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  1. I don't think RL is taking CTE injury prevention anything like seriously enough. The NFL will pay out around $100bn in compensation eventually. In RL, just one successful case could bankrupt RL.
  2. I seriously hope the new season brings far greater sanctions against any head shots, even unintentional ones. This probably need a dedicated thread to be honest. I fear that RL is just a lawsuit away from something that could have a fundamental effect on the game.
  3. Starts the same weekend when RU in the Northern Hemisphere has it's biggest annual event. And people wonder why the coverage tends to be low key.
  4. 25% in 22 years equates to a compound growth rate of 1.023% per year. That doesn't exactly tally with the see it and you're sold view of the product on the pitch does it?
  5. There's a difference between catching a hospital pass knowing it's a hospital pass and catching it without knowing it's got a blue flashing light on it.
  6. She's confident because she knows nobody else wants the job (at the moment) bar Corbyn who nobody would vote for.
  7. If your definition of dominate is a political or fiscal measure then they already do.
  8. If that is the case then simply tell the EU that the UK wants the EEC back, or at least back in terms of the UK's trading relationship to the EU.
  9. Did you get to veto the Lisbon treaty? Maastricht? It's been getting more federal right under your nose. If you are fine with that then ok, that's your right, however, for many people that isn't what joining the EEC in 1973 was all about. In fact, the EEC was, and remains a great idea.
  10. It's clearly going the full-on federal route and that process has accelerated significantly since Maastricht and subsequent treaties. If you think the EU is working out well for southern Europeans at the moment then I would say, look again. If you are French or, especially, German, then the current Eurozone model could not be more tailor-made for your domestic economic structure. The Irish also appear to have found a great little niche too whereby they receive a huge nett monetary benefit from the EU whilst simultaneously tailoring tax arrangement for the US internet giants based in Dublin to avoid paying CT right across the EU block. It's a lose/lose for the few countries that pay more in than they get out.
  11. Yeah, I guess he could have been more subtle. But I don't think he should be treated like he is, to be honest -I suspect quite a few people are intimidated to support his POV because of the way others treat him, which I think stifles debate. I'm no white knight either BTW.
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