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  1. Yeah, I don't think we'll ever see Hock pulling on a Barrow shirt. However, in fairness to him, he was injured whilst serving the club. He has a contract and I think most of us would expect to be paid if we were injured at work. I have a feeling that as soon as he's fit, due to being out of the game for the best part of 18 months, he'll want to call it a day. I can sense that the club would then release him from the contract to avoid the hassle.... That would annoy me. We should be ensuring that he upholds his end of the contract when he can.
  2. NWDuk

    York CC

    Yes. Cup games are not included in the ST price
  3. NWDuk


    Fantastic weekend in Toulouse. Sure those that travelled would agree. Very tough game. Impossible when you're reduced to 11 at times with injuries. Despite that, we played the game as everyone on here has been asking for. Solid rugby with very few unforced errors and then (mostly in the first half to be fair) a little more creativity at the end of the sets. Toulouse could have run 100 past us in that second half and it wouldn't have changed the promising things that were shown earlier on. An update on injuries this week will be interesting but I expect the squad very much had an eye on this Sunday so interchanges were used with that in mind. The guys at Toulouse showed some good hospitality towards us. Great news on Susino.
  4. NWDuk


    Arrived in Toulouse in record time thanks to an 80mph tailwind. The weekend starts now
  5. Not take the metro / tram? Seems easier than the bus
  6. 15:30 local time. The question is... drinks in the centre of toulouse or nearer to the ground
  7. BarraFan, I'm glad you're here to provide the constructive criticism we all need.... We're unlikely to come away with a win next week for a number of reasons. However, it'll be a good test for the lads that play. Toulouse are a very strong team and we'll be well tested. Should set us up nicely for Swinton in a fortnight. I dare say most "BarraFans" will be wishing the team the best. Those of us that are travelling over are certainly looking forward to a nice weekend. It's a treat when being a RL fan has the opportunity to take us somewhere a little nicer than Dewsbury. I'll be happy as long as the team go over there and hold their heads up. Even if they use it as a training opportunity. Play some good rugby and it'll build us up for the following week. Regardless of result.
  8. NWDuk


    I saw a punch thrown and I thought one of their lads walked for it. Was there another incident?
  9. NWDuk


    Widness travelled well and brought big numbers which we'll be thankful for. Unfortunately the vocal ones will always stand out. They definitely brought a few c*nts with them today. I don't think they'd have been particularly pleasant had the result been a bit closer, but I wouldn't write them all off.
  10. NWDuk


    Shame about a relatively poor attendance. Widness brought a big crowd so the ~1700 gate isn't too great for us. I think a lot of people wrote Barrow off today before even turning up. That was a mistake as we made a good show of it. Good effort by the lads and all involved. We played MUCH better than in recent weeks.
  11. Much improved. The first half was particularly good with a significant reduction in unforced errors. Wildness felt like the stronger team throughout (as to be expected) but the gave the first half away with a number of errors. I was quite happy with barrows performance. It was by no means an embarrassing show and we'll stand a good chance against a lot of teams if we play like that. Promising
  12. NWDuk


    So you've had a decent 6 years watching a team mostly fight it out at the top of League 1. We're up a level and are going to have to throw everything we've got to keep our heads above water in a very competative league comprising of professional teams and semi-pro outfits propped up with pro DR players. 5 games into the season and you decide to announce to the world that you're pulling your support. Fair enough. See you on Sunday.... I'll be at the bar
  13. NWDuk


    How good did you all think we were? We finished just outside what would have been the relegation scrap last season. Two seasons ago we were in league 1. York are an up and coming team with the investment behind them. They were always going to do well. We're competing with the club's around us not Wildness, Toronto and Toulouse. They'll be points to criticize from today's game. We probably made some massive blunders. However, I assume not of the people chipping in have seen any of the game yet. What's the point in being negative. Let's be honest with ourselves and realise that, for now at least, we're working to move sustainably from a bottom of the league team to a mid table team. If you can't grasp that then you're going to have a long and depressing season.
  14. It's only recently disapeared. It was updated throughout the game
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