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  1. The ref went to the screen in the vain hope there was reason to disallow it, he had a real problem. The Law as is written would have given Hull a penalty, what occurred wasn't really a penalty offence, but it was certainly not in the spirit of how the sport should be played. The sporting thing that should have happened is that Hull gifted, as they accepted, a try. I have repeated and been consistent on this, if the ref didn't apply the law Saints should have done the right thing. One other thing, i have been accused of being contradictory quite a few times by certain posters b
  2. How many times do I have to post the particular law of the game before it sinks in. It is a catch all law that refs can use.
  3. Hang on you have been telling us that it doesn't exist from your "contact", now it does exist. Which exists and which doesn't the law that clearly states it or you mate in the pub. What you have you have posted there is what is included, as far as foul play and nothing else. Read what it says it the top it clearly says includes and not IS.
  4. Go and read the Laws of the game, it is quite clearly in there. Your top grade official is an idiot if he doesn't know it is there and not fit to be a top grade official, if he exists.
  5. I have no problem with that. On here name calling and swearing are dealt with by the referees at their discretion.
  6. No, it exists in the laws of the game As I said it has its flaws, the main being applying it would have given Hull a penalty, it would be better if it gave the referee more options, other laws have options.
  7. No rules were broken, except the playing in the true spirit of the game one, which I have pointed out has its flaws and this put the ref in a difficult situation.
  8. They can do that now with a head injury, yet another of arguments that is null and void.
  9. Soccer players take matters into their own hands and stop play by making the ball dead, it happens regularly.
  10. Another poor comparison, the injured party was not in possession.
  11. Just putting this out there. It is not as a direct comparison but as an example. At the 1969 Ryder Cup, an event that was dominated by the USA at the time, Britain's Jacklin and American Nicklaus reached the 18th hole all-square with the overall scores tied at 15.5-15.5. It was the final match of the competition and, after Nicklaus holed his putt to make par, Jacklin faced a three-footer to earn the first ever tie in the event. Instead of forcing his rival to take his shot, Nicklaus picked up Jacklin's ball marker and conceded the tie. "I don't think you would have m
  12. We just stepped off the moral high ground and straight into the gutter. Check Wellsy's video clip of how you show true sportsmanship.
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