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  1. Aussie Paul

    London Colonials RLC 1978/9

    Gordon Anderton was a great organiser. He took us London Colonials to Keithley for a weekend. We played in the mud and the locals fed us. We had a very big night after the game. The locals came and found us in various pubs in the morning, gave us breakfast and sent us back to London remembering a great weekend. Doug Shaw was our ‘secretary’. Russell Couch the Captain in the first year. I got given the job as Cap / coach in 79/80. Like herding cats but great bunch of players. I think our ‘pub’ was called the beehive (could be wrong there), the publican was from Salford so followed League.
  2. Aussie Paul

    London Colonials RLC 1978/9

    Thanks Celtic Rooster, you are bringing it all back to me. The memory is a bit rusty. Do you have anything on the 79/80 season as I was Capt. / coach of the team. We were sponsored by Pickfords removal firm. They employed some of us and the London manager was a league fan.
  3. Aussie Paul

    London Colonials RLC 1978/9

    Yes, Gordon Anderton mentored us through those first 2 seasons that I played. He had a real passion for league in the London area. Did he ever get ‘honoured’ with a ‘Gordon Anderton award’ for like a best and fairest player of the competition?
  4. Aussie Paul

    London Colonials RLC 1978/9

    We played at Hounslow near the airport a lot which was Ealing’s ground. Other teams were Oxford uni., Reading uni., Mc kenty at walthemstow, Peckham, I think Milton Keynes was in it as well. There was a southern league rep side that some of the ‘colonials’ played in. We went to Doncaster once and got hammered. A fellow by the name of Alderton had the idea of forming a ‘Colonial’ team for the 1978/9 season. I happened to be the first bloke to turn up with an English player from Ealing who went back to the Ealing team.
  5. Aussie Paul

    London Colonials RLC 1978/9

    I played at Bately in the Barla cup which would have been 1979. Our team had 6 Australian, 6 New Zealand, 1 Frenchman, I Scot.
  6. I played in the first and 2nd years of the London Colonials. 78/79, 79/80. Anyone else played in that team?