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  1. Well thank you for the clarification..it all sounds a bit "holier than thou" though. I hope common sense prevails, we had enough stick from L1 and Championship clubs when they couldn't field full squads, I wouldn't want to see it escalate now that the big boys are coming to town.
  2. i get the digital issue but also ordered the print copy because I like to have the handy fixture guide in my pocket at the games and at the pub to bandy about! thanks guys.
  3. Hope Northern Maverick does a brunch party for the opener Feb 2nd
  4. Please stop pontificating. Unless you are a specialist in this area my opinion is as valid as yours. I will try and make my position simple for you. If an individual has paid his debt to society and poses no danger to the public as determined by a UK court what right does a Canadian bureaucrat have to deny that person entry to this country? And the reason I am "going off" on it is I do not want any visiting club or their fans to claim the Wolfpack only won because their team was short players. This has happened in the past and we can assume it would happen in the future. That is all.
  5. Balderdash. its not based on law at all..it's one bureaucrats personal interpretation of a UK court ruling or decision and it should never be left to an individual..an expunged conviction is just that, your record is clean - no rationale for denying someone entry.
  6. Big fan of AD..will show his stuff in SL
  7. Disagree. improper completion and late applications - sure, no excuse but criminal records expunged by the UK courts should not mean our Government can unfairly deny entry. These players aren't emigrating they are here for a period to play a game.
  8. The Wynne government was both incompetent and corrupt. Ford may be wrong on a lot of things but so far he hasn't descended into the pit of corruption occupied by the Wynne gang
  9. Love to see Batley anytime..great club with great fans..in fact every club that has come over here to play have brought the most amazing fans and we've had a whale of a time with them...I just love the fact that great chunks of the world want to play and watch Rugby League.
  10. I plan on going to Ottawa Stags games in 2020 in any case but would be pumped to see them play Red Star Belgrade in addition to New York. How exciting is that. Grow the game!!!
  11. Lovely kit...now get it in the shop! Of course if I want it in time for my trip to York in March I may have to fly it across the Atlantic.
  12. we are at the salary cap apparently even at 23 players and this is preventing them bring Quinn Ngawati back on the roster on Cdn dlrs
  13. I think he was commenting on the visa issues..recall earlier in the program he discussed the WP overseas players not being on the same visa as UK based teams overseas players and referencing the Darcy Lussick issue that happened in June when Darcy had to head from Oz to Canada thus missing some UK games.
  14. It is excellent. Highly recommended
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