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  1. Tbh I think we’ll be relegated if we don’t finish above Batley.
  2. Mark Sawyer as got a very good relationship with Hetherington and apparently this is an agreement that will benefit us when it comes to funding for 2021 season.
  3. Well said. As I keep saying to my fellow Rams fans it’s not about the result but it’s the performance that counts,and my god we’ve been in the two previous friendlies but I’m hoping for better things today against the bulls. Just enjoy enjoy your victory.
  4. One way to look at this Graham. While ever they are getting Leeds Rhinos players in they are leaving Batley and Dewsbury players alone
  5. I’m hearing that theirs no Liam Finn on Sunday as he’s away,hopefully see plenty of Morgan Punchard. Hoping for a good game and of course a win as it’s our last pre season game before the season starts against Leigh.
  6. He’ll fit in at Batley then
  7. Tbh I thought it was a decent game,a bit disappointed to concede two tries in last 3 minutes though. What stood out for me was we need Paul Sykes to stay fit and healthy because when he’s off the field we are lost.
  8. Pretty strong squad that as is yours. Looking forward to it.
  9. As he been out of the game because I’ve not heard much of him for quite a while?
  10. Thank god someone as put a comment on I thought I was talking to myself I agree as I honestly think we’ve got a good player here.
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