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  1. in the meantime while no cheerleaders are doing the dancing.. why not invite dance groups. majorettes even brass bands. im sure they would like to demonstrate their talents
  2. good news agreed.. hope he gets much better players than we have had in recent years..
  3. who's to say thornton will stay...
  4. steve. why people have not returned various reasons.. some are because leeds were involved. and then the time when some supporters were told if they didnt like it now. then they were not needed anyway sponsorship. supporters and income must be at an all time low you cant blame people who walked away for that. they had good reason why they left and not returned. its what the club are doing to change and improve things. to entice supporters back and try to gain new support. money is tight for everyone and has been for nearly a decade. and supporters have moved on and out of the routine now but the rugby standard on offer and the £15 per game if you pay on the day is extreme. . and you must admit the last 3 to 4 seasons has been dire on the pitch. only odd game the team plays half decent. things need to change soon before the crowd gets smaller that its not viable to continue. how the club will change and bring back support who knows. but doing little of nowt will not help the club sanderson wont want to stay. can see he has talent. he will be picked up by a bigger more ambitious club sooner rather than later.
  5. worked well then. 2 relegations in that time. ###### suppoprters off.. good result then... damage done beyond repair for most of the supporters who walked away. guess that was good for the club then. with all those who have never returned income will be down.. another good result. guess the club still think things are fine and dandy...
  6. tel you what did change when we went in with them lot.. loads walked away. most never to return so yes things changed big time
  7. few seasons back.. oh be bazza not seeing it.. then again bazza was more interested in rhinos. my oh my all gone pear shaped since we jumped into bed with them lot over river.. and now they have departed left the club in tatters... not going forward really are we..
  8. on paper.. yeah its a win.........sadly hunslet dont play on paper or grass come to think of it
  9. these bad afternoons have been regular all season.. yet every now and then the players want to know. to me something is wrong at the club and needs sorting before next season starts... another 2018 season and i believe it will be curtains for hunslet...
  10. not moving goalposts again. was only couple years ago structure changed.. rfl ###### take this.. whats chance that bradford who are rock bottom championship escape the drop.....
  11. il be tucked in bed
  12. hi.. due to unforeseen circumstances i now have 1 room available at the rugby league challenge cup weekend.. its a double room. we travel down on the friday around 12noon and stay in boreham wood. elstree area returning on the sunday anyone thinking of going contact me please.
  13. yeah about 5 of the better players.. that went down well results wise.. he got sacked did coyle..
  14. seen has he has not played for well over a month. has coyle would not play anyone who was not training saturdays. not surprised hes not match fit.. thornton has a spare week to work on the training before toronto.. hiding to nothing really but fitness levels can be worked on.. this season was over before it started with the old boys debarcle. bring on 2018.2019.2020 might see the team moving forward....
  15. thats a great offer......... maybe a few hunslet will go. we have no fixture that weekend