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  1. Can I please not join your none consortium, so we cannot bid together.
  2. If the suggestions put forward never get implemented then we don't know if they will have worked or not.
  3. And equally you will not object to changes that try to move the game forward and accuse people of trying to kill clubs.
  4. I want you to watch whichever team you want to, I don't care who you watch.
  5. The reason why the "this is what holds the game back" comment gets thrown about I believe is because people don't want to try something new or different to take the game forward and either want the status quo or to take the game back to a failed past. It's a statement born of frustration.
  6. Stop looking for who to blame, start looking for who moves you forward.
  7. The British sport business model is broken beyond repair.
  8. Actually going out for our evening meal tomorrow, it's one of those new fangled restaurant things, apparently they cook food for you and bring it to you. Will it catch on?
  9. More than likely started by a bitter latics fan.
  10. A reminder my first post on this bit of the subject was that you cannot measure all away support equally.
  11. The point I made about Leigh was showing that you cannot measure success on away fans, you really are hard of understanding. Leigh had more away fans attending when in SL than when in the Championship, they were a failure on the field and off it. More away fans does not a successful club make. In the only season Wigan were relegated their home average was almost the same as the previous and I mean within a number smaller than 10.
  12. Where did I say that, I said clubs should only treat away fans as a bonus, what they are not is a measure of a clubs'success' that notion is stupid.
  13. I think you missed the point or more likely are deliberately swerving around it because I mentioned Leigh.
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