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    Rugby league, obviously, I support Wigan and St.Judes.<br />Photography, keen amateur.<br />Rugby league's social history.<br />Local history.<br />Travel.

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  1. Nobody ever drank Slalom Lager, they only ever suffered it.
  2. OK, you get a second chance, but behave yourself.
  3. We already had a decent office chair at home but my wife claimed it as she was also working from home. So I raided the office for mine.
  4. I threw my office chair in the back of the car and took it home.
  5. It doesn't matter to the data modelers what the actual numbers are, as long as the data gathering rules are consistant they can monitor the important thing to them which is the trend. The trend is more important than the headline figure.
  6. We have a new garage door on order, don't know if it will happen or not. The fitters will, obviously, be outside of the house and will be the width of a garage door apart.
  7. Dear Diary See yesterday And the day before...
  8. Boh my wife and myself are still working full time, "the rest" are not having an 80% pay holiday.
  9. Our garden feeder is well populated with starlings, they are like a bunch of teenagers squabbling.
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