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  1. Having wacthed the highlights of several games this season on the wonderful service of FEV ROVERS TV I wonder if it would be possible to bring all these together onto dvds to form a seasons highlights. Similar to the ones that were made for Stu Dickens' testimonial season. I would happily pay 30-40 pounds for one of these. Anyone know if this would be possible?
  2. I've just been browsing and came across this video. Not sure if it's been posted before but i thought i'd share it!!
  3. Have we not been allocated any tickets for behind the sticks?
  4. Ben Black injured?
  5. 3 years ago we played celtic crusaders in NL2, again, on a thursday night and 2995 attended. Although i doubt it will happen, a crowd of 4k shouldn't be out of the question. That night celtic brought a busload of fans and theres rumours going round that halifax will bring around 800. We need to reproduce all the marketing we made for that game once again!