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  1. Thanks Andy. Compliments of the season to you and your family!
  2. Hi Andy, Are you and I the only ones on here who had nowt better to do than read the review of Coventry's forthcoming season in last Monday's R.L. Express? What do you know about them?
  3. According to Press site Brett Waller gone to Newcastle. That's another one gone whilst all this "sorting out " goes on.
  4. I sincerely hope your source is right and mine is wrong Simon. After reading today's Press I think your source is more likely to be correct . Fingers crossed!
  5. Just returned from holiday hoping to find everything sorted re the takeover and no news. Then tonight, two days after our return, I received a phone call from a usually reliable scource to tell me everything is off as Mr Mcgill won't let the Knights play at Bootham Crescent and the prospective new owner wasn't as rumoured, Mark Campbell, but a well known successful York business man, who use to play for York in the Clarence St. days, along with a Hull director.
  6. If I want to sell something I advertise it. I've read in the Press the Knights are up for sale but I haven't seen any advert. Can anyone tell me if it is up for sale and if so what's the asking price or is it been wound up and closed down? Or is the owner on his annual "I'm going thing" which I recall him doing at the end of at least 2 recent seasons?
  7. Brilliant Hornets!!! Chuffed to bits for you even though it's landed us with a totally unexpected trip to France next week. Well done!!!
  8. Nice to see you at the Barrow match Gary. I assume it's all sorted then?
  9. According to the latest on the Press site the Knights v Barrow game will be played this Sunday, 7th August, at Bootham Crescent, kick off
  10. I must say I agree with your assessment of the chap your talking about. It seems like it's a case of if I can't have it nobody else will. Why else would you just shut down without publicly asking if anybody else wants to take over? Not a thought about anyone else, i.e. supporters, coach, players, staff etc.
  11. Yes, funny old world. There must be a lot of masochists around if recent performances and league positions are anything to go by. Oh, by the way, I think you need to brush up on your maths. You're about a third out with your 400.
  12. Thanks for that Marto but as you are now probably aware, things are still moving here evidently and we may be still in with a chance of survival. Many thanks once again and I'm sure your offer will be kept in mind.
  13. Forget the blame game. Hull, Huddersfield, Doncaster, Salford, Leeds plus no doubt others I haven't mentioned all seem to ground share without too many problems. If you're concerned about the situation you might at least let one of your City councillors know with an email. That's what I've done and if it doesn't do any good at least I feel I've done something.
  14. Your reading of the email doesn't tally with mine Simon. I would like to see the email which does what this one says it will do. That is to CONFIRM the 24th as unavailable.
  15. So sorry to hear the sad news about Shades. Unbelievable in many ways, it seems to have all happened so quickly. R.I.P.