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  1. I think we will win handily. The away loss was an anomaly...we have their number now.
  2. and 59, 997,000 watch on Sky rather than getting their behinds out to the pitch. So what?
  3. Maybe David Argyle and Eric Perez long term plans involve bringing in OSEG and MLSE in a consortium, take over the RFL AND SL and run the whole darn thing properly...start telling SKY how things are going to be come 2021..sure looks like it bl**dy well needs sorting!!
  4. After 4+ decades in Canada I'm still a proud Brit (I still hold a UK passport) I get a lump in my throat every time I see the Union flag and I'm near tears whenever I come "home" and see those green fields from the air but a lot of the time I despair on how badly things are run in the UK. All our famous carmakers sold off to foreign firms, big chunks of premium real estate and sporting cubs in the hands of Russkie criminals and then there's the Brexit mess which could be the catalyst that sees the UK split up into its component countries. And to top it off the best sport in the world RL seems to be run by complete nitwits. What happened to the country that used to be proud of exporting its magnificent cultural, industrial and commercial enterprises?...is the general population (including fervent RL fans) that insular now that when others (especially Commonwealth countries) want to take part and contribute to advancing and promoting the organic growth of a such a fine product they don't want any part of it?? I hope that isn't the case.
  5. well done Kneets...we will avenge you next sunday!!!!
  6. we have to have a point? you should have said...
  7. parky should be weighing in soon about how this is good for swinton fans, good for the sport Toronto's fault etc..give it a couple of hours
  8. A superleague quality team putting on a RL masterclass with the background of a nearly full stadium and this guy calls it a poor product. I guess a sparsely populated stadium with all the right lines is more to his liking. No wonder the game is struggling.
  9. Toronto will be in SL..this is a windup story..likely planted by ParqueCider coming up for air from under his rock.
  10. As long as the WP aren't playing the same weekend/day I will be there with an entourage..I can see taking in a couple or more games over the season. Be a fun weekend away.
  11. If anyone can spring an upset it's York..
  12. The Kneets 2019! Solid 3rd place finish...well done boys!!!
  13. well done York..picked you for 3rd at start of season behind us and TOXIII...now beat them...
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