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  1. I don’t think I have to explain myself. Just look up the definition of Butt hurt. Actually don’t It might hurt your feelings because it’s so disgusting? I enjoy all codes of Football, League and Union included. I’m just fed up with a lot of people on this forum talking like union is like the evil illuminati of the sporting world. Just stop please and get the chip off your shoulder. Just realised I might have tried to explain myself
  2. You come across as incredibly butt hurt. Please stop.
  3. I already knew about Ronan and Longhorns I was looking for more stuff like school programs to get kids into the sport. I’m Irish my location says Dublin. that’s how I know about Irish sports. We can agree that if there was a professional Dublin Blues side it would have to share fans with either Dublin, Leinster and LOI teams. Rugby internationals sold out Croke Park.
  4. Average attendances falling 31% in Gaelic. Im not a fan of Gaelic but some of my friends that play and watch hurling and football say it’s getting boring with dull tactics and games and Dublin’s dominance. Wow you got me. Your so smart. I am of course a troll that doesn’t watch rl and comes on to forums and makes threads about Irish RUGBY LEAGUE to troll you all.
  5. There isn’t really any young players. This is a fluke that he even found the sport. How did they get kids playing the sport in Newcastle? That needs to be done. There’s only one properly pro sport in Ireland. Rugby Union. Footballs semi pro and GAA is amateur. There’s space for more. Need to strike when the iron is hot Gaelic is on the down and no one follows domestic soccer.
  6. Does anyone know if there’s any work being done in Ireland to grow the game and has there been any achievements?
  7. I’ll tell the priest in my next confession.
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