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  1. Problem is with Bullard is that he would've been used to an environment where banter and general mickey taking is the norm. I don't think he was vicious or nasty in his banter but Jake was simply out of his league.
  2. Can't be bothered with 'sleb anymore since Bullard and Forde got voted off.
  3. She's not coming over very well on IACGMOOH. Had a bit of a barney with another contestant and she was very condescending and patronising.
  4. Compassionate? Seem to recall when she was health minister that she recommended that elderly people who couldn't afford energy bills should wear long Johns. Principled? She had an affair with a married man.
  5. Jimmy Bullard is going to do well out of IACGMOOH , he seems like quite a likeable individual. The playboy girl also has her charms, a very good sense of humour. Shame that Edwina Curry has been put in there though.
  6. I'm about halfway through. The two main characters are very unlikaable but it's very compelling. Trying to get it read before I see the film.
  7. It's a bit difficult to get Yorkies to leave their county.
  8. Not a bad lineup for IACGMOOH. Not sure if I'll watch it and Packem has got a point. But then again it is good 'guilty pleasure' telly.
  9. That is a little gem of a programme. The pleasures of simply being read a story. I like the weirdness of some of the stories, very Roald Dahl-esq.
  10. Yeah, hope it can keep up the standard. They have obviously taken the look from the Arkham series of video games and I like seeing the bad guys 15 years prior to the comic book with little (or sometimes not so little) nods to their future selves. The Penguin and Poison Ivy were well done.
  11. Dave, although I think last nights episode was the last in the series (which was very good)
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