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  1. two bobs son is on the rhinos books,,,,,,, hes 18..... 6 feet 1inch turns out he went to my old school i would say at some stage he will play for hunslet......... or fev lol
  2. two bobs is i believe 38
  3. im led to believe your playing a friendly sunday 15th january its up north in west yorkshire hunslet club parkside v oxford... maybe a 2pm ko can anyone confirm from oxford this fixture will take place
  4. do we have 2 wingers ?
  5. just wondering when the forum admin edit the hunslet hawks been a few weeks now since we reverted back to just hunslet rl south wales changed to ironmen few weeks back so must be soon
  6. well played hunslet didnt expect the win and after first 10mins didnt look good when york scored in corner. but has we witnessed the great kick by ansell with the lucky bounce and ansell took the ball to score.. seemed to change gear then and control the first half 2nd half was a good defense although 2 tries to york but missed kicks got nervy at times but york decided to get nasty with their no13 who really after the first offense maybe then the ref acted to show card but he didnt. the 2nd time again the ref didnt act. but did have words to say calm down. well the no13 took no notice and got his marching orders followed shortly with another yellow card for saxton the drop goal rounded off a great performance
  7. sponsors.. whos job is that to procure new sponsorship and also try to retain existing ones
  8. no rumour at all its on facebook and twitter along with the official website
  9. really hope it goes well for york. and if its nearly debt free and new people come in to inject new ideas and progress then it will be a great time for you boys from an hunslet supporter good luck knights
  10. flanagan without a doubt
  11. bit late now.. he closed the club down yesterday
  12. very sad news just hope out of the ashes you return very soon rugby league need a team from york and the rfl need to help out now from a hunslet fan
  13. apx 7 people are going on train so nice day out at the seaside on the cards
  14. looking at the league table and if hunslet play for two halves and win then we have cemented a top 8 play off position. its a must win because newcastle are on the tails of hunslet and they will surely win against hemel and post a big score. can hunslet play 80mins and get the win ?
  15. cant see marcus being at club for long. the lads hardly ever played and when chance comes up hes not picked to play.. so can see another departure soon