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  1. Edwards was in no position to demand Wigan employ anyone or don't release anyone, he was not employed by them. The issue is the contract and why one was not on the table to be signed or was one on the table and wasn't signed.
  2. Big Yellow Taxi, 50 years ahead of its time.
  3. Well if you get past the sweary filter we may know what you are on about.
  4. "Sigh" The game is football, the code is rugby league. The game is football, the code is association. The game is football, the code is rugby union. The game is football...
  5. Someone else is taking the risk and the council won't be going bust anytime soon.
  6. Maybe the link is the other way around, people likely to, or already have it but show no symptoms as it is a dormant disease, develop MND are more likely to enjoy contact sports. The old genes can be funny buggers.
  7. Hastings "headline" grabber statement, war of words (liar) between Wigan and Warrington grabbing "headlines" , seems to me there is an attempt here to actually do some pre-season PR.
  8. The dinosaurs obviously had a licensing style system as each branch was lasting for millions of years without going bust, straight P&R would have seen a lot of them dying out every ten years or so and appearing with a new skin as a slightly different less evolved version.
  9. If it is the same programme I heard it was very good. I already was aware of the vast differences in time between early dinos and the last ones and then time to our appearance on the scene. The time scales are mind boggling. Dinosaurs were top dog for an unimaginable length of time compared to our fleeting moment on this planet.
  10. I will have already left for work but may just have to set record for that one. Do not normally record BBC Breakfast but sometimes you have to do a first.
  11. Maybe they should name the players tunnel in his honour The Rob Burrow seems appropriate.
  12. I think Barrie Mac t the end just about summed up the day, big hard men and small hard men but all with big hearts. The interviews at the end were a tough watch, but were must not be missed moments. Good luck little fella, we are all behind you.
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