Toronto -whats super league