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  1. Here's the results from the RFL jury: Paul Sykes pleads not guilty but found guilty of Grade A Disputes decision of MO. Panel upgrades to Grade B with a 2 match ban & £100 fine. Gareth Potts 1 match. Luke Briscoe for Fev - 5 matches. Richard Moore - 1 match. Found not guilty for the tackle but got the ban for improper use of the gob towards the match official.
  2. Can't see Goulding applying. Spoke to him at the preseason friendly against Leigh and he's fallen out of love with the game and is not interested. He was only there to watch Bobbie Jr play. Since then he might have changed his mind, but I wouldn't want him or Woods.
  3. We didn't lose our place we got there early. Logic tells you HKR are going to bring quite a few so you get there early to get your place. Turn up 5 mins before kick off then you've only got yourself to blame.
  4. Skint? As you seem privy to our finances would you like to publish them?
  5. I understand that Fev has made a formal offer to house Wakefield next season.
  6. Wasn't it Norman Smith who brought the one and only Eddie Rombo to Dewsbury? For that we are thankful. RIP.
  7. I'd go with that team TONO and for the subs I'd have Toby in instead of Sheriffe who doesn't look fit yet.
  8. According to the Reporter, Guzdek could be in line to return at the Leigh match on 29th January.
  9. Andy "Dicko" DICKINSON
  10. Very likely? http://www.wakefieldwildcats.co.uk/team-listings/christian-ackroyd
  11. I believe you and he is fast
  12. Was Gallen pulling pints?
  13. Mick Stephenson? Well he's retiring from his TV duties.
  14. Not sure about Stringer (or was it Brown). GM on Radio Leeds said yesterday early signs were that it looked like (one of them) had a Medial Ligament injury. Hopefully not but we'll see.
  15. If that’s the case and in order not damage your clubs image then the aforementioned player in the opening post, who is a representative of your club, may want to remove his posts from his social media.