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  1. Oldham Predictions

    Took the words out of my mouth re leadership. That second half all we needed was a leader, someone to marshall everyone around, get them doing their jobs, shout and scream whatever it took to get the team focused, even question the ref on a couple of his decisions, someone to take the momentum away from Oldham. There was no one, was disappointed I could not see much direction coming from our coaching staff in that second half. The Oldham trainers were on the pitch every stoppage in play, giving instructions and encouraging them, didn't see any of that from Dewsbury. Thought Oldham's numbers 6,9 & 24 were made to look outstanding by us, didn't handle them at all in that second half. My first match in three years, a bit of a shock! Nice to see all the facilities and the ground looking good, be a shame to see it in League One. Btw Coolie I wasn't named after JM, there was a favourite Dewsbury forward of mine who liked to run sideways?.
  2. Presenting the 2016 Home and Away Shirts

    Don`t like the second shirt. Take off the Dewsbury logo and you would struggle to recognize it as a Dewsbury shirt. Has shades of PNG about it. First shirt is not too bad, I still prefer our traditional hoops but acknowledge that I am getting old and with that, apparently, comes the diminished ability to be stylish or trendy.
  3. Most of mine involve trains - people who fall asleep next to you and think its okay to use your shoulder as a pillow the ticket collector who pops Tic Tacs every two minutes, but his breath still stinks of fags people listening to their music - making me listen to their music said people, wearing bigger and bigger sets of headphones people with loud annoying ring tones,who then answer the phone and whisper throughout the whole conversation people with loud annoying ring tones, who then answer the phone and talk loudly throughout the conversation business people who get on, sit down and then immediately open their lap top and start typing - try working harder at work the station announcer who hopes I have a 'nice day' that bloke with the huge bushy grey beard and brown satchel that always knows which carriage I am in and sits behind me wheezing that women with the excess fluid in her legs who wears ridiculously see through leggings and cheap pumps coconut
  4. New Shirts/Sponsors

    I liked the shirt the club produced the other year, to celebrate winning the championship in 73. Bright, slightly bigger hoops, still traditional colours.
  5. New Shirts/Sponsors

    Benefits - I get a shirt that fits my ever changing physique each year. Disadvantages - Ear ache. Apparently I don`t need 'another one of those shirts' every year.
  6. New Shirts/Sponsors

    I have liked and bought many variations of our shirt. I have 9 different ones, wear them all regularly and here in NZ get a lot of feedback from locals who think they are new shirts for Waikato RU who play in red Amber and black. Even bought a Waikato shirt last year as it reminded me of an old Dewsbury shirt that had red and amber chevrons on a black shirt. Only one I never liked was the awful camouflage one. Awful For faraway places I have included photo of me and the wife outside Dairy Farmers Stadium for the Eng v PNG game in 2008. Lots of Brits there and they all recognised the Rams shirts!
  7. First Game

    You young `uns making me feel very old. Never really thought of Crown Flatt as a stadium. Basically it was a grass field, surrounded on three sides with concrete terracing, with a large shed on one side that gave some shelter from the elements. Either that or like us, you would shelter under our state of the art scoreboard. From the top of the terrace you could see the weather coming across the valley,you could work out how long you had before you got wet. Winter rugby, freeze for 80 minutes then rush on the pitch to get the tie ups then run all the way down Leeds Rd to the old bus station. Them were the days! Anyway back to the thread, my memory is not good enough to remember THE first game but it would have been around the time of Johnny Wolford and Jack Austin, someone with a better memory than me will be able to be more specific with dates (late 70`s?). Jack Austin would have been my first Dewsbury idol!
  8. Calais: what to do.

    The one main advantage we have over the rest of Europe is we are an island. We have a limited number of entry points for people to get in. Put the resources into better border protection on our side. Be prepared to make some choices and criteria on who you let in and who you don't and then have the balls to send the rest back.
  9. Had not forgot bro.Still have the letter somewhere.In those days we had good reason to make our feelings known. This is a different situation.We are in as good a position as I can remember for many years and I cannot see any justified reason to slag the coach.If as other posts say, it was older fans then maybe they can come on here and explain their reasoning otherwise they would be better shutting up.
  10. I would have to agree with you. To date the season has gone as well as could be expected, I would think most fans are happy where we are. If they are not, what do they EXPECT? Whatever people`s expectation were they need to be tempered with a dose of reality. All fans are entitled to have a moan from time to time, if there are genuine reasons. Over the years we have had plenty of reasons to do just that. But now I just don`t see that we have. Having not attended the game it is hard to comment on what may have been said but kicking off just because the coach makes a decision you don`t like, and especially after a good win away against a good team, seems petty in the extreme. We are in a strong position both on and off the field and that is down to the chairman and the coach. Btw is the Barmy Army an official club or just a group who like to call themselves that?
  11. You must be a hard man to please WR. After the last couple of games I would have been happy with a win of any kind (though didn`t expect one). Don`t care if Featherstone played on Wednesday, if that contributed to our win ,great!
  12. Tunisia.

    It no longer matters how we got to this point, Blair, Iraq, whatever. Just read the headline on the Telegraph website, `David Cameron calls for fight back against intolerances as 30 Britons confirmed dead`. No one seems able or willing to do anything about it. We hear the same sorts of words from politicians after every atrocity. It does not stop them happening. Innocent people on all sides still get killed. Without coming across as a bit of a melodramatic, film geek, can I use this quote - "And then what are you prepared to do? If you open the can on these worms you must be prepared to go all the way. Because they`re not gonna give up the fight, until one of you is dead".
  13. No worries BSJ if I misread your post as an opinion. I still believe we should always try and play our strongest team. Personally I would rather see a win or a gallant loss against someone like Warrington or Leigh than worry about coming unstuck against Hunslet (too late for that anyway). I hope the players would feel the same way, surely these are the sort of games where they want to play and test themselves against good opposition?
  14. Bring a neighbour

    I would have thought the perfect present for someone who you don`t get on with, would be a ticket to go and watch Batley.
  15. Have to disagree with you BSJ. If every team took that approach then Leigh could coast through to the end of the season and head off to SL without so much as a scratch or a dirty jersey. I know they will probably coast through to SL anyway, but surely all sports are about winning and wanting to win? Not deciding which games we think we can`t win and therefore we won`t worry about losing. If the club take the second approach why should the fans bother to turn up? I don`t mind Leigh winning, but I certainly want them to earn it.