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  1. Heard Garratt is back next season,he was on a 2 year contract anyway. Hopefully Ryder signs up for next year as well.
  2. Also got mine yesterday,a lot of positives.
  3. So does this mean we’ve got to listen to them gloating for next 10 years ?
  4. Very sad,no age. Condolences to the family,RIP Will?
  5. To be honest I don't think we'll see any more rugby again this season, not at championship level anyway.
  6. Totally agree with that. I heard yesterday their is very little chance of any rugby league been played again this year,at championship level anyway.
  7. Thought he was a batley lad.Used to live in birstall.
  8. Tommy is a Batley lad. Joe Whittington,Bob Haigh,Tony Halmshaw.
  9. Graham Mook,Phil Artis,Sean Richardson,Jeff Grayson,Trevor Lowe,John Bates the list goes on.
  10. Yes he did but how many times did he play for us? I reckon you can count on one hand.
  11. Well I guess we’ll have to wait for our easy 2 pts ?
  12. Eaton as been on top money every where he’s been.
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