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  1. Swinton's shirt is exactly what the new Barrow shirt should look like. Proper collar and everything. I might buy one and take all the badges off and pretend it's Barrow's
  2. The Barrow logo is not bad....... I dont think the NBA had anything to do with it, although it looks pretty close to an NFL logo..........
  3. I remember at the time reading (somewhere) that Halifax were going to use "Bombers" as a name, but dropped it because at that time Super League was touted as being "European" with plans to have (possibly) German teams in it, and they didn't want to upset any Germans. No idea if this is true or not.
  4. Stewart Rhodes was a pretty good player in his day. Definitely stood out in the Barrow team of the mid-90s. (Mind you, that's not saying much )