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  1. Sorted! Received mine today. If you haven't received your order, e-mail: sales@blksport.co.uk
  2. I'm getting the sneaking suspicion that BLK have balls up and none of the England RL 2016/2017 merge has been produced. I've just revceived this: "Unfortunately due to a family bereavement our offices are closed as a show of respect and so the team can attend the funeral. The offices will open again from 8:30am this coming Friday 23rd. Thank you for your understanding and sorry for any inconvenience caused." Seems very odd closing down the whole office for a few days due to someone in the office having a deatjh in their family? ??
  3. Anyone any ideas what's going on? I'm going to e-mail the BLK Sales Team to find out. Hope I get an answer soon.
  4. Hi all, just returning from a long time absense away from these forums and just wondering what on Earth is going on with BLK and the new England RL kit? I ordered on Friday gone for a Monday delievery and haven't heard diddly squat from BLK or the RFL. Looking at the BLK UK Facebook page it doesn't look like anyone has received their new England stash yet. Anyone know what is going on? ??
  5. O ho! It appears Spinner Howard is thinking of bringing the law into the USA Aussie team. https://www.facebook.com/pages/USA-Rugby-League-World-Cup-Selection-Is-A-Sham/168972403291820
  6. One thing I don't get is why Hemel and Raging Bull broke off their deal? http://www.ragingbull.co.uk/News/Raging-Bull-Follow-Hemel-Stags-into-Championship-One.aspx
  7. I know Rooney (Wayne not Jamie), Giggs & Pearce (Macca's guest?) were there but by the looks of it Riddell may have 'ribbed' Rio Ferdinand (?), on Twitter, for not being there so I guess not all of the injured Man U players were there.
  8. They may need a trophy cabinet again one day so I think Senior may have to buy his own when competing against 13 year old girls on his pony.
  9. I actually meant Leeds before they had to hand it over... On a more serious note; on today's papers there is a pic of it looking extremely smudged with hand & finger prints, as it was on the front of RLW before the season kicked off: and even when the academy lads & coaches brought it down South with them for the Cheltenham 9s. It's pretty much an embarrassment for the image of RL keeping & displaying it in that state. Well, I at least the Challenge Cup it well looked after & sparkly at the Final this year.
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