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  1. EF2000

    London in Superleague

    Wembley is for the Jaguars if they relocate.
  2. EF2000

    Paul Rowley Perrenial Choker

    You have. Siddal
  3. EF2000

    What now for Toronto?

    Half of the squad will leave I can assure you that
  4. EF2000

    What now for Toronto?

    What needs to happen is getting rid of Rowley the dirty B*****d.
  5. Hmm... What about that European Super League tour? Oh wait they aren't in Super League...😂😂
  6. Instead of chitting S**t in the media before the match, assuming they will go up. They should have thought about what London could have done. They underestimated them and got punished...
  7. Where would London likely play if they had to move out of Ealing?
  8. If Toronto hold on. This would be incredible
  9. As a fax fan we can't even beat Widnes. Leeds comfortably.
  10. EF2000

    anyone taking time off to watch ENWC?

    Are the times English or Australian time?
  11. EF2000

    New league structure revealed

    So 14 team championship and 12 team SL?
  12. EF2000

    New league structure revealed

    RIP Halifax's chances of Super league opposition...