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  1. A lot of stadiums franchise out refreshments so that they have a known fixed income, any increase in sales goes to the franchisee and not the stadium company or club.
  2. I think this may be the start of a campaign of "respect the opposition". Things lately have been getting totally out of hand.
  3. Brexiteers Shouts of "Forward" Brexiteers Ref bashers Brexiteers British Larger Brexiteers John Smiths Brexiteers
  4. Until probably the 1950s Wigan and Leigh were the biggest of rivals. Around that time for Wigan it became St.Helens and vice versa with Leigh slowly being relegated to a lower rivalry, though Leigh seem to have kept that up, especially when in 1973 big WIgan swallowed up the village of Leigh into the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan. Some people are confusing intense competition when two teams are at the top with true rivals. For cross Penine rivalry Wigan and Leeds has always been the big one. Warrington will just fight with anybody. The Leeds v Bradford SL rivalry was just made up by Sky.
  5. Or another Nicholson one from One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. " I must be crazy to be in a loony bin like this."
  6. Another one from the same film. Pomfit on the guillotine Messenger "Sir you have an urgent letter" Pomfrit "put it in the basket I'll read it later" Blazing Saddles. Cowboy round campfire "More beans boss" and.. Sheriff "Are we awake"? Waco Kid "We're not sure. Are we black"? Sheriff "Yes, we are". Waco Kid "Then we're awake. But we're very puzzled".
  7. A few days off for both of us, unusually so we can both do not a lot, see how long we last.
  8. It would be if so many people weren't serious about supporters who don't live where they can see their clubs home ground from the garden aren't real supporters.
  9. Oh no another bloody drama queen thread.
  10. Toronto were playing away from home. They had nearly 200 supporters at the game. No matter how people try to get around it, try to spin it or lie about it, that is "Toronto away support". The topic heading is valid, we watched the game on TV and that was one of the things my wife and myself commented, that they had a lot of people supporting them for this particular game.
  11. Hill was a tool for opting to run the ball and not just take the kick and get the game over with. It was obvious what was going to happen once that decision was taken.
  12. We have noticed that also, the numbers staying in Perpignan has decreased drastically, no direct flights from major Northern airports doesn't help
  13. First off this was a small contingent of Warrington fans involved, the videos show quite a few moving away but also a few encouraging the ones hell bent on a scrap. I have been to Perpignan many times and speaking to the locals they have rated Warrington visits as one of the best. Catalan fans do try to goad opposition fans in the ground and they can be intimidating, that said the best defence against that is to laugh it off and not get involved with them. There is absolutely no excuse for trying to climb into another section of the ground to have a punch up, there is also no excuse for using a chair as a weapon unless you are immediately in danger of having violence thrust upon you. The people in the boxes could, it appears to me, have quite easily just pushed the Warrington fans off but it seems they were also up for a scrap. That is the worst crowd violence I have seen in a stadium since Wire and Leeds at Wembley, when a lot more people were involved in a punch up on the lower tier. The on-field stuff has been dealt with and though it seems one sided I will, as always, bow to the disciplinary committee's decision as they will have looked at a lot more evidence than I have available. I just hope that this does not turn into something that ruins future trips to Catalan for other clubs. I think there needs to be some serious bridge building between the two clubs.
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