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  1. Toronto Wolfpack

    Just a heads up, I spoke to the travel company today and the 3 night package that many of us were sent is now nearly £600. The best deal is a 5 nighters at £720 or 7 nights at £900.
  2. Wakey at home

    The Beeb have confirmed that the game will be live on BBC2
  3. Nominate an Unsung Hero

    I received the link below through work but wondered if anyone from the club or one of the supporters might be a candidate for this award? I know there are lots of people who give up their spare time and money to help this club operate. Just a thought. http://www.simonreevell.com/news-articles/subject/37-news/1949-dewsbury-mp-encourages-communities-to-nominate-their-unsung-heros
  4. Reserve Team

    We are all hoping for a big crowd v Wigan which will bring in much needed cash to the coffers. Given that our squad has a number of players who cannot be named in the match day squad, would it be sensible for the club to use some of the money made to arrange a series of reserve/trial matches so that injured, unselected players get a run out? I'm not talking about weekly fixures perhaps only once/twice a month. If we'd had a reserve team perhaps lads like Lillycrop would have got the game time Glenn alluded to him needing in order for him to develop his skill sets whilst it would also allow injured players to prove their fitness. It would also be a great opportunity to trial some of the local amateur/released players who Glenn may have an eye on? I'm sure the coaching staff would welcome this. Just a thought!