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  1. The downward trend RL is experiencing is mirrored in other sports - including rugby union. The truth is: young players simply aren't as committed as they once were. It's a societal change rather than something unique to rugby league. The impact is probably felt most keenly in RL because of the physical toll from playing the game at even a modest level.
  2. Fantastic news and absolutely the right approach to take. I'll definitely have to pop down at some point this year.
  3. Those are all fair points Dave but I think it's harder to put a positive slant on things at junior level. Given the amount of Sport England money spent and 'boots on the ground,' I don't think it's entirely unreasonable to have expected more of a legacy. As you rightly say, there are more open age teams, but it's also fair to speculate how much more stable these clubs would've been had those areas that were heavily funded/staffed had made more of an impact in terms of proper junior development.
  4. To be fair, there was a 14 game regular season in the RLC Midlands Prem a decade ago. Given the money/human resource that was poured into the Midlands in the recent past, I'm not sure we can hail this as significant growth. Consolidation perhaps; recovery even. But growth? I'm not so sure.
  5. Re: the commemorative England shirt. Is our sport's heritage really so lost on so many of our fans?
  6. Standard RL tat. Ultimately, clubs will go for whichever supplier stumps up the most cash. Most shirts are only sold in the club shops anyway and clubs know from experience that their diehards will lap up whatever they offer, regardless of quality.
  7. No free tickets (good thing IMO) and no cohesive or sustained promotional strategy. All things considered, I don't think we could expect much more of an increase.
  8. Maybe they need to switch to a "traditional" winter season where there are fewer distractions
  9. You've come to the wrong place to start throwing facts and informed opinion around! I do agree though. It's a complex issue. I'll also throw in a personal opinion based on what I think is a cultural shift: young lads nowadays aren't as committed as they may have been 10-15 years ago and, on any given weekend, if something comes up that they fancy more than playing rugby (or whatever) they'll take it. Likewise, if they're feeling a bit fragile on Saturday morning then they'll think nothing of texting the coach/captain or simply not showing up. This isn't exclusive to rugby league, nor is it exclusive to summer sport, it's unfortunately a change in habits/attitudes that we can do little to influence.
  10. I think you're clutching at straws here. There are loads of bona fide touch leagues going on which appear to be thriving. Give credit where it's due.
  11. Worst kids name I ever heard was L-ia. Pronounced: Ladashia True story
  12. I've got my own thoughts about summer/winter. One general observation I'll make, however, is that as a sport we've talked ourselves into a crisis and I almost wonder if some people are getting a perverse kick out of it.
  13. This is very true. Aston is a fantastic coach and has done well to scrabble cash together from various sources to create the facade of a top class club.They let themselves down in other areas (I won't go into this as West Country Eagle will tell me off) but it'd be a shame if Sheffield were to unravel after another successful season on the pitch. Let's hope a workable, common sense conclusion emerges. Ps, has the club looked at all the non-league football grounds in and around Sheffield?
  14. The difference is, despite Brown's tinkering and dithering preventing them from pushing on, many of the building blocks of success had been implemented prior to Anderson's elevation. Can the same be said of Hull?