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  1. How it stands fax actually need to win the last 3 by 67 points per game thats how it shows at the moment and to be honest i cant see that happening not in a million to 1 chances
  2. Fax just scored 6 - 12
  3. make that 12 nil will we be champs tonight?
  4. 0 - 10 to widnes with a kick to come
  5. One thing ive noticed is briggs aint kicking i hope he asnot gone off injured
  6. Been honest we should do it with one point after today unless fax can score alottt of points been honest i cant see that
  7. kain just just broke through haven like they was not there lol
  8. 28 up now keep getting better
  9. 24 nil up now
  10. dickens try converted 20 nil up
  12. they say zac as pace to burn on radio cumbria
  13. fev 14 nil up now
  14. finn try
  15. fev 4 - haven 0