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  1. I've got my own thoughts about summer/winter. One general observation I'll make, however, is that as a sport we've talked ourselves into a crisis and I almost wonder if some people are getting a perverse kick out of it.
  2. This is very true. Aston is a fantastic coach and has done well to scrabble cash together from various sources to create the facade of a top class club.They let themselves down in other areas (I won't go into this as West Country Eagle will tell me off) but it'd be a shame if Sheffield were to unravel after another successful season on the pitch. Let's hope a workable, common sense conclusion emerges. Ps, has the club looked at all the non-league football grounds in and around Sheffield?
  3. The difference is, despite Brown's tinkering and dithering preventing them from pushing on, many of the building blocks of success had been implemented prior to Anderson's elevation. Can the same be said of Hull?
  4. Good question. Have they given up on the idea of someone building a ground for them?
  5. Last time I checked they didn't have turnstiles at universities either. The one thing with 'The Mount' is that there's only one way in and out. I still think Chesterfield is the best of the potential short term options though.
  6. If the Eagles have already 'acquired' temporary stands, why don't they approach Mount St Mary's? I know it's not technically Sheffield as it occupies that grey area that comprises the 'perineum' between Sheffield and Chesterfield but it's a far more workable option than some I've seen mentioned and is less than five mins from junction 31(?) of the M1.
  7. It's been there for as long as I can remember. Hence the fact that the game struggled to broaden its footprint for over a century. We are and have always been the sporting equivalent of Royston Vasey!
  8. You're all as bad as each other, Jim, and I think some committee types in rugby league (and all sports, I'm sure) thrive on these silly little power games. It's tedious, juvenile and does the game no favours.
  9. I'm ambivalent on the whole issue; I'm just tired of people on both sides being selective in their choice of 'evidence'
  10. Er, wouldn't those clubs be playing 'winter rugby' at this stage anyway? Just saying.
  11. I think Jim is referring to a problem that is very distinct to South Yorks/North Derbyshire
  12. Do you not accept there's a bit of a double standard in your argument though?
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