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  1. As Annakin shouted, they are a set of whining bitches
  2. Very. Once we are allowed supporters we are having a bucket collection.
  3. Well done batley, well deserved. Hope you beat Bradford next week now
  4. Yes he did. He was a slightly better coach than a commentator.
  5. Saving him for the play offs
  6. James Brown in commentary said the same,he was busy looking over his shoulder instead of backing himself.
  7. No Wayne Reitie or Johnny Campbell? Looked like Jack Logan was running in treacle when he intercepted Sykes’s pass on Saturday.
  8. Keighley got a bit of a reputation for their tactics whilst under the coaching of Craig Lingard.
  9. He went well. Scored our 1st try,ltook some stopping,looks to be a good signing .
  10. The incident you are referring to,did it involve Chris Annakin and Tom Lillycrop? And I don’t mean the incident leading up to Chris getting put in the sin bin.
  11. Even though it was a good game today with good coverage you can’t beat been on the terraces having good banter. By the way how good was James Brown as co commentator,very funny.
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