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  1. Just Youtube LFL Legends football..hours of quality entertainment
  2. and, in my opinion, US football is a far inferior product to topnotch RL, heck I'd watch L1 and Ch before NFL -the constant stop/start and mucking about makes RU look quick and flowing in comparison. Do like the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders though..best part of the spectacle. Lament the loss of Lingerie Football League..now that was a winner!
  3. of course taking into consideration the new UK restrictions which could persist for quite some time any replacement club has to survive into 2021 which cannot be guaranteed. I dont want to see any club go out of business including my own TWP. Everyone should be pulling together now more than ever.
  4. If the new owner was up for it I'd be quite happy to do another year in Championship, some lovely folks came over with their splendid teams and we could rebuild the squad (and it would be a nice swan song for SBW) but it seems LiVolsi doesnt see it as a viable path. Pity
  5. To me it appears Superleague and/or the RFL want LiVolsi to write, in a couple of weeks, a long term business plan for the future of the game that they should have written themselves prior to encouraging the participation of any expansion teams. Surely this is what Ralph Rimmer and Robert Elstone are getting vast sums of money to produce? Its simple, either the game (the team owners, fans, sponsors and broadcast partners) want to expand the global footprint of RL in which case share the revenue and expenses equally or alternatively advise any potential investors that the game is staying put in its M62 silo. Tell Catalans and Toulouse to join a domestic or pan European league, advise Ottawa and NYRL to set up a NA league, and perhaps we will meet once every couple of years for an International tournament. That would be the kindest thing to do rather than saying to well heeled individuals "yes you can join but when you get too ambitious (making SL in 3 years) or successful (winning the Challenge Cup) you must post a bond or fund the entire shebang yourself.
  6. Mebbe this is a "duh, yes!" answer but if Toulouse Olympique get promoted (top o the table when things stopped) do they get a full share of SKY money? would they be full SL members? i think Catalans are on an invite..correct?
  7. I'd just like to think i could look forward to walking out my front door and watching some splendid live RL in 2021..think that's the only thing that will get me thru the Sh**show that is 2020...
  8. well folks it seems the majority of clubs don't want us in SL and it appears we are not sustainable at the lower levels so it could well be we will be saying goodbye permanently by the end of this month. if so it has been great mixing it up with you at whichever level you play. Will miss you all. cheers and good luck.
  9. Thats right..the governing body and the games premiere competition have no responsibility for growing the game ..its all up the clubs..take your blinkers off mate
  10. yep he came over here and saw what a brilliant game day it was (he admitted this) but changes his tune as he sees which way the wind is blowing and comes out against readmission. cannot see how any (expansion) team would want to join a club where you are told "we dont really want you" from the off. I hope Catalans and Toulouse see what they are up against. Sad for my native land..Little Britain mentality.
  11. This the situation - if they are denied they fold. if Ottawa win L1 in 2021 and CH in 2022 they are likely will be denied entry into SL because they wont get Sky money - the 11 want it all. If this happens NYRL will withdraw. Expansion is over and the game contracts. Well done everybody.
  12. If the SL clubs vote to deny TWP re entry to SL it will go down as a major own goal. Kiss any future expansion plans anywhere goodbye.
  13. maybe TWP should treat the other clubs right..seriously? free flights, free food, free hotels, enhanced attendance and tv coverage plus a SKY bonus of 100k per club..what else could we include..hookers, booze, trips to Niagara Falls perhaps??
  14. with you on that, NFL cant hold a candle to League..we had some yanks up for a Wolfpack game and they were gobsmacked..couldn't believe the guys had to play offence and defence with no 10min gab sessions between bouts of mayhem
  15. and poor old Rugby League manages to establish 2 north american teams in 5 years with the possibility of a third and a myopic minority slam it as a failure and wishes it ill..shake your head...
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