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  1. I was more refering to highlight shows, live events will always be different. Barb also includes youview platform views as live tv- which is not reliable - besides a loss of 15% in a decade is an awful lot of market share, and a number that is increasing year on year But maybe we should ignore the very obvious statstistical trend, heads in the sand - par for the course
  2. I do not see that point as a negative Part-time is not professional. The RFL cannot consider it's self a professional league while it has part time members, especially in the championship. I am of the opinion that if a club cannot support a full time team they do not belong in a professional league. They don't? I mean besides to France. Aren't the NA trips provided by the NA clubs? Don't sell the SL rights in Canada, sell the championship rights if they're are none. Even better, sell the television rights for the Canadian teams regardless of the division same for the French.
  3. Young people dont do that any more. You will not attract a sustainable audience that way. Online is the way to go. Getting it to show up on the iPlayer front page (which I guess is the modern equivalent to channel surfing) would do more then a prime time timeslot (that would be, if we are being honest, worth more then the RFL is currently.) The RFL needs younger viewers. Online is the best vessel for this. Few people under 35 care about broadcast schedules.
  4. I don't get the argument here. It all goes on the iplayer. You can watch 4 episodes of the SL show on it at the moment. It's distributed nationally and available when ever you want to watch it, after it's initial TV airing Broadcast schedules are vastly becoming a thing of the past, save for live events
  5. I wouldn't want to tell Salford that no matter how little they spend next year they won't be relegated. This is about the only mid season rule change I could get behind, it saves some integrity in my opinion
  6. At the match: what ever they serve At home: a mixture of what ever craft ale is on sale and what ever wine the miss has
  7. Pay is a big thing I think...might actually explain a few more things in the game 34 players (36 like Wigan, minus 2 for marquees) with 2mill to split is an even 58k a year (GBP). But better players make more and that means someone's gotta make less.
  8. Skolars 4/1 at the bookies....I'll take those odds! The rest will be home wins I think
  9. Great initiative to help out the CRLA! https://www.torontowolfpack.com/watch-nrl-special-offer/
  10. Jeeze you guys don't want overseas teams, and you don't want local teams, seems to me that change might be the enemy Love Liverpool as a city, and as a team location (you know a place people outside of England have heard of unlike some teams - for international appeal obviously). My major concern is when do they enter the structure, since Ottawa was announced for next year (with the option to delay if they want) and the alleged NYC bid, seems a few years down the line for them (or more time in the minor leagues then the "big spending" owners would like!)
  11. So the difference then is that now the RFL isn't doing it? Seems like a different direction
  12. In this instance though the roles are reversed, the Wolfpack pay more and have more marketing dollars. It will be a few years before they get close I think (if at all) and If anything I predict we will see an arrow play for the Wolfpack before we see the other way round.
  13. Have to disagree. The fact a sports presenter has no idea about the sport, coupled with various peoples mention about lack of marketing you must conclude that her ignorance on RFL has EVERYTHING to do with the sports footprint. The only media presence I have heard from the RFL is on BBC Radio 1 on my way to work, when the occasionally mention the scores of the weekend
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