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  1. Bradford’s bad enough but I draw the line at Sheffield
  2. Like a lot of the young players we had they either went back to playing amateur or just drifted out of the game.
  3. Marvellous what a change of coach can do,building a nice squad.
  4. You are way off the mark with the first,but I’ll be highly delighted with the second one
  5. What about Lingard? Or doesn’t that count
  6. Heard 1 or 2 players have made a u turn and are probably staying at Batley now Diskin as gone,Ward is one of them As for us the players that are wanting more money to stay are in for a long wait as Mark Sawyer pointed out last night.
  7. Don’t worry we’ve quite a few players to be announced yet,what about Batley?
  8. Can’t disagree with that apart from Igbinedion’s minor faults,really. He’s a liability end of.
  9. 1 or 2 to be announced tonight at fans forum
  10. Heard some clubs are exaggerating attendance figures to get more funding,I hope your club isn’t one of them.
  11. You leave coolie alone it’s not his fault he keeps forgetting to take his medication
  12. Boxing Day it will all be kicking off on here then
  13. At least he’d have been much better than a few of our forwards have been this season,or btw you’ve signed one of them
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