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  1. Halifax RLFC 52 - 6 Barrow Raiders
  2. hya tel, when reading my posts the 1st one comes up ok but when i go to read the rest the post is in a straight line down the page,can this be fixed tel,all help appreciated.cheers terry....

  3. Hi Mark How would the tickets get the end user (ie me) Regards Tez bluenwhite admin
  4. Just to throw my sixpenny worth into the debate. Australia has a population of around 20 million with land area approaching 3 million square miles, and is the sixth largest country in the world with regard to land area. The United Kingdom on the other hand has a population of 70 million with land area approaching 94 thousand square miles. England having some 50 thousand square miles. Shear mathematics alone says that Australia is sixty times that of England, agreed a fair proportion of Oz is desert or outback. When the Northern Union was formed in 1895, the United Kingdom was into its Industrial revolution with densely populated terraced housing to facilitate the peoples habitat. So building stadiums was and still is very limited. The very first prestigious Challenge Cup match was between Batley & St Helens with an attendance of 13,492 spectators. The fifty thousand barrier was not achieved until 1936 when Leeds played Warrington, some 39 years into the competition. I think the Aussies commenced around 1908/09 and had oodles of land to build stadiums. Because one of Australia's popular sports is Aussie Rules, stadiums were built to house 30-60 thousand spectators. As always with the Aussies athleticism they have mastered the sport and the speed of their game is awesome, particularly around the ruck and play the balls. Spectators flock to see the greatest game on the planet and many stadiums are in excess of 20,000 capacity. Here in England, new stadiums being built in recent years (new Saints stadium approximately 18,000 capacity) have been built with limited funding and obviously catering for crowds of less than 20,000. Primarily Rugby League takes a back seat to Soccer and Rugby Union. I have played Rugby League (at Junior levels) and also Rugby Union (one game). That was way back in the sixties. I cannot get excited watching football, the game to me is so boring, whereas Rugby League is riveting and is far more athletic than 11 guys feigning injury through tackles. A classic statement for Rugby League was when Andy Farrell broke his nose and played the whole game. The above is my view.
  5. Yes, we were beaten by the better team. Congratulations Fev, hope you go on and do well in the Championship.
  7. If this is OK Rob I will send PDF via PM to you. Do you want me to knock some A3 Posters up on Colour Laser Jet at work.
  9. Hopefully John or one of his lasses may help publishing the Winners each week
  10. hello from firkuall

  11. nice profile page layout tel is it available for anyone..

  12. First person to comment on bluenwhites profile.

  13. St Helens suffered a 44-6 engage Super League mauling at the hands of a vibrant Hull at a stone cold KC Stadium - highlighting the wind of change currently howling through the famous club. Just days after the sacking of coach Ian Millward for gross misconduct, the players he left behind could not pick themselves up and were superbly dismantled by an excellent Hull performance. Jamie Thackray, Richard Horne and Richard Whiting were the stand-out performers for the home side, who closed the gap on Saints - who lie above them in second place - to three points. The appearance of owner Eamonn McManus on the big screen brought a chorus of boos from the away following but they remained muted for the duration of the tie as Hull posted eight tries to secure an excellent win.
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