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  1. Have we made sure our insurance policy is up to date just in case a burger munching, sozzled scouser decides to fall and make a claim?
  2. Heckler

    Tom Halliday

    Yes without a doubt. He was also a winger with speed something which we haven't see for a while.
  3. Are you discounting the try he scored giving us 4 more points than what we would have had if he wasn't on the wing?
  4. Spoke to Sykes after the Rochdale game. His knee was a bit sore but not an issue and he was hoping to play on Saturday. Good luck to the lads.
  5. There’s a free online programme: https://www.flipsnack.com/THC07/copy-of-copy-of-copy-of-copy-of-thatto-vs-dewsbury-rams-match-da.html
  6. I'd noticed as well and just as Fev were about to strike 100000 posts.
  7. Apparently there is to be a sequel - "Have mercy on Percy"
  8. Would prefer the day before
  9. Heckler

    York Game

    I presume you mean the food and the rugby!!
  10. MS said that Rob will receive a testimonial however the RFL does not allow clubs to arrange such things for players. Therefore Ray Abbey (I believe) has been asked to organise a testimonial for Rob.
  11. I'm presuming that she isn't one of the 45 then?
  12. Both of these clubs could have been budgeting for life in a lower division, as one will now get a lifeline will they have the money to compete?
  13. Can't believe nobody has mentioned Chris Vasey. I believe Chris Squires also kicked goals.
  14. All 3 of you have speeding offenses?
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