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  1. I was thinking of renting a place in Cornwall for a hol next summer..be a bonus to take in a league game smashing!
  2. Brave for suggesting it...Swinton were gonna raise their profile and rebrand as Manchester and fans lost it..
  3. mebbe Elstone would be interested..anyone have his email? big pay cut though..
  4. It has no Canadian involvement whatsoever except perhaps investment by Perez. This is my understanding anyhow.
  5. nah it's done. Not unexpected..UK RL still not sure it wants French teams in the competition and so crossing the Atlantic isn't gonna fly. And why would any investor want to persevere after watching what the TWP went through?
  6. Sounds like a good effort from the Bulldogs..but silver lining is you dont have to fight that nest of vipers that is SL
  7. Attended last nights NARL match Washington Cavalry vs Toronto Wolfpack at Lamport. Was well supported with the east side stand (cap.4600) only open due to covid protocols and attendance restricted to 2000. Very enthusiastic crowd out to support their hometown Wolfpack. Sat next to folks up from DC watching their son play for Ryan Burroughs team. Blake Wallace on the sidelines coaching with Burroughs busy on the field. Simon Gelder the kit man was enjoying himself so lotsa WP alumni in evidence. Sure hope NARL makes a go of it, I for one will be going all in on season tickets and kit and I am confident I wont be alone if this turnout is anything to go by.
  8. The answer is simple (and as much as we all groan when they do it) - if this competition had been held in the USA there would have been an army of lawyers suing the pants off the Antipodeans for pulling out at this stage.
  9. KFC has a new offering "try the Colonels Antipodean Chicken"
  10. and stuffing the all conquering Wolfpack at Bootham Crescent in 2017. I recall talking to James Ford at Lamport stadium after the July 1st game when we had just clobbered you despite DFJ's hat trick and he said to me "that's fine but I reckon we will have you at home" which of course I dismissed but his prediction was correct. Hopefully the team that did the business for him then will show up before season end.
  11. Be careful what you wish for mes amis Toulousaine..if you think there's attitude in Championship wait until you get to Superleague!!
  12. and to think all of these 3rd and 4th waves and subsequent variants spreading could have been avoided if Governments across the world had just shut the airlines down from the start. Bailing out the airline industry would have cost peanuts compared to what we're going thru now. Our dozy PM was asked to do this and did not think it was necessary.
  13. would have been a horror story..wonder how many clubs will not make it to 2022..?
  14. It was the Canada Day game July 1 ..Gav brought me a Knights shirt and I wore it to Lamport for the first 40 mins switching to my Wolfpack shirt for the second 40..good times at the pub beforehand, during the game and beer garden afterwards..cannot believe four years have gone by.
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