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  1. 1. Gary Rose 2. MIck Hughes 3. Peter Garner
  2. Earlier today the club broke the sad news that Maureen Kelly the wife of Neil as sadly died,she was a lovely lady.Condolences to Neil and his family. RIP Maureenxxx
  3. Adrian Rushton will always be my favourite,closely followed by John Langley. Jimmy Ledgard was a good fullback I hear but before my time,over to you BSJ.
  4. I reckon a few clubs will go under especially if this goes on a long period of time.
  5. Plus we’ve got a chairman that’s a on coarse bookmaker.
  6. Thought we’d give you a mention especially with you not having a game this weekend,we didn’t want you to feel left out
  7. Who knows you might have a Syrian or Afghan centre in your next game
  8. If Toulouse don’t travel can we claim the points please
  9. According to what Diskin was saying last Sunday at the game he’s gone,such a shame.
  10. Great win in atrocious conditions. I reckon that game would have been off if it had been more local and we hadn’t travelled all that way,plus it would have meant them postponing the Newcastle game. Another game we’d have lost last season but this team wants to play for the coach,club and more importantly each other. Well done again lads.
  11. Bradford City use it. Wakefield did up to this year but I think they use Wakefield college now. Batley bulldogs have used it in the past as well. Mirfield Stags have played the odd game on it and more recently Shaw Cross.
  12. When I went with the Rams majority flew with FlyBe,think players did too hope it doesn’t effect any of your fans and staff and they end up losing money.
  13. Next Wednesday 11th March.
  14. More to the point which players will be able to take time off work? Sam Day played 80 minutes,Knowles is carrying a hand injury.
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