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    Rugby league, obviously, I support Wigan and St.Judes.<br />Photography, keen amateur.<br />Rugby league's social history.<br />Local history.<br />Travel.

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  1. I don't like dates, no risk from me. Bring humbugs though...
  2. As long as you have a supply of poop bags and an air freshener.
  3. Well we opened all through total lockdown, so stuff Blow Job, still open 24/7
  4. Does this music venue have a TV contract which subsidises its operation to the point that without that funding it will be as dead as the proverbial dodo.
  5. The rebuild of the back end of the garden began today, this could be hard work going off phase 1.
  6. It's that all encompassing "reach" My photography website has a reach of 4 billion internet users. Smugmug website would probably collapse indefinitely if they all decided to view my photos with my next facebook update.
  7. Apart from being a member of the countryside alliance which loves ripping animals apart with dogs and shooting wildlife for fun. I thought she was gorgeous, and a great actress and sad to hear she had passed. Craig delete this if I overstepped the mark on the obituary thread
  8. And because Yanks don't understand international standards they sent up into space a blind telescope.
  9. But we kept miles, pints etc. Brexit has nothing to do with it and being in the EU has nothing to do with going metric.
  10. If the house is big enough now with the kids at home it will be plenty big enough when they eventually leave. You move to something bigger they will still leave and you have a house that is too big. Plus always keep your mortgage manageable in bad times. Travel comes out tops for me.
  11. What a fantastic gesture. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-54224410
  12. Do you mean the tackle reset claxon to let the players know the tackle count has been reset?
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