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  1. even if you might geta bit wet..salted wet!
  2. all good here..missing the game though! cheers to all the Bulldog supporters
  3. Halifax would work well..shorter haul from the UK
  4. Darwins theory - only the strong survive. Perhaps there will be mergers or some form of consolidations...clubs with weaker financials being absorbed by those with stronger balance sheets and this could well be across the divisional divide.. But sorry Toronto doubters - we are one of the strong.
  5. He was named as a sub and I think the report said all were played dont recall mention of him though
  6. we will all be lumping it...the year may well be down the drain so lets worry about keeping everyone healthy
  7. All fine until Covid 20 makes an appearance
  8. They might be the only ones left standing after this all spins out..
  9. It might be last RL for a while so enjoy it everyone and UP THE KNEETS!
  10. Named in Rochdale squad facing York this sunday. Hope he gets a run out, might be last chance for a while until the plague runs its course. good luck to our lad!
  11. flippin well have..can't come to York for March 22. to say I'm p.o'd is putting it mildly. wanted to get squiffy with Deano and the boys in the Bootham tavern..oh and watch RL!!
  12. For all those incurring financial losses on account of the coronavirus pandemic suggest you collect all documentation and submit statements to the following; Communist Party of China, Great Hall of the People, Tiananmen Square, Beijing, Peoples Republic of China att: Xi Jinping, General Secretary
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