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  1. we were ###### the season bazza got us up. he should not have had that chance. why was he not fired. the season he did get us up. hmmm. we had york and oldham against us.. who else barring newcastle who played a part.. all others were complete dross... was a mere fluke we went up.. only by skin of the teeth hunslet went up.. bazza record was the worst ever. wish someone would show his win loss record...
  2. being hard on a coach who relegated hunslet twice. you being real steve.. once was enough and he should have resigned . but no he stayed on.... and still being given another contract...... been some really crazy decisions up at hunslet last few seasons.. bazza yes was given a chance. he failed in that task and end day the buck stops their results and relegation means you lose your job..
  3. bramalds record. compared to bazza..... bazza was by far the worse coach in probably hunslets history. bramald inherited bazza's squad so brown was still at hunslet and bramald didnt do bad at all. after all bramald didnt get us relegated twice and still keep his job. odd that failure twice and yet he got new contracts did bazza bramald was shown the door after doing a decent job. why simon brown didnt play well for hunslet too many times. probably gave up thinking why bother. after all plenty other players didnt play too well either during the last few seasons. might been down to dual reg who knows
  4. aye eaton was a class act has coach who played simon brown most weeks. yet the club backed him even with 2 relegations....... so must been bazza who could not get simon brown to play
  5. another waste time signing think sub once
  6. do we really need help from bradford with players... thoughts people
  7. fourways did hemel bus.......... must been from rhinos deal........ but yes 3 coaches from leeds area. makes sense pumping diesel fumes into the environment for a trip to hemel when not 1 player i believe was based down south. costs loads money to hire any coach for that length trip.. might has saved money and played local.. then again why bother hemel been in league if you cant do the job in hemel
  8. how on earth did the rfl people allow hemel stags into the league. not really up to scratch hosting matches..seen and been to much better set ups around the amatuer leagues and yesterday both teams travelled something like 180miles to hemel ground. the hemel players are training from dewsbury i believe and are all northern based. so not 1 player i understand is from hemel or the local area.. and the rfl idiots think this is helping to expand and grow the game in the london and home counties. might have done previous seasons but not this season its a joke this allowed to happen...
  9. check the picture of stadium.. wording.. south leeds stadium-coventry bears rugby thought hunslet were the tenants lol
  10. 1895 was when the northern union was created......... 1888 who did the homework on this article
  11. newcastle rested 6 first teamers.........for sure they will be in top4... what i witnessed bottom 4 for hunslet
  12. last few hours you cant get onto website just tried again
  13. two bobs son is on the rhinos books,,,,,,, hes 18..... 6 feet 1inch turns out he went to my old school i would say at some stage he will play for hunslet......... or fev lol
  14. two bobs is i believe 38
  15. im led to believe your playing a friendly sunday 15th january its up north in west yorkshire hunslet club parkside v oxford... maybe a 2pm ko can anyone confirm from oxford this fixture will take place