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  1. just what we needed going (hopefully)into a play off spot. last thing we need is to smash teams, good win, with good defence on the goal line (at last) to win. Dewsbury are a very good team for some baffling reason lower in the league than they should be.
  2. we’ll get the fine though.
  3. with no away support that figure looks very difficult to achieve.
  4. exactly the same thing happened when we played Barrow the week before. it must now be acceptable to expose yourself on post office road.
  5. especially the one with his c2ck out on post office road for my kids to see, pi33ing all over the orange transit. great fans and we get fined!
  6. he’ll be gone before it’s half way through. you can post this when he’s sacked.
  7. felt proud actually, there are no other championship coaches getting that level of experience.
  8. Ryan is being groomed for 3 to 4 years time. Enjoy Ryan while we have him; which will be for a good few seasons. The players signing up know full well that the set up will be stable for at least two seasons. `chill out for once and stop moaning.
  9. Reynolds is not the answer either. Bussy is better.
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