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  1. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-50426774 Canadian visa issues making the news. I hope our bureaucrats get their act together prior to the start of the 2020 season and ensure players aren't denied entry we don't need any SL teams crying foul we want to beat then fairly.
  2. see you are playing Fev on March 22 be a good game. but boy u have a tough round 1 Toulouse away! about time you beat them though bonne chance!!
  3. cheers mate.. see you in March. Interested to see who the Kneets will be playing after we tune up Wakey
  4. It takes money doesnt it? Well heeled RL lovers like David Argyle need to be convinced to put money in and they will only do that if a TV broadcaster sees a growing audience and spectators do their part in sustaining the clubs. And then it comes down to effective marketing something the governing body AND the clubs dont seem to do very well. Thats got to change.
  5. or if the entire league and its fans adopted a 'can do" spirit instead of moaning and bringing the game down. We will get them all fired up when they visit the Den and send them back bubbling over with unbridled enthusiasm..maybe it'll rub off!
  6. yep it was brilliant..hope that kinda spirit percolates thru the entire league
  7. hope so. seen a number of women in muslim dress attend Wolfpack games at Lamport which is brilliant..if the game brings people together thats a good thing.
  8. OK Roger T, now you have to fix the schedule so you play YCK @ York new stadium on March 22nd. Gonna be there to see the Wolfpack clobber Wakey and seeing you lot play the Kneets would be the icing on the cake... do what you can Ok?
  9. well that kinda seals it..just had lunch at the Pint-Toronto with a good pal of mine here on biz from Kent and he says his future daughter in law's family are Wakey fans so he is going to bring them to York March 22nd to see Trinity play the Wolfpack..so seems I am committed!
  10. Planning on having a few pints at this place in 2020 - March 22nd to be precise..gav, Deano and crew - be prepared..!!!
  11. Planning on going to York Mar 22.Ticks a lot of boxes for me - My hometown, see my relatives - see new stadium - see all the fun Kneets fans & have a redo of the great p**s up we had at Northern Maverick this year, pic attached now to convince an entourage to accompany me
  12. if it is anything like the job Netflix did on Formula 1 it will be great
  13. hey Deano - do you have a photo of us all with those big steins? need a shot for the 2019 album. cheers
  14. Have picked some up here occasionally - usually available in the US for some reason.
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