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  1. red rose

    Qualifiers: Squeaky Bum Time!

    As a Leigh fan just want to say how envious I am of my team not being involved in this seasons qualifiers. But really well done to Toronto,Toulouse and London,who have proved without a doubt that there are decent teams outside of super league.
  2. Can't understand why this game is not on TV, much more interest than the 3 meaningless super 8 games been on this weekend
  3. red rose

    New league structure revealed

    I think I will let Parky answer that
  4. red rose

    New league structure revealed

    No chance of salary cap being scrapped. Super league clubs would be commiting suicide if they did. A certain Canadian club owner would be in a position to buy the top 30 players in the world. They might want to raise the cap, but no chance of it being scrapped.
  5. I think I speak for all Leigh supporters,we definitely didn't fall out of love with the qualifiers,quite the opposite we were all dying to get into them,knowing full well what was going to happen to the club if we didn't.
  6. Couldn't make the game today,from what I could make out, was a poor quality game. Will be at the last 3 games,i can't see us beating Fev in the final,but if we get Liam Hood,Nathan Mason back fit plus Will Dagger from suspension we may have a chance. Nearly forgot Jamie Acton could sign off his Leigh career with getting sent off again.
  7. If Leeds beat Halifax and Toronti beat Widnes next week by the same score Then Toronto would have to beat Leeds by over 20 points in the final round of games to overtake Leeds,to avoid the MPG
  8. Not normally very good at predictions,but prior to the qualifiers starting I thought Leeds,Hull KR and Salford would finish top 3,because simply they had the better teams. Up until a few weeks ago I had Toronto nailed on for 4th spot and to win MPG game at home.I am not as confident about Toronto now(is the travelling across the Atlantic having an effect on performances). Widnes have left themselves with too much to do. I think London will be the other team in MPG
  9. I still think Toronto will be promoted via the MPG game,but I certainly wouldn't be putting a big bet on it.
  10. red rose

    New league structure revealed

    Just read Harry's post,agree with everything he said.
  11. red rose

    New league structure revealed

    With reference to Wakefield,as a Leigh supporter,i will balance things up and say Wakefield are a prime example of why the drawbridge should never be pulled up in Super League. Few seasons back they were a very poor team and nearly lost there place in the league. Now they are one of the few teams I genuinely look forward to watching.Always seem to be involved in good entertaining matches.
  12. red rose

    New league structure revealed

    As another Leigh match going supporter,i am in full agreement with Harry.I have been a supporter for many years, the last time the drawbridge was pulled up I stopped going,if it happens again I will stop going and I know 3 mates I go with will do the same. If the current 12 clubs in super league were the 12 biggest and most powerful in the game and always had been,then I and probably fans of other clubs such as Fev,Fax,Bradford and others would not have a problem with being excluded,but as at least half of them are clearly not,then no I won't accept being told we have no right to be able to be in super league in the future.
  13. Salford will beat both London and Toulouse. Toronto v London in MPG
  14. If Toronto were in super league with this squad they would finish above Widnes only They will be in next season and would expect quite a few new players and probably coach as well.