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  1. Look, it works like this, the more you understand something, the less you understand it. This means when you first come across something you don't understand then that is going to be your pinnacle of your understanding of it. 42
  2. Cars, a means getting from a to b, it is not something to get all horny about and salivate over. I couldn't care less now many doofers and gadgets your throb machine has.
  3. Poolstock Lane, a B road, used as major route by way to much traffic including huge trucks is having traffic calming measures and a 20mph limit to encourage people to use the new relief road a 40 mph dual carriage way. Despite reducing traffic, pollution, noise and increasing safety, locals are up in arms because it will take 30 seconds longer to travel from one end to the other. Note, the road is that busy at rush hour you only manage 10mph if lucky.
  4. Very sad news, condolences to all his family and friends all those that are affected by this news.
  5. Have you set up the kindle email account in the email settings, although you have a kindle email I think it may only receive emails unless you have an account set up for send and receive.
  6. Was at all the Wigan games mentioned, not one bothers me in the least. I refer jokingly to Paddy Kerwan as Paddy Effin Kerwan, I was made up for Sheffield and applauded them all the way around the stadium and down the tunnel. The Catalan game was an absolutely fantastic event and the result was not relevant to the vast majority of Wiganers there who were having a fantastic time of it. We had a good spell of annoying the rest of RL more than we normally do for a while, it was good fun. All good things do however come to an end.
  7. Do you think RL is the only sport to have spotted this loop-hole in counting. All the other sports are saying you can't count twice, we are really honest gov. Rugby union used to count everyone in a school if the school played union, so a school with 5 teams accounting for 100-200 actual players would count as maybe 1000-2000. I think that one got well and truly rumbled though.
  8. I was there for the Colin Tyrer one that's why it sprung to mind 63 was just a couple of years before my time. It seems your recollection was pretty good.
  9. He was 83. Played for Wigan 54-64 then Balmain 65-70
  10. You may be thinking of Colin Tyrer.
  11. Wigan, Balmain and GB stand-off Dave Bolton, 83.
  12. Former Wigan, Balmain and GB stand-off Dave Bolton has died over in Australia Regarded as one of the greatest British stand-offs ever. R.I.P. Dave
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