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  1. So where do you think we will finish ?

    5th will be a marked improvement on 2017 season..
  2. Grimmer is back

    i did comment on the norty 40 facebook page about jake normington months ago him not wanting to play for hunslet. guess i was correct and jake called me summat like a knobhead on the comments.
  3. Danny Ansell

    see bbc are not really bothered again.. highlights show every now and then. odd live game if this had been union tripe world cup all games be on live.. well done danny ansell have a great world cup
  4. Cain the first of many?

    must be a lot to come player wise. we only show 9 players in squad
  5. Martin Flynn-CEO

    agree with every word gaz needs to be at the least advertised 1 to 2 months before the event. needs to be a proper meal and why are the sponsors not involved. this last minute attitude with most of the events is a shambles hence why not many supporters attend another example of a missed chance to get a few quid behind the bar. its a long way before season starts and revenue is has ever needed...
  6. What to make of Today

    i would hope 2018 season hunslet can push on and gain promotion....
  7. supporting hull this weekend

    best of luck hull fc.. party of hunslet rl supporters will be shouting for you boys this weekend
  8. Diolch yn Fawr/Thank you

    got to remember lots of hunslet area is very rough.
  9. HUnslet & North Wales

    very similar to the 1st oxford away game. never learn do we..
  10. Fixtures

    we went to game.. 1st half was not impressive for either team. but when the half lasts 52mins you can imagine the stoppages with injuries and many penalties. handling errors too. the ref was well not very good to say the least and at times seemed to not know the games rules making mistakes.. 2nd half was much much better by hunslet helped by an oxford player being sent off which hunslet took advantage of and finally started to throw the ball about and result we score some nice tries.. the game was not a classic in any way.. on to north wales the team goes looking to win again
  11. Fixtures

    queensway. 2.30ko confirmed.... game on
  12. crusaders v hunslet

    sorted now. thank you
  13. crusaders v hunslet this sunday 13th august can anyone confirm where the game is being played
  14. sssshhhhhh

    in the meantime while no cheerleaders are doing the dancing.. why not invite dance groups. majorettes even brass bands. im sure they would like to demonstrate their talents
  15. sssshhhhhh

    good news agreed.. hope he gets much better players than we have had in recent years..