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  1. for any new Ottawa fans coming on this thread in advance of you getting a dedicated team thread I recommend subscribing to League Express via Pocketmags. It is put out weekly and digital edition comes in around 4pm our time every Sunday . they have great writers and even in the lockdown do a great job of keeping you informed.. inexpensive and great value. I have no axe to grind I just enjoy getting the inside info especially the game reports when things are humming..enjoy!
  2. and to think in 2022 you will get the Yanks coming up to games when NY joins... ofc there's a good chance the Aces get promoted to Championship and then I have a quandary as the wonderful York City Knights will be coming over and I have a ton of mates who travel with them..how to be in two places at once??
  3. I think they will organize some friendlies and they will be jammed
  4. think Ottawa being in will push Wolfpack attendance figures too, once fans see a RL game they will want to see more as it is as good as advertised. So expect we will see Aces fans in their gear at Lamport. My clothes closet now is full of RL gear, Wolfpack, York City Knights, Batley Bulldogs, Bradford Bulls. and in 2021 I suppose I will have to make room for Aces shirts!!
  5. sorry should have said discounted..ie you buy combo ticket game and transit itsa good deal
  6. Wolfpack do a free GO train and TTC deal so think the Aces will jump on that right off the bat
  7. agree railway travel in Canada while comfortable is slow, our railways are freight oriented
  8. its an easy 2 hr drive,,that hway route is generally not too busy i dont know about cross town access to the stadium a local will have to comment
  9. I think Perez may be low on his estimate..if the Aces get a decent French squad contingent say 5 or 6 French players the Quebec media will pick it up and the number of fans heading in from Montreal area will be significant. Add to that fans from Toronto and eastern Ontario who support the Wolfpack (yours truly and my contingent) heading in to rekindle their friendships with League 1 clubs overseas supporters and you have a large outside grouping. Ottawa area locals rocking up plus the above and I see a 7-8000 average. The luckiest bunch are gonna be those 5-6 Frenchmen being swarmed on a hot summer day by Quebecois hotties in their Daisy Dukes and tanktops!!!
  10. I like RU and played it as a youngster and I do attend Arrows games but my season ticket holder loyalty will always be Wolfpack...but I think when the Aces are added to the mix you will see more media coverage across the country. I can even see bus loads of fans field tripping back n forth between the two cities..hell I am on that bus! League just seems to inspire that kind of rabid fanaticism.
  11. Nope..things will roar back when this is over..Lamport will be jam packed and everyone will come out of their slumber
  12. Toronto 2017 Ottawa 2021 NY 2022 Montreal 2023 Philadelphia 2024..the genie is out of the bottle now...I am old enough to remember when the UK used to be focused on exporting its success to the world..now the UK is out of the clutches of the EU it's time to start doing it again...seems like RL might be the first iteration...let's help it along...
  13. with the news that Liam may be heading to Wakefield and rumours of new signings what is the lineup gonna be like when they return on Aug 2nd?..majority of the mooted signings seem to be for 2021 but departures appear to be immediate..
  14. Its very unlikely we will see the Pack Live at Lamport in 2020 so sure hope the TV gets sorted for us folks out in the colonies. I'm also interested to see what happens with the Tv setup in 2021 when Ottawa kicks off their L1 journey..not to mention 2022 with NY starting.
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