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  1. What you don’t have you won’t miss
  2. And let’s hope that continues,some fans,mainly from other clubs say it’s lack of ambition I say it’s been sensible. Chairmen throwing money about doesn’t guarantee anything and how long before they say enough’s enough.
  3. Liam Finn as never had pace but what he as got is a great rugby brain. Strange Chester should say that because last week after their cup defeat he said that Wakefield haven’t had a leader on the field since Liam Finn played for them. Maybe he’s having a dig because I’ve heard that Liam as cut all ties with Wakefield.
  4. Shhhhh say it quietly as we don’t want Fev and Sheffield trying to tap our players up before the season eventually gets started
  5. What rent money? Theirs been no rugby for over 6 months.
  6. Maybe a combined age of nearly 80 but the pair of them are better than what yours have got to offer ,admit we do need some cover though ,more so for Sykes not for injuries but suspensions how many 30 something player’s have you got in your squad?
  7. We’ll not see any rugby at our level till March/April at the earliest
  8. Keep dreaming. Apparently he’s after a club that’s dafter enough to take him on.
  9. If he turns out as good as Tom Lillycrop and Jack Teanby who both came from Wakefield then I’ll be happy.
  10. Shame that. It says he’s going back to play amateur rugby so that could be your new signing
  11. I think the season will start at some point,but I don’t think it will start as soon as some people think,I just hope it’s not too late for some clubs.
  12. Jon Magrin signed on for next season.
  13. Unlike your players jumping ship some having only played a few games including your marquee signing Shaun Lunt.Were as majority of our players are happy to stay on reduced terms.
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