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  1. come on Bulldogs...Leighve them behind!
  2. Would like to see it happen as it would really make the RL world go nuts...let' see...
  3. I think the Sonny Bill talk was just DA's enthusiastic optimism...if it was that close it would have been announced soon after..there may well be one or two RU returnees available but I don't think SB is on the horizon.
  4. Place looks brilliant..can't wait to see it in person
  5. With the departure of Higson I make it 23 players on the roster...if we have 2 or 3 out then we are thin on numbers..we brought in Mason Caton-Brown late in the year (and i'd kinda hoped we'd keep him as he played well) so there's nothing to stop us doing the same this year..lets' see what coach BM and Nobby have in mind..
  6. we let in two tries against Fev that shouldn't have happened and cannot happen in the remaining games plus playoffs..we have a big target on our backs and every club will want to derail our march to SL.
  7. I love Rugby League..Brilliant!
  8. All journos are pretty lazy these days what with twitter and internet drivel to distract them but must admit Nigel Reed of CBC is doing a good job following the Wolfpack.
  9. He likely will be here given they are in Toronto thru until Sept 7th when we finish the season against the Centurions.
  10. right you are..party time at Northern Maverick starts at 5pm local. stay awake!!
  11. what a close race for 2nd thru 4th. exciting finish to come
  12. hope your feeling better. looks like we will have to wait for 2021 to see u in Ottawa. cheers
  13. Deano - when are you lot arriving Toronto in August??
  14. a tie against York..well done Batley. I was totally conflicted on this one. Roger, were u there?
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