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  1. Back for Rochdale game as far as I know.
  2. And Dom Speakman is away on holiday
  3. The one eye he as got is glass. Diskin was moaning about the officials again,he’s getting to sound more like Glenn Morrison every day.
  4. Play like you did at Toronto and 2nd/3rd is yoursI can only see one defeat in your last 6 games and that will come at the Rams
  5. With only 7 games to play in our quest to avoid the dreaded drop,I reckon 2 wins should be enough but the way the championship as gone this season anything could happen. Our remaining games are. Halifax h. Rochdale a. Fev h. Batley a. Bulls h. Toulouse a. Widnes h.
  6. I’ve no problem with the loanees it’s the the contracted players I worry about.
  7. That’s what I like to hear. I thought we might have sneaked a win as imo I don’t think Sheffield are that great.
  8. Sorry but we let you down but don’t let it stop you doing us a favour by beating Batley
  9. Had a great holiday thanks nicely finished off with us beating Barrow. No not going to Sheffield as I’ve a prior engagement.
  10. Ah but 99.9% of the time I’m right. And btw isn’t this a fans forum where anyone can comment?
  11. Chris Annakin severe concussion end of Leigh game so not sure how much longer he’ll be out for. Dom is signed till end of season. And McGrath is here for a month.
  12. From what I heard today it looks like you could be getting your wish
  13. That’s the danger for any club getting relegated from the championship, none more so than this season.
  14. No Batley are safe from relegation didn’t you know
  15. Earlier this week,it was as recent as last Friday. He’s the dogs doh dahs now.
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