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  1. we are doing OK but missing you lot. I keep an eye on Batley and York!
  2. Batley steaming along eh Roger? Good to see..cheers
  3. Yeh I'd be quite happy with a mixed bag of foreign stars even those past their prime, ambitious local RL or RU players, gridiron converts and athletes from other sports keen on seeing what they can do... If the teams are evenly matched and filled with the above it should be very entertaining and attract the crowds. Purists may knock it but I say bring it on!!!
  4. we'll hold you to that..and good luck in the Championship in 2022...
  5. I bet there were a lot of Lamport regulars who went initially because it was a novelty, something different and a party atmosphere and then discovered they loved the game. I remember bringing a half dozen to L1 game 1 at Lamport by mid season I had a dozen or so and by the last game I think we were 20. On more than 1 occasion I talked to Americans who came in from Buffalo and upstate New York. Championship season(1) 20 was a regular outing and by Ch season 2 GF we were 30 with most of them season ticket holders, heck I had 4 people from Montreal and Ottawa!! There's no reason this scenario can
  6. I don't think NARL would be happening (and only time will tell if it is going to succeed) if the Wolfpack had not existed. It took David Argyles fortune to ascertain that there is indeed an appetite for RL in North America and Eric Perez was correct to state that it had to be top-down driven as opposed to bottom-up driven. So now we have NARL which, I feel, will be well supported by Canadian fans and if American fans support their teams anywhere close to the level we saw in Toronto in 2017 ie 5-6000 fans per game then it will take hold, marketing will be the key and who does marketing better t
  7. Watched this from Toronto. Knights did well, bit better finish at the line and they'd have had a couple of trys bodes well for the year if that aspect can be sorted. Lovely stadium, I'm very envious but hey NARL is coming to Lamport so cannot complain! Mebbe we'll tempt Deano and gang over when we play New York in 2022!!!
  8. They will when they see it being played! give the new NARL a couple of years and prepare to be surprised.
  9. Don't need them. Ok the quality may not be the best but as long as the teams are fairly evenly matched what may appear to be amateur to RFL/SL/NRL fans should be entertaining enough to all but the most critical NA fan. Years 2021/22/23 should be spent on building a fan base/organizational structure and saleable product to sponsors and media. as long as the game day experiencing is good we'll be off to the races.
  10. The imbalance may be similar to when York played our WP at BC back in 2017, we took it for granted and got turned over..hoping for the same result here. Even if the Kneets lose hope they send Wigan home applying liniment and sticking plaster to a multitude of cuts and bruises. All in the name of sport of course!
  11. I'd rather see a team of talented amateurs turning pro, refugees from Union who can keep up with the faster pace and CFL/NFL converts willing to give it a go than guys looking for a last paycheque.
  12. and I remember the Swinton fans raving about the experience..not to mention the piecommission.com pies!
  13. Grounds shouldn't deter fans I'd think..I recall when Lamport was being re-sodded we played Swinton at Fletchers fields in the middle of nowhere and nearly 3000 showed up. It's marketing driven...and no one markets like the Americans.
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