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  1. Didn't you expect both teams to fight each other? Its the Rugby League Eternal derby for crying out loud.
  2. New York are playing in Major League Rugby as we speak
  3. Poor decision that we can't even fill it for the Challenge Cup final, never mind a World Cup?
  4. Think rugby league should give Eric Perez a call. See what happens
  5. Im neutral when it comes to the NRL but I love watching the Dragons, Rabbitohs and Sharks.
  6. Went past the Shitehole of the Etihad Campus (Im a united fan lol) and must admit the Academy Stadium would be an awesome Super League Stadium in the Future.
  7. Honestly, think it is going to be two regional nines competitions. Hence 'T20'
  8. Behind the posts, I believe next to the car park.
  9. Great news. Will reduce pollution loads as fewer cars will be on the roads. I know Luxembourg is a small country compared to other countries in Europe.
  10. Yeah, Canada just lost the rights mate... Im up for a French World Cup
  11. And I bet the Cook Islands still compete in the world playoff for 2021 World Cup despite being one of the worst ranked teams in the world.
  12. Nines is such a success its only played in Australia...?
  13. When you can't even spell magic ?
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