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  1. As far as I know Boas as signed a contract at Doncaster. Is it true that PNG players that come over to play in this country can only play rugby and not seek other employment? If true they need a decent contract to be able to live on. Or do what Sheffield do,apply for a student visa
  2. Maybe your DR partners will be able to send you some experienced players
  3. You just concentrate on your no-signings
  4. Think he’s gone back to Oz to see if he can get a shot in the NRL.
  5. Don’t worry bulls won’t be anywhere near super league any time soon.
  6. Eh don’t bring me and Coolie into it
  7. Local lad Tommy Brierley signs a year contract. Welcome Tommy.
  8. Leakage occurs,you need to see a doctor
  9. Bloody hell jumping a sinking ship already I’d have thought they’d have waited till the season had begun at least I’m hearing you are in talks with another 3 players who’ll had some quality to your thin squad,so come on it’s not all bad.
  10. Personally I’m quite happy with the squad that we’ve put together and I reckon we will be a lot stronger than last season.Batley have retained majority of last season’s players who in my opinion under achieved,was it down to the coach,is Lingard the answer? I guess you’ll find out next year. Fev have made some quality signings but I can’t say Halifax and Sheffield have,not what I’ve seen anyway. Anyway not long now before we find out.
  11. Both Ward and Worrincy signed for Sheffield,I hear the latter is regretting it already and they’ve not started pre season yet.
  12. What if it’s Oldham now that would be ###### funny
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