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  1. Hi Macca, I certainly do remember you. That was a great team. Those New Zealanders were a wild bunch. I think they were wilder the following season. I ended up marrying my English girlfriend. It’s 40 years married on 21 July. Great to hear from you. I have been back a few times to visit the relatives etc. Hope you are doing well. Paul
  2. Gordon Anderton was a great organiser. He took us London Colonials to Keithley for a weekend. We played in the mud and the locals fed us. We had a very big night after the game. The locals came and found us in various pubs in the morning, gave us breakfast and sent us back to London remembering a great weekend. Doug Shaw was our ‘secretary’. Russell Couch the Captain in the first year. I got given the job as Cap / coach in 79/80. Like herding cats but great bunch of players. I think our ‘pub’ was called the beehive (could be wrong there), the publican was from Salford so followed League.
  3. Thanks Celtic Rooster, you are bringing it all back to me. The memory is a bit rusty. Do you have anything on the 79/80 season as I was Capt. / coach of the team. We were sponsored by Pickfords removal firm. They employed some of us and the London manager was a league fan.
  4. Yes, Gordon Anderton mentored us through those first 2 seasons that I played. He had a real passion for league in the London area. Did he ever get ‘honoured’ with a ‘Gordon Anderton award’ for like a best and fairest player of the competition?
  5. We played at Hounslow near the airport a lot which was Ealing’s ground. Other teams were Oxford uni., Reading uni., Mc kenty at walthemstow, Peckham, I think Milton Keynes was in it as well. There was a southern league rep side that some of the ‘colonials’ played in. We went to Doncaster once and got hammered. A fellow by the name of Alderton had the idea of forming a ‘Colonial’ team for the 1978/9 season. I happened to be the first bloke to turn up with an English player from Ealing who went back to the Ealing team.
  6. I played at Bately in the Barla cup which would have been 1979. Our team had 6 Australian, 6 New Zealand, 1 Frenchman, I Scot.
  7. I played in the first and 2nd years of the London Colonials. 78/79, 79/80. Anyone else played in that team?
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