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  1. Ha Ha you nobber
  2. Just checked for flights to Toulouse. £94 return from Manchester Friday- Monday with flybe
  3. Crusaders fans are the noisiest in Rugby League
  4. Something like the 1991-1992 Shirt for me
  5. I'd welcome you to Dewsbury, But don't bring those stacked up Portacabins with you !
  6. No chance ! The RFL wouldn't let Dewsbury play at the Don Valley in 2000 when they were promoted.
  7. Championship is much harder comp. TO will struggle to make the top 4 with the players they have
  8. I have 2 Halifax RLFC Wembley 1988 Jackets for Sale. I put them on eBay Yesterday as buy it now for £30 each. I've has loads of interest, but would obviously prefer them to go to Halifax Supporters. I have never seen these Jackets anywhere else, I'd be surprised if there is any left except these
  9. Best thing we did last season re-entering a second team. Dewsburys 1st team now has about 5 of last years reserves playing, and a couple are very good
  10. Maybe from Don Valley or York RLFC?
  11. What happened to all the cash from the sale of the Willows?
  12. If Morrison goes, we can always let Jack Addy have another go !
  13. Has it even been announced that Toronto will be allowed to play on CH1
  14. Not factually correct..... I'd say spot on Karen Matthews.....oh dear, get a life !