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  1. not if we reverted to being an amateur club.
  2. didn’t Chris Burton give Steady a crack after the game?
  3. remember running on the pitch at after the game and shaking Foxys hand, a bit embarrssing as he was my boss at the copper works in charge of us appretices. Great memories Robin.
  4. work with mark at Drax, Says he got a pack of John Smiths for that match, and peter Fox said to him Dunt lerit go to yer hed. lol
  5. great. that’s me out and the kids and my parents out. should be nice and quiet.
  6. We’ll see, I bet Mr Williams wouldn't be sitting on the side lines for three weeks.
  7. we haven’t kicked a ball yet and I know exactly how this season will progress. it was a friendly for gods sake. corrupt.
  8. the clubs have already had tens of millions over the years with very little to show for it. Rent a ground or ones made of sicks after twenty odd years of Sky money. What makes any of you think facilities would be improved? makes my sides split. There is absolutely no chance of developing the game, do you really think RU and their media chums would let RL grow? Open your eyes, the elite control everything in this country.
  9. Any team that is going to bring zero support to the UK, lets shoe horn anther 3 or 4 in then in a couple if years time we can all pack in as there will be no money and no players in the game.
  10. I think you will find it was Featherstone that finished the 2019 season as the highest placed English team.
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