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  1. What do you think the impact of TWP will have on the planet, flying back and forth to play rugby in an English league? What do you think Greta will think about this, and have the RFL considered the global impact?
  2. it’s the planet that will have the biggest impact, flying back and forth across the Atlantic, just think of the carbon burden. What would Greta do?
  3. woke up at 4 and 4.40, 5 5.30, 6...... wearing my flat cap in the house, it’s not coming off all day, piano lesson next complete with hat!
  4. clowns. 66% of RL has become very arrogant over the last 20 years. “A local sport for local people" is a lifted parody from The League of Gentleman, something you are not part of, and written by people that studied and lived in one of these backwards introverted Northern towns.
  5. Part of me wants you to get what you want. If Toronto get in they will have unlimited finances, will be able to pay iver the odds for players and drive up the costs for other clubs trying to play catch up. It will be beyond the means of any other team. You will all get sick and tired of watching TWP at the top of SL while other clubs bankrupt themselves trying to compete. and Wigan can go
  6. Fev would have been promoted in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 on that reckoning then.
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