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  1. Ref at York

    The Co-operative Championship York City Knights v Featherstone Rovers 8pm Ref M Thomason TJ C Dean TJ S Mikalauskas RR M Beadle MC D Asquith
  2. Sundays Ref

    Featherstone Rovers v Leeds Rhinos 3pm Ref R Silverwood TJ T Martin TJ B Robinson
  3. Final Ref

    The Co-operative Championship Grand Final Featherstone Rovers v Halifax RLFC 5.30pm (SKY) Ref R Hicks TJ T Crashley TJ M Wilson RR G Dolan RTJ S Barrie VR TBC TK K Leyland MC S Presley At Halliwell Jones, Warrington
  4. THURSDAY 9TH SEPTEMBER The Co-operative Championship Play Offs Featherstone Rovers v Halifax RLFC 7.30pm (SKY) Ref R Hicks TJ S Wright TJ T Crashley RR G Dolan RTJ R Webb VR TBC MC T Randerson
  5. Ref at Keighley

    Keighley Cougars v Featherstone Rovers 3pm Ref G Hewer TJ G Hodgson TJ D McNeice RR D Tindall MC J Holdsworth
  6. TUESDAY 18TH MAY Co-operative Championship Leigh Centurions v Featherstone Rovers 8pm Ref R Hicks TJ S Barrie TJ S Johnson RR S Mikalauskas
  7. Ref Thursday

    THURSDAY 22ND APRIL The Co-operative Championship Featherstone Rovers v Keighley Cougars 7.30pm (SKY) Ref G Hewer TJ T Crashley TJ T Mahar RR M Beadle VR TBC MC I Muir
  8. Barrow Raiders v Featherstone Rovers 6.30pm Ref I Smith TJ D Butler TJ P Wharton RR L Todd TJ Coach B Sharrock MC P Lee
  9. THURSDAY 4TH MARCH Northern Rail Cup Hunslet Hawks v Featherstone Rovers 8pm Ref D Merrick TJ G Evans TJ S Daniel RR P Huck MC J Smith Featherstone Rovers v Workington Town 3pm Ref M Thomason TJ R Dolan TJ M Mannifield RR D Griffiths MC B Lilley
  10. Featherstone Rovers v Batley Bulldogs 3pm Ref R Hicks TJ D Sharpe TJ D Tindall RR K Povah MC J Holdsworth
  11. TUESDAY 23RD FEBRUARY Northern Rail Cup Featherstone Rovers v Rochdale Hornets 8pm Ref C Halloran TJ R Stokes TJ P Stockman RR P Huck MC D Milburn
  12. The Blue Lagoon Rescue Fund

    If people are wanting to donate, why not donate to a security camera then when they come again they will be on camera and then action can be taken against the scumbags